Activation mechanism and function of the MAP kinase cascade.


:MAP kinase (MAPK) and its activator, MAP kinase kinase (MAPKK), are commonly activated by a variety of extracellular stimuli in mammalian cells and in the process of Xenopus oocyte maturation. In order to investigate the function of the MAPK cascade in oocyte maturation, we produced an anti-Xenopus MAPKK which specifically reacts with MAPKK in vitro. When this antibody was microinjected into immature oocytes, MAPK activation induced by progesterone was prevented. Surprisingly, H1 kinase activation and germinal vesicle breakdown were also inhibited in the oocytes injected with this antibody. These results suggest that the MAPK cascade plays an important role in the maturation promoting factor (MPF) activation during the oocyte maturation process. When this antibody together with Mos was microinjected into Xenopus two-cell embryos, the Mos-induced metaphase arrest (CSF arrest) was prevented. Thus, the MAPK cascade may mediate CSF arrest. During Xenopus early embryogenesis, a low but significant level of MAPK remains active. Injection of mRNA encoding a constitutively active MAPKK resulted in mesoderm induction in animal cap explants. In addition, fibroblast growth-factor (FGF)-induced mesoderm induction was inhibited by expressing CL100 (a MAP kinase phosphatase) in animal cap explants. Thus the MAPK cascade may be involved in the mesoderm induction of Xenopus embryos. The activation pathways and roles of the MAPKK/MAPK cascade in various signaling processes will be discussed.


Mol Reprod Dev


Gotoh Y,Nishida E




Has Abstract


1995-12-01 00:00:00












  • Genome organization in the human sperm nucleus studied by FISH and confocal microscopy.

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  • Purification and biological characterization of N-acetyl beta-D glucosaminidase from Bufo arenarum spermatozoa.

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  • Timing of MAP kinase inactivation effects on emission of polar body in porcine oocytes activated by Ca2+ ionophore.

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  • Effect of vitrification on promoter methylation and the expression of pluripotency and differentiation genes in mouse blastocysts.

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  • Differential growth, cell proliferation, and apoptosis of mouse embryo in various culture media and in coculture.

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  • High iNOS mRNA and protein localization during late pregnancy suggest a role for nitric oxide in mouse pubic symphysis relaxation.

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  • Molecular cloning, structure, and expression of a testicular follitropin receptor with selective alteration in the carboxy terminus that affects signaling function.

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  • Role of the major ecto-phosphoprotein in sperm flagellar motility using a cell electroporation method.

    abstract::Previous studies from our laboratory have identified MPS, a 100-kDa protein, as the major phosphoprotein substrate of caprine sperm ecto-cyclic AMP independent protein kinase. In this study the isolated (32)P-labelled MPS has been incorporated into mature caprine (Capra indicus) cauda-epididymal spermatozoa with the h...

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  • Phosphatidylcholine signaling in response to CSF-1.

    abstract::The formation of cell membrane following CSF-1 stimulation of a macrophage cell line is coordinated with cell cycle progression. The majority of membrane phospholipid accumulates during the S phase and results from cell-cycle dependent oscillations in the rates of phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis and degradation. Both...

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  • EGF-like peptides mediate FSH-induced maturation of cumulus cell-enclosed mouse oocytes.

    abstract::This study was carried out to examine the participation of epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like peptides in the induction of germinal vesicle breakdown (GVB) in mouse cumulus cell-enclosed oocytes (CEO). The EGF-like peptide, amphiregulin (AR), dose-dependently stimulated meiotic resumption in CEO, but not denuded oocyt...

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  • Targeted suppression of Has2 mRNA in mouse cumulus cell-oocyte complexes by adenovirus-mediated short-hairpin RNA expression.

    abstract::RNA interference (RNAi) is an effective tool for studying gene function in oocytes, but no studies have targeted somatic cells of primary cultured cumulus cell-oocyte complexes (COCs). This is probably due to difficulty in introducing RNAi-inducing molecules, such as a short-hairpin RNA (shRNA) gene, into COCs by comm...

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  • Structural and functional modifications of the nucleolus during previtellogenic oocyte growth in the lizard Podarcis sicula.

    abstract::In the present study we analyse the nature and the functional significance of the spherical and fibrillo-granular structures appearing in the oocyte nucleus of the lizard Podarcis sicula, following the disappearance of the typical nucleolus. By LM and TEM approaches, we demonstrate that the fibrillo-granuli, containin...

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  • Clusterin (SGP-2) in epididymal luminal fluid and its association with epididymal spermatozoa in androgen-deprived rats.

    abstract::Clusterin is a heterodimeric glycoprotein synthesized and secreted by rat Sertoli cells and epididymal epithelium. The goal of this study was to determine the presence of clusterin in the luminal fluid of the cauda epididymides and its association with the membranes of developing spermatozoa in the presence and absenc...

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  • Characterization of low Mr zona pellucida binding proteins from boar spermatozoa and seminal plasma.

    abstract::A group of low Mr (16 kDa-23 kDa) glycoproteins on ejaculated boar spermatozoa have been shown to have high affinity for homologous zona pellucida glycoproteins (ZPGPs). These ZPGP binding proteins are derived from seminal plasma as shown by their absence from epididymal spermatozoa and their presence in seminal plasm...

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  • Molecular cloning and characterization of SRG-L, a novel mouse gene developmentally expressed in spermatogenic cells.

    abstract::Full-length cDNA of a novel mouse gene upregulated in late stages of spermatogenic cells was cloned from mouse testis using overlapping RT-PCR and RACE. The mRNA of the gene was expressed mainly in diplotene/pachytene spermatocytes, round and elongating spermatids. We named this gene as SRG-L (Spermatogenesis Related ...

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    authors: Ma Q,Wang H,Guo R,Wang H,Ge Y,Ma J,Xue S,Han D

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  • Ultrastructure of nuclear condensation and localization of DNA and proteins in spermatozoa of a dasyurid marsupial, Sminthopsis crassicaudata.

    abstract::In the dasyurid marsupial, Sminthopsis crassicaudata, the mature spermatozoon has an inner homogeneous (C1) and a peripheral indented (C2) region. Using DNase-gold conjugates, and biotinylated genomic DNA probes, DNA was found to occur in both C1 and C2 regions. The morphogenesis of the spermatozoon nucleus was invest...

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  • Effect of elevated Ca(2+) concentration in fusion/activation medium on the fusion and development of porcine fetal fibroblast nuclear transfer embryos.

    abstract::The present study examined the effect of elevated Ca(2+) concentration in fusion/activation medium on the fusion and development of fetal fibroblast nuclear transfer (NT) porcine embryos. Frozen-thawed and serum starved fetal fibroblasts were transferred into the perivitelline space of enucleated oocytes. Cell fusion ...

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