Impact of a double post-fermentative maceration with ripe and overripe seeds on the phenolic composition and color stability of Syrah red wines from warm climate.


:The post-fermentative double addition of Pedro Ximénez cv seeds obtained from natural matured grapes (ripe seeds, RS) and postharvest sun-dried grapes (overripe seeds, OS) were studied as sustainable enological alternatives to conventional vinification (CW) to improve the stability of Syrah wines produced in a warm climate. The phenolic composition was assessed by rapid resolution liquid chromatography, copigmentation/polymerization processes by spectrophotometry, and color quality and stability by Differential Colorimetry. OSW and RSW wines enriched their total phenolic content, being the effect more pronounced with overripe seeds (by 23% versus 10%). OSW differences were found for gallic acid, monomeric flavan-3-ols, and procyanidins compared to CW, and for (+)-catechin, procyanidin B2-3-O-gallate and the tetramer to RSW. Phenolic changes were related to higher color intensity in seed-added wines. OSW having higher percentage of polymeric pigments maintained for longer time the chromatic improvement, being visually darker and more intense than final CW and RSW.


Food Chem


Food chemistry


Gordillo B,Rivero FJ,Jara-Palacios MJ,González-Miret ML,Heredia FJ




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    abstract::Okra is a widely accepted vegetable in subtropical and tropical regions due to the good palatability. However, the polysaccharide compositions remain unclear. In this work, the water extract of okra pod was prepared and the leading polysaccharide fraction was purified. The precise structural characteristics were ident...

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  • Changes in chemical interactions and protein conformation during heat-induced wheat gluten gel formation.

    abstract::In order to elucidate the heat-induced wheat gluten gel formation mechanism, changes in chemical interactions and protein conformation were investigated during gelation. The contribution of ionic and hydrogen bonds were found to decrease from 0.746 and 4.133g/L to 0.397 and 2.733g/L, respectively, as the temperature i...

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    abstract::In this study, black chokeberry concentrate was added (5% w/v) to lemon juice, since previous reports suggested potential health benefits of this blend. The phytochemical composition, antioxidant capacity (scavenging of DPPH, superoxide and hydroxyl radicals, and hypochlorous acid), and inhibitory activity against cho...

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