Proteomic profiling of fatty acid binding proteins in muscular dystrophy.


:Introduction: Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a neuromuscular disorder, which is caused by abnormalities in the DMD gene that encodes the membrane cytoskeletal protein dystrophin. Besides progressive skeletal muscle wasting, dystrophinopathy also affects non-skeletal muscle tissues, including cells in the cardio-respiratory system, the central nervous system, the liver and the kidney.Areas covered: This review summarizes the proteomic characterization of a key class of lipid chaperones, the large family of fatty acid binding proteins, and their potential role in muscular dystrophy. Recent proteomic surveys using animal models and patient specimens are reviewed. Pathobiochemical changes in specific proteoforms of fatty acid binding protein in the multi-system pathology of dystrophinopathy are discussed.Expert opinion: The mass spectrometric identification of distinct changes in fatty acid binding proteins in muscle, heart, liver, kidney and serum demonstrates that considerable alterations occur in key steps of metabolite transport and fat metabolism in muscular dystrophy. These new findings might be helpful to further develop a comprehensive biomarker signature of metabolic changes in X-linked muscular dystrophy, which should improve (i) our understanding of complex pathobiochemical changes due to dystrophin deficiency, (ii) the identification of novel therapeutic targets, and (iii) the design of differential diagnostic, prognostic and therapy-monitoring approaches.


Expert Rev Proteomics


Dowling P,Gargan S,Zweyer M,Swandulla D,Ohlendieck K




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