Monitoring Migration and Measuring Biomass in Benthic Biofilms: The Effects of Dark/far-red Adaptation and Vertical Migration on Fluorescence Measurements.


:Pulse modulated fluorescence has increasingly been used as an ecological tool to examine changes in the vertical distribution of microphytobenthic cells within the upper layers of estuarine sediments (most often using the minimum fluorescence yield F(o)) as well as to indicate the health of the community (using the maximum PS II quantum efficiency F(v)/F(m)). However, the practicalities of in situ measurements, often dictates that short dark adaptation periods must be used ( approximately 15 min). The use of far-red light as an alternative to dark adaptation was investigated in natural migratory microphytobenthic biofilms and artificial non-migratory biofilms. Prolonged periods of darkness ( approximately 24 h) were not adequate to achieve 'true' measurements of F(o) and F(v)/F(m), which require complete oxidation of Q(A) and full reversal of non-photochemical quenching (NPQ). In some instances, stable values were only achieved using far-red light. Prolonged exposure to dark/far-red light led to a downwards migration of cells in natural assemblages, as seen by a reduction in both F(o) and the maximum fluorescence yield (F(m)). In non-migratory biofilms, F(m) increased in the dark and far-red treatments, indicating a reversal of NPQ, whereas F(o) decreased in far-red light but increased in the dark. It is suggested that far-red light and darkness differentially affected the balance between NPQ reversal and Q(A) oxidation that lead to the measured F(o) yield. The use of far-red light as an alternative to dark adaptation is discussed and the implications of short (e.g., 15 min) dark adaptation times used in situ are discussed with reference to the vertical migration of cells within sediment biofilms.


Photosynth Res


Photosynthesis research


Consalvey M,Jesus B,Perkins RG,Brotas V,Underwood GJ,Paterson DM




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2004-01-01 00:00:00












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  • Growth, photosynthesis and photorespiration of Lemna gibba: response to variations in CO2 and O 2 concentrations and photon flux density.

    abstract::Dry weight and Relative Growth Rate of Lemna gibba were significantly increased by CO2 enrichment up to 6000 μl CO2 l(-1). This high CO2 optimum for growth is probably due to the presence of nonfunctional stomata. The response to high CO2 was less or absent following four days growth in 2% O2. The Leaf Area Ratio decr...

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  • Photosynthetic energy storage efficiency in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, based on microsecond photoacoustics.

    abstract::Using a novel, pulsed micro-second time-resolved photoacoustic (PA) instrument, we measured thermal dissipation and energy storage (ES) in the intact cells of wild type (WT) Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, and mutants lacking either PSI or PSII reaction centers (RCs). On this time scale, the kinetic contributions of the th...

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  • The relationship of intercompartmental excitation transfer rate constants to those of an underlying physical model.

    abstract::In studies on photosynthetic systems it is common practice to interpret the results of time-resolved fluorescence experiments on the basis of compartmental, or target, models. Each compartment represents a group of molecules with similar fluorescence characteristics. In cases of practical interest, the members of each...

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  • NMR analysis of plant nitrogen metabolism.

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