Alterations in intrinsic fronto-thalamo-parietal connectivity are associated with cognitive control deficits in psychotic disorders.


:Despite a growing number of reports about alterations in intrinsic/resting brain activity observed in patients with psychotic disorders, their relevance to well-established cognitive control deficits in this patient group is not well understood. Totally 88 clinically stabilized patients with a psychotic disorder and 50 healthy controls participated in a resting-state magnetic resonance imaging study (rs-MRI) and performed an antisaccade task in the laboratory to assess voluntary inhibitory control ability. Deficits on this task are a well-established biomarker across psychotic disorders as we found in the present patient sample. First, regional cerebral function was evaluated by measuring the amplitude of low frequency fluctuations (ALFF) in rs-MRI BOLD signals. We found reduced ALFF in patients in regions known to be relevant to antisaccade task performance including bilateral frontal eye fields (FEF), supplementary eye fields (SEF) and thalamus. Second, areas with ALFF alterations were used as seed areas in whole-brain functional connectivity (FC) analysis. Altered FC was observed in a fronto-thalamo-parietal network that was associated with inhibition error rate in patients but not in controls. In contrast, faster time to generate a correct antisaccade was associated with FC in FEF and SEF in controls but this effect was not seen in patients. These findings establish a behavioral relevance of resting-state fMRI findings in psychotic disorders, and extend previous reports of alterations in fronto-thalamo-parietal network activation during antisaccade performance seen in task-based fMRI studies.


Hum Brain Mapp


Human brain mapping


Lencer R,Yao L,Reilly JL,Keedy SK,McDowell JE,Keshavan MS,Pearlson GD,Tamminga CA,Gershon ES,Clementz BA,Lui S,Sweeney JA




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