Fabrication of nanofibers with antimicrobial functionality used as filters: protection against bacterial contaminants.


:A comparative study of antimicrobial activity is done using three different electrospun nanofibers namely-CA, PAN, and PVC used as control and with various amounts of AgNO(3) being treated with UV-irradiation leading to the enhancement of silver nanoparticles. DMF is used as the common solvent which helps to undergo spontaneous slow reduction at room temperature to form silver nanoparticles followed by UV-irradiation using a 400 W source. The time required for the formation of silver nanoparticles is short and they are more or less well dispersed with few such aggregates. The presence of silver nanoparticles is confirmed using various characterization techniques. The antimicrobial activity is studied using nanofibers with fabricated functionality.


Biotechnol Bioeng


Lala NL,Ramaseshan R,Bojun L,Sundarrajan S,Barhate RS,Ying-Jun L,Ramakrishna S




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2007-08-15 00:00:00












  • External versus internal source of calcium during the gelation of alginate beads for DNA encapsulation.

    abstract::Alginate gels produced by an external or internal gelation technique were studied so as to determine the optimal bead matrix within which DNA can be immobilized for in vivo application. Alginates were characterized for guluronic/mannuronic acid (G/M) content and average molecular weight using 1H-NMR and LALLS analysis...

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  • Immobilization of yeast cells containing beta-galactosidase.

    abstract::Cultural conditions optimum for beta-galactosidase production by Saccharomyces anamensis are pH 4.5, temperature 26 +/- 2 degrees C, and 30 h of incubation period. Addition of lactose at 24 h fermentation greatly increase the level of enzyme. Optimum pHl, temperature, pH stability, and thermostability of yeast beta-ga...

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  • Temperature and oxygen level determine N2 O respiration activities of heterotrophic N2 O-reducing bacteria: Biokinetic study.

    abstract::Nitrous oxide (N2 O), a potent greenhouse gas, is reduced to N2 gas by N2 O-reducing bacteria (N2 ORB), a process which represents an N2 O sink in natural and engineered ecosystems. The N2 O sink activity by N2 ORB depends on temperature and O2 exposure, yet the specifics are not yet understood. This study explores th...

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  • Development of a novel adenovirus purification process utilizing selective precipitation of cellular DNA.

    abstract::The use of recombinant adenoviral vectors for vaccination and gene therapy requires the development of purification processes that are cost-effective, scalable, and capable of robust host cell DNA clearance. An adenovirus purification process was developed which incorporates selective precipitation of host cell DNA, e...

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  • Substrate inhibition kinetics for toluene and benzene degrading pure cultures and a method for collection and analysis of respirometric data for strongly inhibited cultures.

    abstract::We present an evaluation of the qualitative and quantitative effects that high concentrations of benzene and toluene have on the growth rate of several pure cultures that use these compounds as their sole carbon and energy source. The cultures employed were five widely studied environmental isolates: Pseudomonas putid...

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  • The acetone butanol fermentation on glucose and xylose. I. Regulation and kinetics in batch cultures.

    abstract::The kinetics in batch culture of the acetone butanol fermentation by Clostridium acetobutylicum is compared on glucose, xylose, and mixtures of both sugars. The fastest initial growth and transition from an acid to a solvent metabolism occurs on glucose, with a final 62 g/L glucose conversion. On xylose, an initial sl...

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  • Process hydraulics, distributed bacterial states, and biological phosphorus removal from wastewater.

    abstract::Hydraulic characteristics of biological wastewater treatment systems were shown to affect bacterial state distributions and system performance through mathematical simulations. The term "state" is used here to mean the microbial storage product and biomass content of a bacterium. The traditional approach to simulating...

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  • Quantitative image analysis as a diagnostic tool for monitoring structural changes of anaerobic granular sludge during detergent shock loads.

    abstract::Two shock loads of a commercial detergent (I-150 mg chemical oxygen demand (COD)/L, fed for 56 h; II-300 mg COD/L fed for 222 h) were applied in a lab-scale Expanded Granular Sludge Blanket (EGSB) reactor, fed with 1,500 mg COD/L of ethanol. The impact of the surfactant was assessed in terms of granular sludge morphol...

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  • Saccharification and fermentation of Sugar Cane bagasse by Klebsiella oxytoca P2 containing chromosomally integrated genes encoding the Zymomonas mobilis ethanol pathway.

    abstract::Pretreatment of sugar cane bagasse is essential for a simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) process which uses recombinant Klebsiella oxytoca strain P2 and Genencor Spezyme CE. Strain P2 has been genetically engineered to express Zymomonas mobilis genes encoding the ethanol pathway and retains the nativ...

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  • Kinetic analysis of bacterial bioluminescence.

    abstract::Bioluminescence from the lux-based bacterial reporter Pseudomonas fluorescens HK44 was experimentally investigated under growth substrate-rich and limiting conditions in batch, continuous stirred tank (CSTR), and turbidostat reactors. A mechanistically based, mathematical model was developed to describe bioluminescenc...

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  • Thermodynamic electron equivalents model for bacterial yield prediction: modifications and comparative evaluations.

    abstract::Modifications are made to an earlier thermodynamic model (TEEM1) for prediction of maximum microbial yields from aerobic and anaerobic as well as heterotrophic and autotrophic growth. The revised model (TEEM2) corrects for lower yields found with aerobic oxidations of organic compounds where an oxygenase is involved a...

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  • Natural antimicrobial agent (reuterin) produced by lactobacillus reuteri for sanitization of biological tissues inoculated with pseudomonas aeruginosa.

    abstract::The study was done to evaluate the efficacy of using reuterin produced by Lactobacillus reuteri to sanitize biological tissues. The microorganism tested in the study was Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a common cause of nosocomial biomaterial-related infections. The inhibitory effect of reuterin on P. aeruginosa for an inocul...

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  • A new nodavirus-negative Trichoplusia ni cell line for baculovirus-mediated protein production.

    abstract::Cell lines derived from Trichoplusia ni (Tn) are widely used as hosts in the baculovirus-insect cell system (BICS). One advantage of Tn cell lines is they can produce recombinant proteins at higher levels than cell lines derived from other insects. However, Tn cell lines are persistently infected with an alphanodaviru...

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  • Oxygen transfer rates in a mammalian cell culture bioreactor equipped with a cell-lift impeller.

    abstract::Measurements of k(L)a were carried out in 1. 5- and 5-L New Brunswick Scientific CelliGen bioreactors. The measured k(L)a in water were identical for both vessel sizes operated in similar condition. The mass transfer rate increased with temperature, mixing speed, and aeration rate, with this last parameter being the m...

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  • Survival and apoptotic pathways initiated by TNF-alpha: modeling and predictions.

    abstract::We present a mathematical model which includes TNF-alpha initiated survival and apoptotic cascades, as well as nuclear transcription of IkappaB. These pathways play a crucial role in deciding cell fate in response to inflammation and infection. Our model incorporates known specific protein-protein interactions as iden...

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  • A mechanistic model of the aerobic growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::A two-stage deterministic model of the growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is presented. The cell cycle of this organism was used to suggest the basic model structure. The model represents the preparatory processes of substrate uptake and conversion separately from replication and division. The regulation of the fracti...

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  • Application of hypoosmolar medium to fed-batch culture of hybridoma cells for improvement of culture longevity.

    abstract::Cell culture longevity in fed-batch culture of hybridomas is often limited by elevated medium osmolality caused by repeated nutrient feeding. Shotwise feeding of 10x Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM) concentrates elevated the osmolality of medium up to 540 mOsm/kg at the end of fed-batch culture of S3H5/gamma2...

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  • RiSLnet: Rapid identification of smart mutant libraries using protein structure network. Application to thermal stability enhancement.

    abstract::A key point of protein stability engineering is to identify specific target residues whose mutations can stabilize the protein structure without negatively affecting the function or activity of the protein. Here, we propose a method called RiSLnet (Rapid identification of Smart mutant Library using residue network) to...

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  • Application of empirical design methodologies to the study of the influence of reaction conditions and N-alpha-protecting group structure on the enzymatic X-Phe-Leu-NH(2) dipeptide synthesis in buffer/dimethylformamide solvents systems.

    abstract::The influence of five different N-terminal protecting groups (For, Ac, Boc, Z, and Fmoc) and reaction conditions (temperature and dimethylformamide content) on the alpha-chymotrypsin-catalyzed synthesis of the dipeptide derivative X-Phe-Leu-NH(2) was studied. Groups such as For, Ac, Boc, and Z always rendered good pep...

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    authors: Calvet S,Clapés P,Vigo JP,Xaus N,Jorba X,Mas RM,Torres JL,Valencia G,Serralheiro ML,Cabral JM,Empis JM

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  • Factors promoting emissions of nitrous oxide and nitric oxide from denitrifying sequencing batch reactors operated with methanol and ethanol as electron donors.

    abstract::The emissions of nitrous oxide (N(2)O) and nitric oxide (NO) from biological nitrogen removal (BNR) operations via nitrification and denitrification is gaining increased prominence. While many factors relevant to the operation of denitrifying reactors can influence N(2)O and NO emissions from them, the role of differe...

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    authors: Lu H,Chandran K

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  • Integrated process design for biocatalytic synthesis by a Leloir Glycosyltransferase: UDP-glucose production with sucrose synthase.

    abstract::Nucleotide sugar-dependent ("Leloir") glycosyltransferases (GTs), represent a new paradigm for the application of biocatalytic glycosylations to the production of fine chemicals. However, it remains to be shown that GT processes meet the high efficiency targets of industrial biotransformations. We demonstrate in this ...

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  • Equations and calculations for fermentations of butyric acid bacteria. Reprinted from Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Vol. XXVI, Pp 174-187 (1984).

    abstract::A stoichiometric equation has been derived which describes the interrelations among the various products and biomass in fermentations of butyric acid bacteria. The derivation of the equation is based on an assumed ATP yield, two biological regularities, and the biochemistry of product formation of the fermentations. T...

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  • Cascading effect in bioprocessing-The impact of mild hypothermia on CHO cell behavior and host cell protein composition.

    abstract::A major challenge in downstream purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) is the removal of host cell proteins (HCPs). Previous studies have shown that cell culture conditions significantly impact the HCP content at harvest. However, it is currently unclear how process conditions affect physiological changes in the ...

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  • Bioprocess considerations for expanded-bed chromatography of crude canola extract: sample preparation and adsorbent reuse.

    abstract::Compared to the conventional microbial and mammalian systems, transgenic plants produce proteins in a different matrix. This provides opportunities and challenges for downstream processing. In the context of the plant host Brassica napus (canola), this work addresses the bioprocessing challenges of solid fractionation...

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  • Anion exchange membrane adsorbers for flow-through polishing steps: Part I. Clearance of minute virus of mice.

    abstract::Membrane adsorbers may be a viable alternative to the packed-bed chromatography for clearance of virus, host cell proteins, DNA, and other trace impurities. However, incorporation of membrane adsorbers into manufacturing processes has been slow due to the significant cost associated with obtaining regulatory approval ...

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  • Metabolic pathways reconstruction by frequency and amplitude response to forced glycolytic oscillations in yeast.

    abstract::The hypothesis that frequency and amplitude response can be used in a complicated metabolic pathway kinetics model for optimal parameter estimation, as speculated by its successful prior usage for a mechanical oscillator and a heterogeneous chemical system, is tested here. Given the complexity of the glycolysis model ...

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  • Evaluation of heart tissue viability under redox-magnetohydrodynamics conditions: toward fine-tuning flow in biological microfluidics applications.

    abstract::A microfluidic system containing a chamber for heart tissue biopsies, perfused with Krebs-Henseleit buffer containing glucose and antibiotic (KHGB) using peristaltic pumps and continuously stimulated, was used to evaluate tissue viability under redox-magnetohydrodynamics (redox-MHD) conditions. Redox-MHD possesses uni...

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    authors: Cheah LT,Fritsch I,Haswell SJ,Greenman J

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  • Toxicity of terpenes to spores and mycelium of Penicillium digitatum.

    abstract::Spores, although often considered metabolically inert, catalyze a variety of reactions. The use of spores instead of mycelium for bioconversions has several advantages. In this paper, we describe the difference in susceptibility of mycelium and spores against toxic substrates and products. A higher resistance of spore...

    journal_title:Biotechnology and bioengineering

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    authors: Wolken WA,Tramper J,van der Werf MJ

    更新日期:2002-12-20 00:00:00

  • Small-scale and automatable high-throughput compositional analysis of biomass.

    abstract::Conventional wet chemistry methods to determine biomass composition are labor- and time-intensive and require larger amounts of biomass (300 mg) than is often available. To overcome these limitations and to support a high-throughput pretreatment and hydrolysis (HTPH) screening system, this article reports on the devel...

    journal_title:Biotechnology and bioengineering

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    authors: DeMartini JD,Studer MH,Wyman CE

    更新日期:2011-02-01 00:00:00

  • Characterization of changes in PER.C6 cellular metabolism during growth and propagation of a replication-deficient adenovirus vector.

    abstract::PER.C6 cells were cultivated for propagation of a replication-defective adenovirus vector in serum-free suspension bioreactors. Cellular metabolism during cell growth and adenovirus propagation was fully characterized using on-line and off-line methods. The energy metabolism was found to accelerate transiently after a...

    journal_title:Biotechnology and bioengineering

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    authors: Maranga L,Auniņs JG,Zhou W

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