Calcification inhibitors and Wnt signaling proteins are implicated in bovine artery smooth muscle cell calcification in the presence of phosphate and vitamin D sterols.


:Administration of active vitamin D sterols to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients with chronic kidney disease receiving dialysis has been associated with elevated serum calcium and phosphorus levels, which may lead to increased risk of vascular calcification. However, calcimimetics, by binding to the parathyroid gland calcium-sensing receptors, reduce serum parathyroid hormone, calcium, phosphorus, and the calcium-phosphorus product. Using cultured bovine aorta vascular smooth muscle cells (BASMCs), an in vitro model of vascular calcification, we compared calcification levels and gene expression profiles after exposure to the phosphate source ss-glycerolphosphate (BGP), the active vitamin D sterols calcitriol and paricalcitol, the calcimimetic R-568, or BGP with the active vitamin D sterols or R-568. Cells exposed to BGP (10 mM) alone or with calcitriol or paricalcitol showed dose-dependent BASMC calcification. No change in calcification was observed in cultures exposed to BGP with R-568, consistent with the observed lack of calcium-sensing receptor expression. Microarray analysis using total cellular RNA from cultures exposed to vehicle or BGP in the absence and presence of 10(-8) M calcitriol or paricalcitol for 7 days showed that cells exposed to BGP with calcitriol or BGP with paricalcitol had virtually identical gene expression profiles, which differed from those of cells treated with BGP or vehicle alone. Several osteoblast- and chondrocyte-associated genes were modulated by BGP and vitamin D exposure. In this study, exposure of BASMCs to phosphate and active vitamin D sterols induced calcification and changes in expression of genes associated with mineralized tissue.


Calcif Tissue Int


Shalhoub V,Shatzen E,Henley C,Boedigheimer M,McNinch J,Manoukian R,Damore M,Fitzpatrick D,Haas K,Twomey B,Kiaei P,Ward S,Lacey DL,Martin D




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    abstract::ELISAs for measuring the urinary excretion of collagen crosslinks and related peptides appear to show marked differences in sensitivity to anti-resorptive therapy. This presumably reflects variations in specificity of the anylate being detected in these assays, and the way in which they respond to treatment. To clarif...

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  • Ultrasound and dual X-ray absorptiometry densitometry in women with hip fracture.

    abstract::To assess the usefulness of the measurement of the os calcis by ultrasound, a method that probably reflects bone quality as well as density, we have studied 54 women with hip fracture of the proximal femur and a control group. Ultrasound evaluation of the os calcis [broadband ultrasound attenuation (BUA), speed of the...

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