AP-2-complex-mediated endocytosis of Drosophila Crumbs regulates polarity by antagonizing Stardust.


:Maintenance of epithelial polarity depends on the correct localization and levels of polarity determinants. The evolutionarily conserved transmembrane protein Crumbs is crucial for the size and identity of the apical membrane, yet little is known about the molecular mechanisms controlling the amount of Crumbs at the surface. Here, we show that Crumbs levels on the apical membrane depend on a well-balanced state of endocytosis and stabilization. The adaptor protein 2 (AP-2) complex binds to a motif in the cytoplasmic tail of Crumbs that overlaps with the binding site of Stardust, a protein known to stabilize Crumbs on the surface. Preventing endocytosis by mutation of AP-2 causes expansion of the Crumbs-positive plasma membrane domain and polarity defects, which can be partially rescued by removing one copy of crumbs. Strikingly, knocking down both AP-2 and Stardust leads to the retention of Crumbs on the membrane. This study provides evidence for a molecular mechanism, based on stabilization and endocytosis, to adjust surface levels of Crumbs, which are essential for maintaining epithelial polarity.


J Cell Sci


Journal of cell science


Lin YH,Currinn H,Pocha SM,Rothnie A,Wassmer T,Knust E




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  • Pom1 kinase links division plane position to cell polarity by regulating Mid1p cortical distribution.

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    abstract::Following fertilization, there are rapid changes in the appearance of the Fucus egg. Large electron-translucent vesicles (V1) accumulate fibrillar material, and following pronuclear fusion, they are largely electron-opaque. These vesicles (V1) are formed originally in unfertilized eggs by smooth endoplasmic reticulum ...

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  • Δ40p53α suppresses tumor cell proliferation and induces cellular senescence in hepatocellular carcinoma cells.

    abstract::Splice variants of certain genes impact on genetic biodiversity in mammals. The tumor suppressor TP53 gene (encoding p53) plays an important role in the regulation of tumorigenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Δ40p53α is a naturally occurring p53 isoform that lacks the N-terminal transactivation domain, yet litt...

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  • Assembly of additional heterochromatin distinct from centromere-kinetochore chromatin is required for de novo formation of human artificial chromosome.

    abstract::Alpha-satellite (alphoid) DNA is necessary for de novo formation of human artificial chromosomes (HACs) in human cultured cells. To investigate the relationship among centromeric, transcriptionally permissive and non-permissive chromatin assemblies on de novo HAC formation, we constructed bacterial artificial chromoso...

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