Highly efficient eco-friendly X-ray scintillators based on an organic manganese halide.


:Scintillation based X-ray detection has received great attention for its application in a wide range of areas from security to healthcare. Here, we report highly efficient X-ray scintillators with state-of-the-art performance based on an organic metal halide, ethylenebis-triphenylphosphonium manganese (II) bromide ((C38H34P2)MnBr4), which can be prepared using a facile solution growth method at room temperature to form inch sized single crystals. This zero-dimensional organic metal halide hybrid exhibits green emission peaked at 517 nm with a photoluminescence quantum efficiency of ~ 95%. Its X-ray scintillation properties are characterized with an excellent linear response to X-ray dose rate, a high light yield of ~ 80,000 photon MeV-1, and a low detection limit of 72.8 nGy s-1. X-ray imaging tests show that scintillators based on (C38H34P2)MnBr4 powders provide an excellent visualization tool for X-ray radiography, and high resolution flexible scintillators can be fabricated by blending (C38H34P2)MnBr4 powders with polydimethylsiloxane.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Xu LJ,Lin X,He Q,Worku M,Ma B




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2020-08-28 00:00:00












  • Genetically engineered red cells expressing single domain camelid antibodies confer long-term protection against botulinum neurotoxin.

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  • Author Correction: P53 and mTOR signalling determine fitness selection through cell competition during early mouse embryonic development.

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  • Evidence for carrier localization in the pseudogap state of cuprate superconductors from coherent quench experiments.

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  • Armadillo repeat containing 12 promotes neuroblastoma progression through interaction with retinoblastoma binding protein 4.

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  • Hierarchically structured lithium titanate for ultrafast charging in long-life high capacity batteries.

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  • ATP activates bestrophin ion channels through direct interaction.

    abstract::Human Bestrophin1 (hBest1) is a Ca2+-activated Cl- channel in retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) essential for retina physiology, and its mutation results in retinal degenerative diseases that have no available treatments. Here, we discover that hBest1's channel activity in human RPE is significantly enhanced by adenosi...

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  • Paracrine control of α-cell glucagon exocytosis is compromised in human type-2 diabetes.

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  • Proteostasis by STUB1/HSP70 complex controls sensitivity to androgen receptor targeted therapy in advanced prostate cancer.

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  • Sound-induced length changes in outer hair cell stereocilia.

    abstract::Hearing relies on mechanical stimulation of stereocilia bundles on the sensory cells of the inner ear. When sound hits the ear, each stereocilium pivots about a neck-like taper near their base. More than three decades of research have established that sideways deflection of stereocilia is essential for converting mech...

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  • Negative Poisson's ratio in 1T-type crystalline two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides.

    abstract::Materials with a negative Poisson's ratio, also known as auxetic materials, exhibit unusual and counterintuitive mechanical behaviour-becoming fatter in cross-section when stretched. Such behaviour is mostly attributed to some special re-entrant or hinged geometric structures regardless of the chemical composition and...

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  • Modeling mitigation of influenza epidemics by baloxavir.

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  • Identification of recurrent FHL2-GLI2 oncogenic fusion in sclerosing stromal tumors of the ovary.

    abstract::Sclerosing stromal tumor (SST) of the ovary is a rare type of sex cord-stromal tumor (SCST), whose genetic underpinning is currently unknown. Here, using whole-exome, targeted capture and RNA-sequencing, we report recurrent FHL2-GLI2 fusion genes in 65% (17/26) of SSTs and other GLI2 rearrangements in additional 15% (...

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  • Observation of Coulomb gap in the quantum spin Hall candidate single-layer 1T'-WTe2.

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  • Bright monomeric near-infrared fluorescent proteins as tags and biosensors for multiscale imaging.

    abstract::Monomeric near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent proteins (FPs) are in high demand as protein tags and components of biosensors for deep-tissue imaging and multicolour microscopy. We report three bright and spectrally distinct monomeric NIR FPs, termed miRFPs, engineered from bacterial phytochrome, which can be used as easil...

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  • Magnetic field induced quantum phases in a tensor network study of Kitaev magnets.

    abstract::Recent discovery of the half quantized thermal Hall conductivity in [Formula: see text]-RuCl[Formula: see text], a candidate material for the Kitaev spin liquid, suggests the presence of a highly entangled quantum state in external magnetic fields. This field induced phase appears between the low field zig-zag magneti...

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  • Coordinated force generation of skeletal myosins in myofilaments through motor coupling.

    abstract::In contrast to processive molecular motors, skeletal myosins form a large motor ensemble for contraction of muscles against high loads. Despite numerous information on the molecular properties of skeletal myosin, its ensemble effects on collective force generation have not been rigorously clarified. Here we show 4 nm ...

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  • Functional roles of Aves class-specific cis-regulatory elements on macroevolution of bird-specific features.

    abstract::Unlike microevolutionary processes, little is known about the genetic basis of macroevolutionary processes. One of these magnificent examples is the transition from non-avian dinosaurs to birds that has created numerous evolutionary innovations such as self-powered flight and its associated wings with flight feathers....

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    authors: Seki R,Li C,Fang Q,Hayashi S,Egawa S,Hu J,Xu L,Pan H,Kondo M,Sato T,Matsubara H,Kamiyama N,Kitajima K,Saito D,Liu Y,Gilbert MT,Zhou Q,Xu X,Shiroishi T,Irie N,Tamura K,Zhang G

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  • Aerodynamic generation of electric fields in turbulence laden with charged inertial particles.

    abstract::Self-induced electricity, including lightning, is often observed in dusty atmospheres. However, the physical mechanisms leading to this phenomenon remain elusive as they are remarkably challenging to determine due to the high complexity of the multi-phase turbulent flows involved. Using a fast multi-pole method in dir...

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