Multi-frequency parameter mapping of electrical impedance scanning using two kinds of circuit model.


:Electrical impedance scanning (EIS) is a kind of potential bio-impedance measurement technology, especially aiding the diagnosis of breast cancer in women. By changing the frequency of the driving signal in turn while keeping the other conditions stable, multi-frequency measurement results on the object can be obtained. According to the least square method and circuit theory, the parameters in two models are deduced when measured with data at multiple driving frequencies. The arcs, in the real and imaginary parts of a trans-admittance coordinate, made by the evaluated parameters fit well the realistic data measured by our EIS device on female subjects. The Cole-Cole model in the form of admittance is closer to the measured data than the three-element model. Based on the evaluation of the multi-frequency parameters, we presented parameter mapping of EIS using two kinds of circuit model: one is the three-element model in the form of admittance and the other is the Cole-Cole model in the form of admittance. Comparing with classical admittance mapping at a single frequency, the multi-frequency parameter mapping will provide a novel vision to study EIS. The multi-frequency approach can provide the mappings of four parameters, which is helpful to identify different diseases with a similar characteristic in classical EIS mapping. From plots of the real and imaginary parts of the admittance, it is easy to make sure whether there exists abnormal tissue.


Physiol Meas


Liu R,Dong X,Fu F,You F,Shi X,Ji Z,Wang K




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2007-07-01 00:00:00














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