The importance of simulated lung fluid (SLF) extractions for a more relevant evaluation of the oxidative potential of particulate matter.


:Particulate matter (PM) induces oxidative stress in vivo, leading to adverse health effects. Oxidative potential (OP) of PM is increasingly studied as a relevant metric for health impact (instead of PM mass concentration) as much of the ambient particle mass do not contribute to PM toxicity. Several assays have been developed to quantify PM oxidative potential and a widely used one is the acellular dithiothreitol (DTT) assay. However in such assays, particles are usually extracted with methanol or Milli-Q water which is unrepresentative of physiological conditions. For this purpose, OPDTT measurements after simulated lung fluids (SLF) extraction, in order to look at the impact of simulated lung fluid constituents, were compared to Milli-Q water extraction measurements. Our major finding is a significant decrease of the OPDTT when the artificial lysosomal fluid (ALF) solution was used. Indeed, ligand compounds are present in the SLF solutions and some induce a decrease of the OP when compared to water extraction. Our results suggest that the effect of ligands and complexation in lining fluids towards PM contaminants probably has been underestimated and should be investigated further.


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Calas A,Uzu G,Martins JMF,Voisin D,Spadini L,Lacroix T,Jaffrezo JL




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2017-09-14 00:00:00












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