Responses of LAI to rainfall explain contrasting sensitivities to carbon uptake between forest and non-forest ecosystems in Australia.


:Non-forest ecosystems (predominant in semi-arid and arid regions) contribute significantly to the increasing trend and interannual variation of land carbon uptake over the last three decades, yet the mechanisms are poorly understood. By analysing the flux measurements from 23 ecosystems in Australia, we found the the correlation between gross primary production (GPP) and ecosystem respiration (Re) was significant for non-forest ecosystems, but was not for forests. In non-forest ecosystems, both GPP and Re increased with rainfall, and, consequently net ecosystem production (NEP) increased with rainfall. In forest ecosystems, GPP and Re were insensitive to rainfall. Furthermore sensitivity of GPP to rainfall was dominated by the rainfall-driven variation of LAI rather GPP per unit LAI in non-forest ecosystems, which was not correctly reproduced by current land models, indicating that the mechanisms underlying the response of LAI to rainfall should be targeted for future model development.


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Li L,Wang YP,Beringer J,Shi H,Cleverly J,Cheng L,Eamus D,Huete A,Hutley L,Lu X,Piao S,Zhang L,Zhang Y,Yu Q




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    abstract::Magnolia sirindhorniae Noot. & Chalermglin is an endangered species with high ornamental and commercial value that needs to be urgently protected and judiciously commercialized. In this study, a protocol for efficient regeneration of this species is standardized. The lateral buds of the M. sirindhorniae plant were use...

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  • Genome targeting by hybrid Flp-TAL recombinases.

    abstract::Genome engineering is a rapidly evolving field that benefits from the availability of different tools that can be used to perform genome manipulation tasks. We describe here the development of the Flp-TAL recombinases that can target genomic FRT-like sequences in their native chromosomal locations. Flp-TAL recombinase...

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  • Comparison of Two Massively Parallel Sequencing Platforms using 83 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Human Identification.

    abstract::The potential of Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) technology to vastly expand the capabilities of human identification led to the emergence of different MPS platforms that use forensically relevant genetic markers. Two of the MPS platforms that are currently available are the MiSeq® FGx™ Forensic Genomics System (I...

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  • Unifying complexity and information.

    abstract::Complex systems, arising in many contexts in the computer, life, social, and physical sciences, have not shared a generally-accepted complexity measure playing a fundamental role as the Shannon entropy H in statistical mechanics. Superficially-conflicting criteria of complexity measurement, i.e. complexity-randomness ...

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  • Homo sapiens exhibit a distinct pattern of CNV genes regulation: an important role of miRNAs and SNPs in expression plasticity.

    abstract::Gene expression regulation is a complex and highly organized process involving a variety of genomic factors. It is widely accepted that differences in gene expression can contribute to the phenotypic variability between species, and that their interpretation can aid in the understanding of the physiologic variability....

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  • Direct Observation of Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction from Asymmetric Spin-wave Propagation in W/CoFeB/SiO2 Heterostructures Down to Sub-nanometer CoFeB Thickness.

    abstract::Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (IDMI) is important for its roles in stabilizing the skyrmionic lattice as well as soliton-like domain wall motion leading towards new generation spintronic devices. However, achievement and detection of IDMI is often hindered by various spurious effects. Here, we demonstr...

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