Kinetic mechanism of DNA polymerase I (Klenow fragment): identification of a second conformational change and evaluation of the internal equilibrium constant.


:In a previously determined minimal kinetic scheme for DNA polymerization catalyzed by the Klenow fragment (KF) of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase I, a nonchemical step that interconverted the KF'.DNAn+1.PPi and KF.DNAn+1PPi complexes was not observed in correct incorporation [Kuchta, R. D., Mizrahi, V., Benkovic, P.A., Johnson, K.A., & Benkovic, S.J. (1987) Biochemistry 26, 8410-8417] but was detected in misincorporation [Kuchta, R. D., Benkovic, P.A., & Benkovic, S.J. (1988) Biochemistry 27, 6716-6725]. In a pulse-chase experiment in this study, a burst amplitude of 100% of the enzyme concentration is observed; under pulse-quench conditions, the burst amplitude is 80%, indicative of the accumulation of the KF'.DNA.dNTP species owing to a slow step subsequent to chemical bond formation. This latter step was unequivocally identified by single-turnover pyrophosphorolysis and pyrophosphate-exchange experiments as one interconverting KF'.DNAn+1.PPi and KF.DNAn+1.PPi. The rate constants for this step in both directions were established through the rate constants for processive synthesis and pyrophosphorolysis. Pyrophosphorolysis of a 3'-phosphorothioate DNA duplex confirmed that the large elemental effect observed previously [Mizrahi, V., Henrie, R. N., Marlier, J.F., Johnson, K.A., & Benkovic, S.J. (1985) Biochemistry 24, 4010-4018] in this direction but not in polymerization is due to a marked decrease in the affinity of KF for the phosphorothioate-substituted duplex and not to the chemical step. The combination of the experimentally measured equilibrium constant for the bound KF.DNA species with the collective kinetic measurements further extends previous insights into the dynamics of the polymerization process catalyzed by KF.






Dahlberg ME,Benkovic SJ




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1991-05-21 00:00:00












  • Clustering and dynamics of phototransducer signaling domains revealed by site-directed spin labeling electron paramagnetic resonance on SRII/HtrII in membranes and nanodiscs.

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  • Oxy intermediates of homoprotocatechuate 2,3-dioxygenase: facile electron transfer between substrates.

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  • Optical spectroscopy of nicotinoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase from Amycolatopsis methanolica: a comparison with horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase and UDP-galactose epimerase.

    abstract::The NADH absorbance spectrum of nicotinoprotein (NADH-containing) alcohol dehydrogenase from Amycolatopsis methanolica has a maximum at 326 nm. Reduced enzyme-bound pyridine dinucleotide could be reversibly oxidized by acetaldehyde. The fluorescence excitation spectrum for NADH bound to the enzyme has a maximum at 325...


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  • Deletion of the Mitochondrial Protein VWA8 Induces Oxidative Stress and an HNF4α Compensatory Response in Hepatocytes.

    abstract::von Willebrand A domain-containing protein 8 (VWA8) is a poorly characterized, mitochondrial matrix-targeted protein with an AAA ATPase domain and ATPase activity that increases in livers of mice fed a high-fat diet. This study was undertaken to use CRISPR/Cas9 to delete VWA8 in cultured mouse hepatocytes and gain ins...


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  • Structural characterization of folded and unfolded states of an SH3 domain in equilibrium in aqueous buffer.

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  • Partitioning of synaptotagmin I C2 domains between liquid-ordered and liquid-disordered inner leaflet lipid phases.

    abstract::Synaptotagmin I is the calcium sensor in synchronous neurotransmitter release caused by fusion of synaptic vesicles with the presynaptic membrane in neurons. Synaptotagmin I interacts with acidic phospholipids, but also with soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment receptors (SNAREs), at various stages in ...


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    abstract::Design of a partially cysteine-depleted C98S/C239S/C377S/C468A cytochrome P450 3A4 mutant designated CYP3A4(C58,C64) allowed site-directed incorporation of thiol-reactive fluorescent probes into alpha-helix A. The site of modification was identified as Cys-64 with the help of CYP3A4(C58) and CYP3A4(C64), each bearing ...


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  • Spectroscopic Determination of Distinct Heme Ligands in Outer-Membrane Receptors PhuR and HasR of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

    abstract::Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 encodes two outer membrane receptors, PhuR (Pseudomonas heme uptake) and HasR (heme assimilation system). The HasR receptor acquires heme through interaction with a secreted hemophore, HasAp. The non-hemophore-dependent PhuR is encoded along with proteins required for heme translocation int...


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  • Extracellular labeling of growing secreted polypeptide chains in Bacillus subtilis with diazoiodosulfanilic acid.

    abstract::Studies of the mechanism of protein secretion in a Gram-positive bacterium, Bacillus subtilis, yielded results very similar to those previously obtained with a Gram-negative organism: nascent chains protruding from protoplasts could be labeled extracellularly; the labeled chains could be recovered on polysomes isolate...


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  • Homogeneity and variability in the structure of azurin molecules studied by fluorescence decay and circular polarization.

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    abstract::Electron spin polarized electron paramagentic resonance (ESP EPR) spectra were obtained with deuterated iron-removed photosynthetic bacterial reaction centers (RCs) to specifically investigate the effect of the rate of primary charge separation, metal-site occupancy, and H-subunit content on the observed P865+QA- char...


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    abstract::The role of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) in the radical-mediated amino group migration catalyzed by lysine 2,3-aminomutase from Clostridia SB4 has been investigated by electron spin echo envelope modulation (ESEEM) spectroscopy. This pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) method was used to estimate the distance...


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  • Crystallographic studies of isosteric NAD analogues bound to alcohol dehydrogenase: specificity and substrate binding in two ternary complexes.

    abstract::CNAD (5-beta-D-ribofuranosylnicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an isosteric C-glycosidic analogue of NAD(H) containing a neutral pyridine ring. CPAD (5-beta-D-ribofuranosylpicolinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a closely related pyridine-containing analogue with the pyridine nitrogen on the opposite side of the ring...


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  • Self-assembly of designed antimicrobial peptides in solution and micelles.

    abstract::Hydrophobic interactions are responsible for stabilizing leucine zippers in peptides containing heptad repeats. The effects of substituting leucine by phenylalanine and alanine by glycine on the self-assembly of coiled-coils were examined in minimalist antimicrobial peptides designed to form amphipathic alpha-helices....


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  • Effects of the Iowa and Milano mutations on apolipoprotein A-I structure and dynamics determined by hydrogen exchange and mass spectrometry.

    abstract::The Iowa point mutation in apolipoprotein A-I (G26R) leads to a systemic amyloidosis condition, and the Milano mutation (R173C) is associated with hypoalphalipoproteinemia, a reduced plasma level of high-density lipoprotein. To probe the structural effects that lead to these outcomes, we used amide hydrogen-deuterium ...


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  • Structure and enzymatic functions of thioredoxin refolded by complementation of two tryptic peptide fragments.

    abstract::The physicochemical and catalytic properties of thioredoxin-T' are described. This complemented protein structure consists of a 1:1 complex between the inactive fragments thioredoxin-T-(1--73) and thioredoxin T-(74--108). These are generated by selective trypsin cleavage at Arg-73 in lysine-modified and denatured Esch...


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  • Allosteric regulation in phosphofructokinase from the extreme thermophile Thermus thermophilus.

    abstract::An investigation into the kinetics and regulatory properties of the type-1 phosphofructokinase (PFK) from the extreme thermophile Thermus thermophilus (TtPFK) reveals an enzyme that is inhibited by PEP and activated by ADP by modifying the affinity exhibited for the substrate fructose 6-phosphate (Fru-6-P) in a manner...


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  • Pre-steady-state kinetics reveal a slow isomerization of the enzyme-NAD complex in the NAD-malic enzyme reaction.

    abstract::Stopped-flow experiments obtained in the pre-steady-state time scale of the NAD-malic enzyme reaction exhibit a lag prior to the attainment of steady state. Previous results from isotope effect studies in which the deuterium isotope effect on Vmax decreases to a value of 1 at low pH have been interpreted as suggesting...


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    authors: Rajapaksa R,Abu-Soud H,Raushel FM,Harris BG,Cook PF

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  • Excessive Reactive Oxygen Species and Exotic DNA Lesions as an Exploitable Liability.

    abstract::Although the terms "excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS)" and "oxidative stress" are widely used, the implications of oxidative stress are often misunderstood. ROS are not a single species but a variety of compounds, each with unique biochemical properties and abilities to react with biomolecules. ROS cause activat...


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