Septic patients in the intensive care unit present different nasal microbiotas.


AIM:The primary objective of this study was to evaluate correlations among mortality, intensive care unit (ICU) length of stay and airway microbiotas in septic patients. MATERIALS & METHODS:A deep-sequencing analysis of the 16S rRNA gene V4 region was performed. RESULTS:The nasal microbiota in septic patients was dominated by three nasal bacterial types (Corynebacterium, Staphylococcus and Acinetobacter). The Acinetobacter type was associated with the lowest diversity and longest length of stay (median: 9 days), and the Corynebacterium type was associated with the shortest length of stay. We found that the Acinetobacter type in the >9-day group was associated with the highest mortality (33%). CONCLUSION:Septic patients have three nasal microbiota types, and the nasal microbiota is related to the length of stay and mortality.


Future Microbiol


Future microbiology


Tan XL,Liu HY,Long J,Jiang Z,Luo Y,Zhao X,Cai S,Zhong X,Cen Z,Su J,Zhou H




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    abstract::Evaluation of: Mowat E, Butcher J, Lang S, Williams C, Ramage G: Development of a simple model for studying the effects of antifungal agents on multicellular communities of Aspergillus fumigatus. J. Med. Microbiol. 56, 1205-1212 (2007). Many microorganisms possess the innate ability for adhering to biotic and abiotic ...

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  • In vitro susceptibility testing in Aspergillus species: an update.

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