Comorbidities, age and period of diagnosis influence treatment and outcomes in early breast cancer.


:Survival for breast cancer (BC) is lower in eastern than northern/central Europe, and in older than younger women. We analysed how comorbidities at diagnosis affected whether selected standard treatments (STs) were given, across Europe and over time, also assessing consequences for survival/relapse. We analysed 7581 stage I/IIA cases diagnosed in 9 European countries in 2009-2013, and 4 STs: surgery; breast-conserving surgery plus radiotherapy (BCS + RT); reconstruction after mastectomy; and prompt treatment (≤6 weeks after diagnosis). Covariate-adjusted models estimated odds of receiving STs and risks of death/relapse, according to comorbidities. Pearson's R assessed correlations between odds and risks. The z-test assessed the significance of time-trends. Most women received surgery: 72% BCS; 24% mastectomy. Mastectomied patients were older with more comorbidities than BCS patients (p < 0.001). Women given breast reconstruction (25% of mastectomies) were younger with fewer comorbidities than those without reconstruction (p < 0.001). Women treated promptly (45%) were younger than those treated later (p = 0.001), and more often without comorbidities (p < 0.001). Receiving surgery/BCS + RT correlated strongly (R = -0.9), but prompt treatment weakly (R = -0.01/-0.02), with reduced death/relapse risks. The proportion receiving BCS + RT increased significantly (p < 0.001) with time in most countries. This appears to be the first analysis of the influence of comorbidities on receiving STs, and of consequences for outcomes. Increase in BCS + RT with time is encouraging. Although women without comorbidities usually received STs, elderly patients often received non-standard less prompt treatments, irrespective of comorbidities, with increased risk of mortality/relapse. All women, particularly the elderly, should receive ST wherever possible to maximise the benefits of modern evidence-based treatments.


Int J Cancer


Minicozzi P,Van Eycken L,Molinie F,Innos K,Guevara M,Marcos-Gragera R,Castro C,Rapiti E,Katalinic A,Torrella A,Žagar T,Bielska-Lasota M,Giorgi Rossi P,Larrañaga N,Bastos J,Sánchez MJ,Sant M,European HR Working Group on




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    abstract::HNPCC is an autosomal dominantly inherited cancer-susceptibility syndrome that confers an increased risk for colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer at a young age. It also entails an increased risk of a variety of other tumors, such as ovarian, gastric, uroepithelial and biliary tract cancers. The underlying pathoge...

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  • Suppression of intracellular Cu-Zn SOD results in enhanced motility and metastasis of Meth A sarcoma cells.

    abstract::We have previously described an inverse relationship between Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity and invasiveness of a clone of human tongue cancer cells. In these cells, suppression of Cu-Zn SOD activity by transfection with anti-sense cDNA enhanced motility in vitro. The present studies were undertaken to dete...

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  • Several genes encoding ribosomal proteins are over-expressed in prostate-cancer cell lines: confirmation of L7a and L37 over-expression in prostate-cancer tissue samples.

    abstract::A cDNA library specific for mRNA over-expressed in prostate cancer was generated by subtractive hybridization of transcripts originating from prostatic hyperplasia and cancer tissues. cDNA encoding ribosomal proteins L4, L5, L7a, L23a, L30, L37, S14 and S18 was found to be present among 100 analyzed clones. Levels of ...

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