Patient-derived pancreas-on-a-chip to model cystic fibrosis-related disorders.


:Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder caused by defective CF Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) function. Insulin producing pancreatic islets are located in close proximity to the pancreatic duct and there is a possibility of impaired cell-cell signaling between pancreatic ductal epithelial cells (PDECs) and islet cells as causative in CF. To study this possibility, we present an in vitro co-culturing system, pancreas-on-a-chip. Furthermore, we present an efficient method to micro dissect patient-derived human pancreatic ducts from pancreatic remnant cell pellets, followed by the isolation of PDECs. Here we show that defective CFTR function in PDECs directly reduced insulin secretion in islet cells significantly. This uniquely developed pancreatic function monitoring tool will help to study CF-related disorders in vitro, as a system to monitor cell-cell functional interaction of PDECs and pancreatic islets, characterize appropriate therapeutic measures and further our understanding of pancreatic function.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Shik Mun K,Arora K,Huang Y,Yang F,Yarlagadda S,Ramananda Y,Abu-El-Haija M,Palermo JJ,Appakalai BN,Nathan JD,Naren AP




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  • Nanoscale assembly processes revealed in the nacroprismatic transition zone of Pinna nobilis mollusc shells.

    abstract::Intricate biomineralization processes in molluscs engineer hierarchical structures with meso-, nano- and atomic architectures that give the final composite material exceptional mechanical strength and optical iridescence on the macroscale. This multiscale biological assembly inspires new synthetic routes to complex ma...

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  • Cep57 is a Mis12-interacting kinetochore protein involved in kinetochore targeting of Mad1-Mad2.

    abstract::The spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) arrests cells in mitosis by sensing unattached kinetochores, until all chromosomes are bi-oriented by spindle microtubules. Kinetochore accumulation of the SAC component Mad1-Mad2 is crucial for SAC activation. However, the mechanism by which Mad1-Mad2 accumulation at kinetochores...

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  • Lithiophilic montmorillonite serves as lithium ion reservoir to facilitate uniform lithium deposition.

    abstract::The growing demand for lithium batteries with higher energy densities requires new electrode chemistries. Lithium metal is a promising candidate as the anode material due to its high theoretical specific capacity, negative electrochemical potential and favorable density. However, during cycling, low and uneven lithium...

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