An ESAT-6:CFP10 DNA vaccine administered in conjunction with Mycobacterium bovis BCG confers protection to cattle challenged with virulent M. bovis.


:The potency of genetic immunization observed in the mouse has demonstrated the utility of DNA vaccines to induce cell-mediated and humoral immune responses. However, it has been relatively difficult to generate comparable responses in non-rodent species. The use of molecular adjuvants may increase the magnitude of these suboptimal responses. In this study, we demonstrate that the co-administration of plasmid-encoded GM-CSF and CD80/CD86 with a novel ESAT-6:CFP10 DNA vaccine against bovine tuberculosis enhances antigen-specific cell-mediated immune responses. ESAT-6:CFP10+GM-CSF+CD80/CD86 DNA vaccinated animals exhibited significant (p<0.01) antigen-specific proliferative responses compared to other DNA vaccinates. Increased expression (p< or =0.05) of CD25 on PBMC from ESAT-6:CFP10+GM-CSF+CD80/CD86 DNA vaccinates was associated with increased proliferation, as compared to control DNA vaccinates. Significant (p<0.05) numbers of ESAT-6:CFP10-specific IFN-gamma producing cells were evident from all ESAT-6:CFP10 DNA vaccinated animals compared to control DNA vaccinates. However, the greatest increase in IFN-gamma producing cells was from animals vaccinated with ESAT-6:CFP10+GM-CSF+CD80/CD86 DNA. In a low-dose aerosol challenge trial, calves vaccinated as neonates with Mycobacterium bovis BCG and ESAT-6:CFP10+GM-CSF+CD80/CD86 DNA exhibited decreased lesion severity in the lung and lung-associated lymph nodes following viruluent M. bovis challenge compared to other vaccinated animals or non-vaccinated controls. These data suggest that a combined vaccine regimen of M. bovis BCG and a candidate ESAT-6:CFP10 DNA vaccine may offer greater protection against tuberculosis in cattle than vaccination with BCG alone.






Maue AC,Waters WR,Palmer MV,Nonnecke BJ,Minion FC,Brown WC,Norimine J,Foote MR,Scherer CF,Estes DM




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    abstract::We previously developed a dengue tetravalent DNA vaccine that can induce neutralizing antibodies against four dengue viruses in mice. Here, we demonstrated that immunogenicity of our tetravalent vaccine is synergistically increased in mice by co-immunization with dengue type 2 virus (DENV2) subviral extracellular part...


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  • Phase 1 testing of detoxified LPS/group B meningococcal outer membrane protein vaccine with and without synthetic CPG 7909 adjuvant for the prevention and treatment of sepsis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Gram-negative bacteria (GNB) are a leading cause of nosocomial infection and sepsis. Increasing multi-antibiotic resistance has left clinicians with fewer therapeutic options. Antibodies to GNB lipopolysaccharide (LPS, or endotoxin) have reduced morbidity and mortality as a result of infection and are not su...


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  • Protective immunity against tick infestation in cattle vaccinated with recombinant trypsin inhibitor of Rhipicephalus microplus.

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