Projections from the subfornical organ to the supraoptic nucleus in the rat: ultrastructural identification of an interposed synapse in the median preoptic nucleus using a combination of neuronal tracers.


:The subfornical organ, along with other regions of the lamina terminalis, may contain osmoreceptors and is likely to be a site of action of blood-borne angiotensin II. The neural pathways by which these stimuli lead to vasopressin secretion, have been suggested to extend from the subfornical organ to hypothalamic sites of vasopressin production either directly or via synapses in an intervening nucleus such as the median preoptic nucleus. In the present study, cholera toxin conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (CT/HRP) or colloidal gold (CT/Au) has been injected, respectively, into the subfornical organ and supraoptic nucleus of the same animal. The anterograde and retrograde transport of the toxin from these two sites has made possible the identification, at the ultrastructural level, of a synapse in the median preoptic nucleus interposed in the pathway between the subfornical organ and the supraoptic nucleus. Moreover, the presence of retrogradely transported CT/HRP and CT/Au in the same neurone in the median preoptic nucleus indicates that some neurones in this nucleus have axons with collateral branches to both the subfornical organ and supraoptic nucleus. Either or both of these pathways may transmit information related to the tonicity of the blood or circulating levels of angiotensin II to sites in the hypothalamus.


Brain Res


Brain research


Oldfield BJ,Hards DK,McKinley MJ




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1991-08-30 00:00:00














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    abstract::Using nerve growth factor (NGF), anti-NGF sera and dissociated neonatal mouse dorsal root ganglionic neurons we present a microculture assay methodology for (1) the titration of neurotrophic factor (NTF) activity in monolayer culture, (2) the titration of NTF antibodies which 'block' NTF biological activity, (3) the t...

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