Sex-specific glioma genome-wide association study identifies new risk locus at 3p21.31 in females, and finds sex-differences in risk at 8q24.21.


:Incidence of glioma is approximately 50% higher in males. Previous analyses have examined exposures related to sex hormones in women as potential protective factors for these tumors, with inconsistent results. Previous glioma genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have not stratified by sex. Potential sex-specific genetic effects were assessed in autosomal SNPs and sex chromosome variants for all glioma, GBM and non-GBM patients using data from four previous glioma GWAS. Datasets were analyzed using sex-stratified logistic regression models and combined using meta-analysis. There were 4,831 male cases, 5,216 male controls, 3,206 female cases and 5,470 female controls. A significant association was detected at rs11979158 (7p11.2) in males only. Association at rs55705857 (8q24.21) was stronger in females than in males. A large region on 3p21.31 was identified with significant association in females only. The identified differences in effect of risk variants do not fully explain the observed incidence difference in glioma by sex.


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Ostrom QT,Kinnersley B,Wrensch MR,Eckel-Passow JE,Armstrong G,Rice T,Chen Y,Wiencke JK,McCoy LS,Hansen HM,Amos CI,Bernstein JL,Claus EB,Il'yasova D,Johansen C,Lachance DH,Lai RK,Merrell RT,Olson SH,Sadetzki S,Schi




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  • Alcohol intake and cardiovascular risk factors: A Mendelian randomisation study.

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  • A small-angle X-ray scattering study of alpha-synuclein from human red blood cells.

    abstract::α-synuclein (α-syn) is the main component of Lewy bodies, which are neuropathological hallmarks of patients with Parkinson's disease. As it has been controversial whether human α-syn from erythrocytes exists as a tetramer under physiological conditions, we tried solving this issue by the small-angle X-ray solution sca...

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  • Facile preparation of salivary extracellular vesicles for cancer proteomics.

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  • Estimation of elevated intracranial pressure in infants with hydroce-phalus by using transcranial Doppler velocimetry with fontanel compression.

    abstract::For infants with acute progressive hydrocephalus, invasive drainage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is performed until a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt can be inserted. Surrogate markers of intracranial pressure (ICP) may help optimise the timing of invasive procedures. To assess whether RI with/without fontanel compression...

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  • Growth and Morbidity of Gambian Infants are Influenced by Maternal Milk Oligosaccharides and Infant Gut Microbiota.

    abstract::Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) play an important role in the health of an infant as substrate for beneficial gut bacteria. Little is known about the effects of HMO composition and its changes on the morbidity and growth outcomes of infants living in areas with high infection rates. Mother's HMO composition and inf...

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    更新日期:2017-01-12 00:00:00

  • Extended 3D-PTV for direct measurements of Lagrangian statistics of canopy turbulence in a wind tunnel.

    abstract::Direct estimation of Lagrangian turbulence statistics is essential for the proper modeling of dispersion and transport in highly obstructed canopy flows. However, Lagrangian flow measurements demand very high rates of data acquisition, resulting in bottlenecks that prevented the estimation of Lagrangian statistics in ...

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  • Isospecific adenine DNA methyltransferases show distinct preferences towards DNA substrates.

    abstract::Here, we report results on systematic analysis of DNA substrate preferences of three N6-adenine β-class DNA methyltransferases that are part of the type II restriction-modification systems. The studied enzymes were: M.EcoVIII, M.HindIII and M.LlaCI, which although found in phylogenetically distant bacteria (γ-proteoba...

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    authors: Wons E,Mruk I,Kaczorowski T

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  • Structural features distinguishing infectious ex vivo mammalian prions from non-infectious fibrillar assemblies generated in vitro.

    abstract::Seeded polymerisation of proteins forming amyloid fibres and their spread in tissues has been implicated in the pathogenesis of multiple neurodegenerative diseases: so called "prion-like" mechanisms. While ex vivo mammalian prions, composed of multichain assemblies of misfolded host-encoded prion protein (PrP), act as...

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  • Effect of chain flexibility on cell adhesion: Semi-flexible model-based analysis of cell adhesion to hydrogels.

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