Distribution of RNase MRP RNA during Xenopus laevis oogenesis.


:RNase MRP is a ribonucleoprotein endoribonuclease found predominantly in nucleoli, but which has been associated with mitochondria and mitochondrial RNA processing. In order to analyze the intracellular localization of specific RNA components of ribonucleoproteins of this type, a whole-mount method for in situ hybridization in Xenopus laevis oocytes was employed. Results with specific probes (for both mitochondrial and nonmitochondrial RNAs) indicate that this procedure is generally effective for the detection of a variety of nucleic acids that reside in different cellular compartments. Probes used to detect the endogenous RNA component of RNase MRP (MRP RNA) during X. laevis oogenesis revealed a continuous nuclear signal as well as a possible dual localization of MRP RNA in nucleoli and mitochondria at developmental stages temporally consistent with both ribosomal and mitochondrial biogenesis. Genomic DNA encoding MRP RNA was injected into the nuclei of stage VI oocytes and correctly transcribed. The in vivo-transcribed RNA was properly assembled with at least some of its cognate proteins as demonstrated by immunoprecipitation with specific autoantiserum. In addition, detectable levels of the RNA were exported to the cytoplasm. This whole-mount procedure has permitted us to identify MRP RNA in situ at different developmental time points as well as during transcription of the injected gene, and suggests differential localization of MRP RNA during oogenesis consistent with its proposed function in both mitochondria and nucleoli.


Mol Reprod Dev


Davis AF,Jeong-Yu S,Clayton DA




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1995-11-01 00:00:00












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