A New Strategy of Lithography Based on Phase Separation of Polymer Blends.


:Herein, we propose a new strategy of maskless lithographic approach to fabricate micro/nano-porous structures by phase separation of polystyrene (PS)/Polyethylene glycol (PEG) immiscible polymer blend. Its simple process only involves a spin coating of polymer blend followed by a development with deionized water rinse to remove PEG moiety, which provides an extremely facile, low-cost, easily accessible nanofabrication method to obtain the porous structures with wafer-scale. By controlling the weight ratio of PS/PEG polymer blend, its concentration and the spin-coating speed, the structural parameters of the porous nanostructure could be effectively tuned. These micro/nano porous structures could be converted into versatile functional nanostructures in combination with follow-up conventional chemical and physical nanofabrication techniques. As demonstrations of perceived potential applications using our developed phase separation lithography, we fabricate wafer-scale pure dielectric (silicon)-based two-dimensional nanostructures with high broadband absorption on silicon wafers due to their great light trapping ability, which could be expected for promising applications in the fields of photovoltaic devices and thermal emitters with very good performances, and Ag nanodot arrays which possess a surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) enhancement factor up to 1.64 × 10(8) with high uniformity across over an entire wafer.


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Guo X,Liu L,Zhuang Z,Chen X,Ni M,Li Y,Cui Y,Zhan P,Yuan C,Ge H,Wang Z,Chen Y




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2015-10-30 00:00:00










  • Observation of photobleaching in Ge-deficient Ge16.8Se83.2 chalcogenide thin film with prolonged irradiation.

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  • Enhanced segregation of concurrent sounds with similar spectral uncertainties in individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

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  • Fractal nature of groundwater level fluctuations affected by riparian zone vegetation water use and river stage variations.

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  • Connection adaption for control of networked mobile chaotic agents.

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  • Significant loss of mitochondrial diversity within the last century due to extinction of peripheral populations in eastern gorillas.

    abstract::Species and populations are disappearing at an alarming rate as a direct result of human activities. Loss of genetic diversity associated with population decline directly impacts species' long-term survival. Therefore, preserving genetic diversity is of considerable conservation importance. However, to assist in conse...

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  • Global miRNA expression profile reveals novel molecular players in aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage.

    abstract::The molecular mechanisms behind aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage (aSAH) are still poorly understood. Expression patterns of miRNAs may help elucidate the post-transcriptional gene expression in aSAH. Here, we evaluate the global miRNAs expression profile (miRnome) of patients with aSAH to identify potential biomark...

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  • The synthetic antimicrobial peptide 19-2.5 attenuates septic cardiomyopathy and prevents down-regulation of SERCA2 in polymicrobial sepsis.

    abstract::An impairment of cardiac function is a key feature of the cardiovascular failure associated with sepsis. Although there is some evidence that suppression of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATP-ase (SERCA2) contributes to septic cardiomyopathy, it is not known whether prevention of the down-regulation of SERCA2 improves ou...

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  • Endothelial dysfunction correlates with decompression bubbles in rats.

    abstract::Previous studies have documented that decompression led to endothelial dysfunction with controversial results. This study aimed to clarify the relationship between endothelial dysfunction, bubble formation and decompression rate. Rats were subjected to simulated air dives with one of four decompression rates: one slow...

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  • Acid-base adjustments and first evidence of denticle corrosion caused by ocean acidification conditions in a demersal shark species.

    abstract::Global ocean acidification is expected to chronically lower the pH to 7.3 (>2200 µatm seawater pCO2) by the year 2300. Acute hypercapnia already occurs along the South African west and south coasts due to upwelling- and low-oxygen events, with increasing frequency. In the present project we investigated the impact of ...

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  • Impact of cuticle photoluminescence on the color morphism of a male damselfly Ischnura senegalensis (Rambur, 1842).

    abstract::In this study the damselfly Ischnura senegalensis (Rambur, 1842) was first found to produce strong photoluminescence (PL) emissions from various colored-body portions, such as the eighth abdominal segment of the tail. The colors of the colored-body portions can be enhanced or modified by the PL emissions for assistanc...

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  • Collision with duplex DNA renders Escherichia coli DNA polymerase III holoenzyme susceptible to DNA polymerase IV-mediated polymerase switching on the sliding clamp.

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  • A comparison of transcriptomic patterns measured in the skin of Chinese fine and coarse wool sheep breeds.

    abstract::We characterised wool traits, and skin gene expression profiles of fine wool Super Merino (SM) and coarse wool Small Tail Han (STH) sheep. SM sheep had a significantly higher total density of wool follicles, heavier fleeces, finer fibre diameter, and increased crimp frequency, staple length and wool grease (lanolin) p...

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  • Auditory Neuropathy after Damage to Cochlear Spiral Ganglion Neurons in Mice Resulting from Conditional Expression of Diphtheria Toxin Receptors.

    abstract::Auditory neuropathy (AN) is a hearing disorder characterized by normal cochlear amplification to sound but poor temporal processing and auditory perception in noisy backgrounds. These deficits likely result from impairments in auditory neural synchrony; such dyssynchrony of the neural responses has been linked to demy...

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  • Spectroscopic properties in Er3+-doped germanotellurite glasses and glass ceramics for mid-infrared laser materials.

    abstract::Transparent Er3+-doped germanotellurite glass ceramics (GCs) with variable Te/Ge ratio were prepared by controllable heat-treated process. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) confirmed the formation of nanocrystals in glass matrix. Raman spectra were used to investigate the evolution of ...

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  • Evaluation of left ventricular strain in patients with arrhythmia based on the 3T MR temporal parallel acquisition technique.

    abstract::Most of the current studies on myocardial strain are mainly applied in patients with sinus rhythm because the image quality of arrhythmias obtained with conventional scanning sequences does not meet diagnostic needs. Here, we intend to assess left ventricular (LV) global myocardial strain in patients with arrhythmias ...

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  • Anti-Tumor Activity and Immunotherapeutic Potential of a Bisphosphonate Prodrug.

    abstract::Bisphosphonates have benefits in breast cancer and multiple myeloma patients and have been used with adoptive immunotherapy with γδ T cells expressing Vγ2 Vδ2 TCRs. Although treatment with γδ T cells is safe, it has shown limited efficacy. Present bisphosphonates stimulate γδ T cells but were designed to inhibit bone ...

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  • Amino acids as nutritional factors and (p)ppGpp as an alarmone of the stringent response regulate natural transformation in Micrococcus luteus.

    abstract::Natural competence for genetic transformation refers to the natural ability of various bacteria to take up exogenous DNA from their surroundings and to incorporate internalized genetic information into their genomes. By promoting bacterial diversification and adaptability, this process represents a major driving force...

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  • Author Correction: Influence of high glucose on mesangial cell-derived exosome composition, secretion and cell communication.

    abstract::An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper. ...

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  • QuanTI-FRET: a framework for quantitative FRET measurements in living cells.

    abstract::Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) allows for the visualization of nanometer-scale distances and distance changes. This sensitivity is regularly achieved in single-molecule experiments in vitro but is still challenging in biological materials. Despite many efforts, quantitative FRET in living samples is either r...

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  • Two-Dimensional Pnictogen Honeycomb Lattice: Structure, On-Site Spin-Orbit Coupling and Spin Polarization.

    abstract::Because of its novel physical properties, two-dimensional materials have attracted great attention. From first-principle calculations and vibration frequencies analysis, we predict a new family of two-dimensional materials based on the idea of octet stability: honeycomb lattices of pnictogens (N, P, As, Sb, Bi). The b...

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  • ATF4 overexpression induces early onset of hyperlipidaemia and hepatic steatosis and enhances adipogenesis in zebrafish.

    abstract::Activating transcription factor 4 (ATF4) is constitutively expressed in a variety of tissues, and regulates several pathological features associated with metabolic diseases such as non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) and obesity. However, the role of ATF4 in animal model systems is poorly understood. To investi...

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  • Chemical Modification of Graphene Oxide by Nitrogenation: An X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy Study.

    abstract::Nitrogen-doped graphene oxides (GO:Nx) were synthesized by a partial reduction of graphene oxide (GO) using urea [CO(NH2)2]. Their electronic/bonding structures were investigated using X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES), valence-band photoemission spectroscopy (VB-PES), X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES) and ...

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    authors: Chuang CH,Ray SC,Mazumder D,Sharma S,Ganguly A,Papakonstantinou P,Chiou JW,Tsai HM,Shiu HW,Chen CH,Lin HJ,Guo J,Pong WF

    更新日期:2017-02-10 00:00:00

  • Cerium oxide nanoparticles display antilipogenic effect in rats with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

    abstract::Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common cause of chronic liver disease worldwide, ranging from steatosis to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Recently, cerium oxide nanoparticles (CeO2NPs) have emerged as a new antioxidant agent with hepatoprotective properties in experimental liver disease. T...

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    authors: Carvajal S,Perramón M,Oró D,Casals E,Fernández-Varo G,Casals G,Parra M,González de la Presa B,Ribera J,Pastor Ó,Morales-Ruíz M,Puntes V,Jiménez W

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  • Memorization of daily routines by children with Down syndrome assisted by a playful virtual environment.

    abstract::A child with Down syndrome, like any other child, may benefit from interacting with memory stimuli, but needs additional support and help. The use of special teaching methods, which add playfulness and use of the computer, can enhance the memory processes of these children. In this work, we present the virtual environ...

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  • Two flagellar BAR domain proteins in Trypanosoma brucei with stage-specific regulation.

    abstract::Trypanosomes are masters of adaptation to different host environments during their complex life cycle. Large-scale proteomic approaches provide information on changes at the cellular level, and in a systematic way. However, detailed work on single components is necessary to understand the adaptation mechanisms on a mo...

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