Evaluation of Intracranial Vascular Status in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke by Time Maximum Intensity Projection CT Angiography: A Preliminary Study.


RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:To describe the application of time maximum intensity projection CTA (t-MIP CTA) in acute ischemic stroke and compare t-MIP CTA and single-phase CTA (sCTA) in assessing collateral circulation and predicting prognosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Twenty-nine acute ischemic stroke patients who underwent one-stop CT angiography (CTA)-CT perfusion scan were reviewed retrospectively. sCTA and t-MIP CTA were developed by CT perfusion scanning data. Image quality and collateral circulation were compared between the sCTA and t-MIP CTA groups. CT attenuation values, image noise, signal to noise , contrast to noise, and subjective image quality were obtained and compared between these two groups. The correlations of clinical prognosis and infarct volume with collateral status on t-MIP CTA and sCTA were analyzed, separately. Receiver operating characteristic curve was used to reveal the sensitivity and specificity of t-MIP CTA and sCTA in predicting outcome. RESULTS:All images exhibited good quality for diagnosis. In objective evaluation, the noise level of t-MIP CTA was significantly lower than that of sCTA (p < 0.001). Vascular attenuation (signal to noise and contrast to noise) of t-MIP were higher than those of sCTA (all, p < 0.001). The collateral status on t-MIP CTA and sCTA were both negatively correlated with modified Rankin Scale scores (t-MIP CTA, r = -0.709, p < 0.001; sCTA, r = -0.551, p = 0.024) and the final infarction volume (t-MIP CTA, r = -0.716, p = 0.001; sCTA, r = -0.629, p = 0.003). t-MIP CTA was better for predicting prognosis (AUC, 0.956; sensitivity, 0.917; specificity, 0.941; p < 0.001) than sCTA (AUC, 0.824; sensitivity, 0.500; specificity, 0.941; p = 0.003). CONCLUSION:In comparison with sCTA, t-MIP images showed higher image quality of intracranial vascularity and MIP could reveal vascular occlusion and evaluate collateral circulation more accurately. It was speculated that t-MIP could predict the prognosis more precisely.


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Cao R,Jiang Y,Lu J,Wu G,Zhang L,Chen J




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