Contraction of collagen lattice by peritubular cells from rat testis.


:Peritubular cells from 15- and 25-day-old rat testis trapped in collagen lattices caused those lattices to contract. Contraction proceeded more rapidly and to a greater extent using cells from younger rats. When 36,000 cells from 15- and 25-day-old rats were trapped in 800 mm2 lattices, the areas were reduced to 28 mm2 and 170 mm2, respectively, within 24 h. The cells from older rats were less effective at contracting the lattice than cells from younger rats. Cytochalasin B (5 micrograms ml-1) inhibited lattice contraction and caused disruption of actin filaments as seen by fluorescent staining with Rh-phalloidin. Cholera toxin (10 micrograms ml-1), and 1 mM-dibutyryl cAMP inhibited lattice contraction, as did 10 microM-trifluoperazine, commonly an inhibitor of calmodulin. The total intracellular concentration of cAMP was greater in peritubular cells from 25-day-old rats than in those from 15-day-old rats: 427 +/- 34 and 120 +/- 16 pmol mg-1 cell protein, respectively. When peritubular cells in monolayer were permeabilized with glycerol, the addition of ATP caused the cells to contract. Cell contraction was greater in cells from 15-day-old rats than 25-day-old rats. When cells were grown on silicone rubber, they caused that surface to wrinkle. Peritubular cells from 15-day-old rats caused the onset of wrinkling at 4 h. At the same time, no wrinkling was observed with cells from 25-day-old rats. Studies of lattice contraction and cell contraction were also made using cells from 20-day-old rats. In each case, contraction was intermediate between that of cells from 15-and 25-day-old rats. The possibility exists that lattice contraction, cell contraction and wrinkling of silicone film result from a mechanism of actin filament sliding, generated by myosin ATPase activity, and is inhibited by cAMP. The reduced rate of contraction in cells from 25-day-old rats may be related to their higher intracellular levels of cAMP. Evidence exists to show that cAMP blocks myosin ATPase activity by inhibiting the phosphorylation of its regulatory peptide, myosin light chain.


J Cell Sci


Journal of cell science


Ehrlich HP,Borland KM,Muffly KE,Hall PF


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1986-06-01 00:00:00










  • Inhibition of cargo export at ER exit sites and the trans-Golgi network by the secretion inhibitor FLI-06.

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  • Numb directs the subcellular localization of EAAT3 through binding the YxNxxF motif.

    abstract::Excitatory amino acid transporter type 3 (EAAT3, also known as SLC1A1) is a high-affinity, Na(+)-dependent glutamate carrier that localizes primarily within the cell and at the apical plasma membrane. Although previous studies have reported proteins and sequence regions involved in EAAT3 trafficking, the detailed mole...

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  • Type I collagen permits invasive behaviour by retinal pigmented epithelial cells in vitro.

    abstract::Epithelial cells cultured on type I collagen gels adopt a typical apical--basal polarity and undergo differentiation. We have compared the behaviour of chick embryo retinal pigmented epithelial (RPE) cells on collagen and on plastic with and without gelatin coats. RPE cell proliferation was similar on all three substr...

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  • PTL-1 regulates neuronal integrity and lifespan in C. elegans.

    abstract::Protein with tau-like repeats (PTL-1) is the sole Caenorhabditis elegans homolog of tau and MAP2, which are members of the mammalian family of microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs). In mammalian neurons, tau and MAP2 are segregated, with tau being mainly localised to the axon and MAP2 mainly to the dendrite. In parti...

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  • Stabilization and activation of p53 induced by Cdk5 contributes to neuronal cell death.

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