Numerical simulation of a fully baffled biological reactor: the differential circumferential averaging mixing plane approach.


:A modified mixing plane approach for steady state simulation of flow field in fully baffled biological reactor is presented and discussed. Without requiring any experimental input, this approach of dividing the vessel into suitable number of connected and disconnected zones; solving steady state equation separately in each zone and then transferring information between them, provides a computationally less intensive alternative for simulating the flow in the whole vessel. Impeller used is the standard Rushton Turbine positioned at mid-height of the reactor and simulations are carried out using standard k-epsilon turbulence model implemented in CFD code FLUENT. Meshing is done using tetrahedral elements such that mesh size gradually increases from the center to the periphery. Most of the previous simulation works present only a few aspects of the flow field with scant importance to the energy balance in the tank and near tip turbulence. In this work, complete model prediction for velocity field and turbulence parameters (near tip and in the bulk region) are validated by comparison with experimental data. As compared to previous simulation works, the results predicted by this "Differential circumferential averaging mixing plane approach" show a better qualitative and quantitative agreement with the published experimental data. A distribution of energy dissipation in various zones of vessel is presented. Also a qualitative picture of flow field and stagnant zones inside the reactor is presented and discussed. Comparison of flow characteristics for different number of baffles shows that for the present dimension of the vessel, five baffles gives maximum enhanced mixing.


Biotechnol Bioeng


Dubey H,Das SK,Panda T




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2006-11-05 00:00:00












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  • TGF-beta1 regulation in hepatocyte-NIH3T3 co-culture is important for the enhanced hepatocyte function in 3D microenvironment.

    abstract::Co-culture of hepatocytes or hepatocyte spheroids with the supporting NIH3T3 in a 3D microcapsule formed with a hybrid natural/synthetic matrix has led to enhanced hepatocyte functions. We investigated the mechanism of the functional enhancement in co-culture with respect to the contributions of soluble factors and di...

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  • A new nodavirus-negative Trichoplusia ni cell line for baculovirus-mediated protein production.

    abstract::Cell lines derived from Trichoplusia ni (Tn) are widely used as hosts in the baculovirus-insect cell system (BICS). One advantage of Tn cell lines is they can produce recombinant proteins at higher levels than cell lines derived from other insects. However, Tn cell lines are persistently infected with an alphanodaviru...

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    abstract::Growth dynamics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Burkholderia cepacia, and Staphylococcus aureus in a batch and chemostat, were investigated as a laboratory model system for persistent infections in cystic fibrosis. Most species-specific enumeration methods for mixed cultures are laborious or only qualitative, and therefore...

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  • Effects of short elastin-like peptides on filamentous particles and their transition behavior.

    abstract::While elastin-like polypeptides and peptides (ELPs) have been used for various stimulus-responsive applications, details of their switching remain unclear. We therefore constructed a novel series of filamentous phage particles displaying a high surface density of short ELPs. The surface display of ELPs did not disrupt...

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  • Pilot trials of the microbial degradation of Christos-Bitas water in oil emulsion (chocolate mousse) and BP llandarcy gas oil using venturi aeration.

    abstract::Oil residues arising from the Christos-Bitas spillage were found to contain 28% of oil extractable by carbon tetrachloride; the remainder consisted of water and undefined solids. Christos-Bitas mousse was added to 1.18 m(3) liquor inoculated with oil-contaminated marine mud, and aerated with a 1.5-hp vortex pump and v...

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