A Cobalt Supramolecular Triple-Stranded Helicate-based Discrete Molecular Cage.


:We report a strategy to achieve a discrete cage molecule featuring a high level of structural hierarchy through a multiple-assembly process. A cobalt (Co) supramolecular triple-stranded helicate (Co-TSH)-based discrete molecular cage (1) is successfully synthesized and fully characterized. The solid-state structure of 1 shows that it is composed of six triple-stranded helicates interconnected by four linking cobalt species. This is an unusual example of a highly symmetric cage architecture resulting from the coordination-driven assembly of metallosupramolecular modules. The molecular cage 1 shows much higher CO2 uptake properties and selectivity compared with the separate supramolecular modules (Co-TSH, complex 2) and other molecular platforms.


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Mai HD,Kang P,Kim JK,Yoo H




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2017-03-06 00:00:00










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  • Uncovering representations of sleep-associated hippocampal ensemble spike activity.

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  • The remarkable activity and stability of a highly dispersive beta-brass Cu-Zn catalyst for the production of ethylene glycol.

    abstract::Incorporation of Zn atoms into a nanosize Cu lattice is known to alter the electronic properties of Cu, improving catalytic performance in a number of industrially important reactions. However the structural influence of Zn on the Cu phase is not well studied. Here, we show that Cu nano-clusters modified with increasi...

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  • Genetic architecture and mechanism of seed number per pod in rapeseed: elucidated through linkage and near-isogenic line analysis.

    abstract::Seed number per pod (SNPP) is one of the major yield components and breeding targets in rapeseed that shows great variation and is invaluable for genetic improvement. To elucidate the genetic architecture and uncover the mechanism of SNPP, we identified five quantitative trait loci (QTLs) using the BnaZNRIL population...

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  • Remote heat dissipation in atom-sized contacts.

    abstract::Understanding and control of heat dissipation is an important challenge in nanoelectronics wherein field-accelerated hot carriers in current-carrying ballistic systems release a large part of the kinetic energy into external bulk phonon baths. Here we report on a physical mechanism of this remote heat dissipation and ...

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  • Investigating glycemic potential of rice by unraveling compositional variations in mature grain and starch mobilization patterns during seed germination.

    abstract::Rice lines with slower starch digestibility provide opportunities in mitigating the global rise in type II diabetes and related non-communicable diseases. However, screening for low glycemic index (GI) in rice breeding programs is not possible due to time and cost constraints. This study evaluated the feasibility of u...

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  • Low-frequency ultrasound-induced VEGF suppression and synergy with dendritic cell-mediated anti-tumor immunity in murine prostate cancer cells in vitro.

    abstract::High tumor vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) levels are associated with poor treatment outcomes in prostate cancer (PCa), and immune deficiency in the PCa microenvironment, especially suppression of dendritic cell (DC) proliferation, has been confirmed. In this study, we (1) investigated whether VEGF participa...

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  • Natural killer cell activation contributes to hepatitis B viral control in a mouse model.

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