Autoradiographic localization in rat brain of kappa opiate binding sites labelled by [3H]bremazocine.


:[3H]Bremazocine, in the presence of saturating concentrations of mu and delta receptor blocking agents, was used to label putative kappa opiate binding sites in rat brain. The binding of [3H]bremazocine under these conditions was completely displaced with high affinity by U-50488H and dynorphin1-17, and the potency of a series of opiate ligands was consistent with an action at kappa receptors. Therefore, [3H]bremazocine, in the presence of mu and delta blockers, was used to localize U-50488H-displaceable kappa binding sites by autoradiography. A distribution different from that of mu and delta receptors was seen, with levels highest in the claustrum, striatum, medial preoptic area, suprachiasmatic nucleus, medial amygdala and superior layer of the superior colliculus. The results show that the U-50488H-displaceable kappa sites have a distinct distribution which is discussed in terms of the possible functional roles of kappa receptors.






Morris BJ,Herz A




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