Connectivity-based parcellation of the anterior limb of the internal capsule.


:The anterior limb of the internal capsule (ALIC) is an important locus of frontal-subcortical fiber tracts involved in cognitive and limbic feedback loops. However, the structural organization of its component fiber tracts remains unclear. Therefore, although the ALIC is a promising target for various neurosurgical procedures for psychiatric disorders, more precise understanding of its organization is required to optimize target localization. Using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) collected on healthy subjects by the Human Connectome Project (HCP), we generated parcellations of the ALIC by dividing it according to structural connectivity to various frontal regions. We then compared individuals' parcellations to evaluate the ALIC's structural consistency. All 40 included subjects demonstrated a posterior-superior to anterior-inferior axis of tract organization in the ALIC. Nonetheless, subdivisions of the ALIC were found to vary substantially, as voxels in the average parcellation were accurately assigned for a mean of only 66.2% of subjects. There were, however, some loci of consistency, most notably in the region maximally connected to orbitofrontal cortex. These findings clarify the highly variable organization of the ALIC and may represent a tool for patient-specific targeting of neuromodulation. Hum Brain Mapp 38:6107-6117, 2017. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.


Hum Brain Mapp


Human brain mapping


Nanda P,Banks GP,Pathak YJ,Sheth SA




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  • Thalamocortical sensorimotor circuit in multiple sclerosis: an integrated structural and electrophysiological assessment.

    abstract::Demyelination and axonal damage are pathologic hallmarks of multiple sclerosis (MS), leading to loss of neuronal synchronization, functional disconnection amongst brain relays, and clinical sequelae. To investigate these properties, the primary component of the sensorimotor network was analyzed in mildly disabled Rela...

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  • Data-driven modeling of phase interactions between spontaneous MEG oscillations.

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  • Task-evoked functional connectivity does not explain functional connectivity differences between rest and task conditions.

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  • Modular preprocessing pipelines can reintroduce artifacts into fMRI data.

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  • The influence of visual training on predicting complex action sequences.

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  • Gray matter correlates of dopaminergic degeneration in Parkinson's disease: A hybrid PET/MR study using (18) F-FP-CIT.

    abstract::Dopaminergic degeneration is a hallmark of Parkinson's disease (PD), which causes various symptoms affected by corticostriatal circuits. So far, the relationship between cortical changes and dopamine loss in the striatum is unclear. Here, we evaluate the gray matter (GM) changes in accordance with striatal dopaminergi...

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  • Functional cerebral asymmetry analyses reveal how the control system implements its flexibility.

    abstract::The control system in human brain generally exerts the goal-directed regulation on a variety of mental processes. To deal with different control demands, these brain areas of the control system, especially the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), may be flexibly recruited across different tasks. However, few studie...

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  • Optimization of retinotopy constrained source estimation constrained by prior.

    abstract::Studying how the timing and amplitude of visual evoked responses (VERs) vary between visual areas is important for understanding visual processing but is complicated by difficulties in reliably estimating VERs in individual visual areas using noninvasive brain measurements. Retinotopy constrained source estimation (RC...

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  • Early red nucleus atrophy in relapse-onset multiple sclerosis.

    abstract::No study has investigated red nucleus (RN) atrophy in multiple sclerosis (MS) despite cerebellum and its connections are elective sites of MS-related pathology. In this study, we explore RN atrophy in early MS phases and its association with cerebellar damage (focal lesions and atrophy) and physical disability. Thirty...

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  • Scanning patients with tasks they can perform.

    abstract::We present an overview of the types of imaging experiments that can be performed on psychologically impaired patients. The critical observation from such studies is a differential pattern of activation in the patients and normals. Underactivity is interpretable only when the patients make normal responses. In this con...

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  • Attentional modulation of emotional stimulus processing: an fMRI study using emotional expectancy.

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  • Higher serum cholesterol is associated with intensified age-related neural network decoupling and cognitive decline in early- to mid-life.

    abstract::Mounting evidence indicates that serum cholesterol and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease intensify normative trajectories of age-related cognitive decline. However, the neural mechanisms by which this occurs remain largely unknown. To understand the impact of cholesterol on brain networks, we applied graph...

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  • Modulation and task effects in auditory processing measured using fMRI.

    abstract::Active listening has been reported to elicit a different sensory response from passive listening and is generally observed as an increase in the magnitude of activation. Sensory activation differences may therefore be masked by the effect of attention. The present study measured activation induced by static and modula...

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  • Tones and numbers: a combined EEG-MEG study on the effects of musical expertise in magnitude comparisons of audiovisual stimuli.

    abstract::This study investigated the cortical responses underlying magnitude comparisons of multisensory stimuli and examined the effect that musical expertise has in this process. The comparative judgments were based on a newly learned rule binding the auditory and visual stimuli within the context of magnitude comparisons: "...

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  • Challenging a decade of brain research on task switching: brain activation in the task-switching paradigm reflects adaptation rather than reconfiguration of task sets.

    abstract::In daily life, we permanently need to adapt our behavior to new task situations, requiring cognitive control. Such adaptive processes are commonly investigated with the task-switching paradigm. Many fMRI studies have interpreted stronger activation for switch than repeat trials in fronto-parietal brain areas as reflec...

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  • Altered prefrontal activity and connectivity predict different cognitive deficits in schizophrenia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cognitive dysfunction is considered a core feature of schizophrenia, and impaired performances in episodic memory (EM) and executive function (EF) tasks are consistently reported in schizophrenia patients. Traditional fMRI and EEG studies have helped identifying brain areas, including the prefrontal cortex (...

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  • Private but not social information validity modulates social conformity bias.

    abstract::It is well established that human behaviors are susceptible to others' opinions. However, optimal decision theory mandates choices be made upon the estimated validities of different information sources and little is known about whether and how people could wean themselves off social conformity bias, especially when th...

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  • Neural activations at the junction of the inferior frontal sulcus and the inferior precentral sulcus: interindividual variability, reliability, and association with sulcal morphology.

    abstract::The sulcal morphology of the human frontal lobe is highly variable. Although the structural images usually acquired in functional magnetic resonance imaging studies provide information about this interindividual variability, this information is only rarely used to relate structure and function. Here, we investigated t...

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  • Novelty detection and repetition suppression in a passive picture viewing task: a possible approach for the evaluation of neuropsychiatric disorders.

    abstract::The applicability of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) or schizophrenia is frequently limited by cognitive impairment, which prevents the adequate execution of complex tasks. An experimental design that puts only minor demands on the patients' cognitive ability but ...

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  • Probabilistic fiber tracking using the residual bootstrap with constrained spherical deconvolution.

    abstract::Constrained spherical deconvolution (CSD) is a new technique that, based on high-angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI) MR data, estimates the orientation of multiple intravoxel fiber populations within regions of complex white matter architecture, thereby overcoming the limitations of the widely used diffusion ...

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  • A network of amygdala connections predict individual differences in trait anxiety.

    abstract::In this study we demonstrate that the pattern of an amygdala-centric network contributes to individual differences in trait anxiety. Individual differences in trait anxiety were predicted using maximum likelihood estimates of amygdala structural connectivity to multiple brain targets derived from diffusion-tensor imag...

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  • Overlapping and segregated resting-state functional connectivity in patients with major depressive disorder with and without childhood neglect.

    abstract::Many studies have suggested that childhood maltreatment increase risk of adulthood major depressive disorder (MDD) and predict its unfavorable treatment outcome, yet the neural underpinnings associated with childhood maltreatment in MDD remain poorly understood. Here, we seek to investigate the whole-brain functional ...

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  • The many faces of preparatory control in task switching: reviewing a decade of fMRI research.

    abstract::A large body of behavioural research has used the cued task-switching paradigm to characterize the nature of trial-by-trial preparatory adjustments that enable fluent task implementation when demands on cognitive flexibility are high. This work reviews the growing number of fMRI studies on the same topic, mostly focus...

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  • "Sparse" temporal sampling in auditory fMRI.

    abstract::The use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to explore central auditory function may be compromised by the intense bursts of stray acoustic noise produced by the scanner whenever the magnetic resonance signal is read out. We present results evaluating the use of one method to reduce the effect of the scann...

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  • Neural basis for sentence comprehension: grammatical and short-term memory components.

    abstract::We monitored regional cerebral activity with BOLD fMRI while subjects were presented written sentences differing in their grammatical structure (subject-relative or object-relative center-embedded clauses) and their short-term memory demands (short or long antecedent-gap linkages). A core region of left posterior supe...

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  • Expertise modulates the neural basis of context dependent recognition of objects and their relations.

    abstract::Recognition of objects and their relations is necessary for orienting in real life. We examined cognitive processes related to recognition of objects, their relations, and the patterns they form by using the game of chess. Chess enables us to compare experts with novices and thus gain insight in the nature of developm...

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  • The timing of temporoparietal and frontal activations during mental own body transformations from different visuospatial perspectives.

    abstract::The perspective from where the world is perceived is an important aspect of the bodily self and may break down in neurological conditions such as out-of-body experiences (OBEs). These striking disturbances are characterized by disembodiment, an external perspective and have been observed after temporoparietal damage. ...

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  • Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) item analysis of empathy and theory of mind.

    abstract::In contrast to conventional functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) analysis across participants, item analysis allows generalizing the observed neural response patterns from a specific stimulus set to the entire population of stimuli. In the present study, we perform an item analysis on an fMRI paradigm (EmpaToM...

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    authors: Tholen MG,Trautwein FM,Böckler A,Singer T,Kanske P

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  • Structural and functional underconnectivity as a negative predictor for language in autism.

    abstract::The development of language, social interaction, and communicative skills are remarkably different in the child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Atypical brain connectivity has frequently been reported in this patient population. However, the interplay between their brain connectivity and language performance rema...

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    authors: Verly M,Verhoeven J,Zink I,Mantini D,Van Oudenhove L,Lagae L,Sunaert S,Rommel N

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