Scanning laser optical tomography resolves developmental neurotoxic effects on pioneer neurons.


:Developmental neurotoxic compounds impair the developing human nervous system at lower doses than those affecting adults. Standardized test methods for assessing developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) require the use of high numbers of laboratory animals. Here, we use a novel assay that is based on the development of an intact insect embryo in serum-free culture. Neural pathways in the leg of embryonic locusts are established by a pair of afferent pioneer neurons, extending axons along a well-defined pathway to the central nervous system. After exposure to test chemicals, we analyze pioneer neuron shape with conventional fluorescence microscopy and compare it to 3D images, obtained by scanning laser optical tomography (SLOT) and processed by a segmentation algorithm. The segmented SLOT images resolve the 3D structure of the pioneers, recognize pathfinding defects and are thus advantageous for detecting DNT-positive compounds. The defects in axon elongation and pathfinding of pioneer axons caused by two DNT-positive reference compounds (methylmercury chloride; sodium(meta)arsenite) are compared to the biochemically measured general viability of the embryo. Using conventional fluorescence microscopy to establish concentration-response curves of axon elongation, we show that this assay identifies methylmercury chloride and the pro-apoptotic compound staurosporine as developmental neurotoxicants.


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Bode K,Nolte L,Kamin H,Desens M,Ulmann A,Bergmann GA,Betker P,Reitmeier J,Ripken T,Stern M,Meyer H,Bicker G




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  • Sodium Ion Conductivity in Superionic IL-Impregnated Metal-Organic Frameworks: Enhancing Stability Through Structural Disorder.

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  • Author Correction: Preparation and antimicrobial activity of ZnO-NPs coated cotton/starch and their functionalized ZnO-Ag/cotton and Zn(II) curcumin/cotton materials.

    abstract::An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

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  • LFP beta amplitude is linked to mesoscopic spatio-temporal phase patterns.

    abstract::Beta oscillations observed in motor cortical local field potentials (LFPs) recorded on separate electrodes of a multi-electrode array have been shown to exhibit non-zero phase shifts that organize into planar waves. Here, we generalize this concept to additional classes of salient patterns that fully describe the spat...

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  • Increased lead concentrations in the hairs of radiographers in general hospitals.

    abstract::This study investigated lead concentrations in the hairs of radiographers working in the radiological departments of general hospitals that used lead shielding for radiation protection. We collected scalp hair samples from 32 radiographers working in four radiology departments with lead shielding and 18 administration...

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  • Engineered Dendritic Cell-Directed Concurrent Activation of Multiple T cell Inhibitory Pathways Induces Robust Immune Tolerance.

    abstract::Inhibitory/repressor-receptors are upregulated significantly on activated T cells, and have been the molecules of attention as targets for inducing immune tolerance. Induction of effective antigen specific tolerance depends on concurrent engagement of the TCR and one or more of these inhibitory receptors. Here, we sho...

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  • The psychometric properties and temporal dynamics of subjective stress, retrospectively assessed by different informants and questionnaires, and hair cortisol concentrations.

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  • Quantifying nucleoporin stoichiometry inside single nuclear pore complexes in vivo.

    abstract::The nuclear pore complex (NPC) is one of the largest supramolecular structures in eukaryotic cells. Its octagonal ring-scaffold perforates the nuclear envelope and features a unique molecular machinery that regulates nucleocytoplasmic transport. NPCs are composed of ~30 different nucleoporins (Nups), averaged at 8, 16...

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  • Molecular basis of canalization in an ascidian species complex adapted to different thermal conditions.

    abstract::Canalization is a result of intrinsic developmental buffering that ensures phenotypic robustness under genetic variation and environmental perturbation. As a consequence, animal phenotypes are remarkably consistent within a species under a wide range of conditions, a property that seems contradictory to evolutionary c...

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  • Amygdala-centred functional connectivity affects daily cortisol concentrations: a putative link with anxiety.

    abstract::The amygdala plays a critical role in emotion. Its functional coupling with the hippocampus and ventromedial prefrontal cortex extending to a portion of the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is implicated in anxiogenesis and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system regulation. However, it remains unclear how amygdala...

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  • Hypocretin in median raphe nucleus modulates footshock stimuli-induced REM sleep alteration.

    abstract::Stress is one of major factors that cause sleep problems. Hypocretin represents a stress-related neuropeptide and is well known in maintaining physiological wakefulness. The hypocretinergic neurons originate in the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA) and transmit to several brain regions, including the median raphe nuclei...

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    authors: Hsiao YT,Lo Y,Yi PL,Chang FC

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  • Low Cost Inkjet Printed Smart Bandage for Wireless Monitoring of Chronic Wounds.

    abstract::Chronic wounds affect millions of patients around the world and their treatment is challenging as the early signs indicating their development are subtle. In addition, a type of chronic wound, known as pressure ulcer, develops in patients with limited mobility. Infection and frequent bleeding are indicators of chronic...

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  • Rescuing neuronal cell death by RAIDD- and PIDD- derived peptides and its implications for therapeutic intervention in neurodegenerative diseases.

    abstract::Caspase-2 is known to be involved in oxidative-stress mediated neuronal cell death. In this study, we demonstrated that rotenone-induced neuronal cell death is mediated by caspase-2 activation via PIDDosome formation. Our newly designed TAT-fused peptides, which contains wild-type helix number3 (H3) from RAIDD and PID...

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