Super-resolution optical microscopy based on scannable cantilever-combined microsphere.


:We report an ingenious method of super-resolution optical microscopy utilizing scannable cantilever-combined microsphere. By scanning the microsphere over the sample surface in a cantilever-combined microsphere-sample contact state, super-resolution images can be acquired at arbitrary sample regions through near-field information collection by the microsphere. In addition, such a state can effectively reduce the possibility of breaking the cantilever and damaging the microsphere or sample surface. This work has developed a new method and technique of sub-diffraction-limit optical microscopy, and can be practically applied in various fields of micro/nanoscopy.


Microsc Res Tech


Wang S,Zhang D,Zhang H,Han X,Xu R




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2015-12-01 00:00:00












  • Microvasculature of the bovine claw demonstrated by improved micro-corrosion-casting technique.

    abstract::A new and improved technique for microvascular corrosion casting was developed and verified by examination of corrosion casts of 90 bovine limbs. The described technique renders a complete filling of the vasculature of the claw even in regions that hitherto proved to be difficult regarding completeness of filling such...

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  • Analysis of the atomic force microscopy vibration behavior using the Timoshenko theory by multi-scale method in the air environment.

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  • SEM search for sound production and sound perception organs in a variety of Drosophila species.

    abstract::The discovery of new song types in Hawaiian Drosophila species has raised a question of alternative sound production and sound perception mechanisms in Drosophila. For example D. disjuncta males, which produce song with a carrier frequency of 5,000-6,000 Hz, do not vibrate their wings but only tremble them in a very s...

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  • Gene expression in peripheral arterial chemoreceptors.

    abstract::The peripheral arterial chemoreceptors of the carotid body participate in the ventilatory responses to hypoxia and hypercapnia, the arousal responses to asphyxial apnea, and the acclimatization to high altitude. In response to an excitatory stimuli, glomus cells in the carotid body depolarize, their intracellular calc...

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  • Application of photoconversion technique for correlated confocal and ultrastructural studies in organotypic slice cultures.

    abstract::Photoconversion of fluorescent staining into stable diaminobenzidine (DAB) precipitate is widely used for neuroanatomical and developmental studies. An important advantage of the approach is to make correlations between light and electron microscopy analyses possible, the DAB reaction product formed during photoconver...

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  • Plasticity in the electrophysiological properties of oxytocin neurons.

    abstract::In mammals, the neurohypophysial hormone oxytocin (OT) is released into the bloodstream during labor and lactation to promote uterine contraction and milk ejection, respectively. Electrophysiological studies have established that OT neurons fire in brief, synchronized bursts during this release. During pregnancy and l...

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  • The cutting of ultrathin sections with the thickness less than 20 nm from biological specimens embedded in resin blocks.

    abstract::Low voltage electron microscopes working in transmission mode, like LVEM5 (Delong Instruments, Czech Republic) working at accelerating voltage 5 kV or scanning electron microscope working in transmission mode with accelerating voltage below 1 kV, require ultrathin sections with the thickness below 20 nm. Decreasing of...

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  • Macroanatomic, light and scanning electron microscopic studies of the pecten oculi in the stork (Ciconia ciconia).

    abstract::This study was undertaken to investigate the pecten oculi of stork by using macroscopic, light and electron microscopic techniques. A total of 20 eyes that were obtained from 10 storks were used. The eyes were cleaned and isolated by dissection. After various procedures, four of the pecten oculi were examined by light...

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  • Parallel deconvolution of large 3D images obtained by confocal laser scanning microscopy.

    abstract::Various deconvolution algorithms are often used for restoration of digital images. Image deconvolution is especially needed for the correction of three-dimensional images obtained by confocal laser scanning microscopy. Such images suffer from distortions, particularly in the Z dimension. As a result, reliable automati...

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  • Assessment of mold and yeast in some bakery products of Lahore, Pakistan based on LM and SEM.

    abstract::The present investigation was designed to throw light on the microbial status of bakery products available in bakeries and supermarkets of Lahore. Different bakery samples such as biscuits, pizza, patties were collected from different localities such as Anar Kali, Chauburji, Faisal Town, Iqbal Town, Model Town, Muslim...

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  • Microscopic studies of the effect of laser irradiation parameters of photopolymer plate on the quality of flexographic printing plate produced by the digital method.

    abstract::The process of making of flexographic printing plate by the digital method proceeds in the following stages: back exposure, laser irradiation, main exposure, washing, post exposure, and finishing of the photopolymer plate. Laser irradiation is one of the basic technological stages, in which a negative of the reproduce...

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  • Bones Morphogenic Protein-4 and retinoic acid combined treatment comparative analysis for in vitro differentiation potential of murine mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow and adipose tissue into germ cells.

    abstract::Nowadays, infertility is no longer considered as an unsolvable disorder due to progresses in germ cells derived from stem lineage with diverse origins. Technical and ethical challenges push researchers to investigate various tissue sources to approach more efficient gametes. The purpose of the current study is to inve...

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  • Degradation, amorphization, and recrystallization of ion bombarded Si(111) surfaces studied by in situ reflection electron microscopy and reflection high energy electron diffraction techniques.

    abstract::In this paper we report the effect of noble gas ions bombardment on the degradation of atomically flat Si(111) surfaces at room and high (400 degrees C-600 degrees C) temperatures. Reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) and reflection electron microscopy (REM) have been used to characterize the topography...

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  • A novel whole tooth-in-jaw-bone culture of rat molars: morphological, immunohistochemical, and laser capture microdissection analysis.

    abstract::In conventional whole-tooth culture systems, limitation exists regarding maintenance of the vitality of the dental pulp, because this tissue is encased in rigid dentin walls that hinder nutrition supply. We here report a whole tooth-in-jaw-bone culture system of rat mandibular first molars, where transcardiac perfusio...

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  • Microimaging FTIR of head and neck tumors. IV.

    abstract::On continuing our studies on head and neck neoplasia, specimens from salivary gland tumors have been explored by using infrared microimaging spectroscopy to discern healthy from neoplastic tissues. Samples with Warthin tumor, epithelial displasia, marginal B-cell lymphoma, low-grade adenocarcinoma, and adenoid cystic ...

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  • Gap junctions in intestinal smooth muscle and interstitial cells of Cajal.

    abstract::This manuscript reviews gap junctions' roles in control of intestinal motility. Gap junctions (GJs) of small intestine (SmIn) are found between circular muscle (CM) cells, between interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) of deep muscular plexus (DMP) and between them and adjacent outer circular muscle (OCM). GJs between long...

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  • Laser scanning confocal microscopy characterization of water repellent distribution in a sandstone pore network.

    abstract::In the present work, we propose the use of the Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSCM) to determine the effect of water repellents on rock's pore-network configuration and interconnection. The rocks studied are sandstones of Miocene age, a building material that is commonly found in the architectural heritage of Tun...

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  • S-100 proteins in the human peripheral nervous system.

    abstract::This article reviews the distribution of S100 proteins in the human peripheral nervous system. The expression of S100 by peripheral glial cells seems to be a distinctive fact of these cells, independently of their localization and their ability to myelinate or not. S100 proteins expressing cells include satellite cell...

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  • Animal models are reliably mimicking human diseases? A morphological study that compares animal with human NAFLD.

    abstract::Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a clinical-pathological syndrome that includes a wide spectrum of morphological alterations. In research, animal models are crucial in evaluating not only the pathogenesis of NAFLD and its progression, but also the therapeutic effects of various agents. Investigations on th...

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    authors: Solinas P,Isola M,Lilliu MA,Conti G,Civolani A,Demelia L,Loy F,Isola R

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  • Synaptic prion protein immuno-reactivity in the rodent cerebellum.

    abstract::The cellular prion protein PrP(c) is a neurolemmal glycoprotein essential for the development of the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. In these neurodegenerative diseases, host PrP(c) is converted to infectious protease-resistant isoforms PrP(res) or prions. Prions provoque predictable and distinctive pattern...

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    authors: Haeberlé AM,Ribaut-Barassin C,Bombarde G,Mariani J,Hunsmann G,Grassi J,Bailly Y

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  • Effect of crystal and beam tilt on simulated high-resolution TEM images of interfaces.

    abstract::The effects of crystal and beam tilt on high-resolution transmission electron microscope (HRTEM) images of planar coherent interfaces were investigated by multislice image simulations. It was found that a beam tilt of 0.5 Bragg angle (theta B) was sufficient to introduce detrimental artifacts into most images of inter...

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  • Effect of indirubin-3-monoxime against lung cancer as evaluated by histological and transmission electron microscopic studies.

    abstract::The aim of this study is to evaluate the antitumor effect of indirubin-3-monoxime and its mode of action in benzo(α)pyrene [B(α)P] induced lung cancer in A/J mice. Light microscopic examination of lung sections of [B(α)P] induced lung cancer mice revealed the presence of adenocarcinoma characterized by extensive proli...

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  • Histochemical evidence of the initial chondrogenesis and osteogenesis in the periosteum of a rib fractured model: implications of osteocyte involvement in periosteal chondrogenesis.

    abstract::We have examined cellular events at the early stages of periosteal chondrogenesis and osteogenesis induced by bone fracture, using a well-standardized rib fracture model of the mouse. The initial cellular event was recognized as considerable proliferation in the deeper layer referred to as the "cambium layer" of the p...

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  • CaBPs and other immunohistochemical markers of the human vomeronasal system: a comparison with other mammals.

    abstract::After more than two centuries of almost sporadic inquiry as to the existence and function of the human vomeronasal system (VNS), the last decade has seen a resurgent interest in it. The principal question vexing many laboratories is whether adult humans retain the VNS that clearly develops during fetal growth. Additio...

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  • Systematic approach to the correct identification of Asplenium dalhousiae (Aspleniaceae) with their medicinal uses.

    abstract::In present study, multiple microscope techniques were used for the systematics identification of the species Asplenium dalhousiae. The plant was collected from different phytogeographical and its natural habitat of Pakistan, where it shows higher diversity. Morphology, foliar epidermal anatomy, and spore morphological...

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  • Effect of microwave irradiation on antibody labeling efficiency when applied to ultrathin cryosections through fixed biological material.

    abstract::To study the effect of microwaves on immunolabeling, ultrathin cryosections or diluted antibodies were irradiated prior to antibody application, and gold labeling was quantified. In addition, affinity purified, polyclonal antibodies and protein A-gold were applied to ultrathin cryosections of aldehyde-fixed material i...

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    authors: Chicoine L,Webster P

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  • Characterization of nanoscale transformations in polyelectrolyte multilayers fabricated from plasmid DNA using laser scanning confocal microscopy in combination with atomic force microscopy.

    abstract::Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) were used to characterize changes in nanoscale structure that occur when ultrathin polyelectrolyte multilayers (PEMs) are incubated in aqueous media. The PEMs investigated here were fabricated by the deposition of alternating layers of plasmid...

    journal_title:Microscopy research and technique

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    authors: Fredin NJ,Flessner RM,Jewell CM,Bechler SL,Buck ME,Lynn DM

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  • Nanostructural analysis by atomic force microscopy followed by light microscopy on the same archival slide.

    abstract::Integrated information on ultrastructural surface texture and chemistry increasingly plays a role in the biomedical sciences. Light microscopy provides access to biochemical data by the application of dyes. Ultrastructural representation of the surface structure of tissues, cells, or macromolecules can be obtained by ...

    journal_title:Microscopy research and technique

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    authors: Wagner M,Kaehler D,Anhenn O,Betz T,Awad S,Shamaa A,Theegarten D,Linder R

    更新日期:2009-07-01 00:00:00

  • Neuropeptides in the crayfish stomatogastric nervous system.

    abstract::Neuropeptides are peptides with profound effects on the nervous system. The function of neuropeptides can be studied in detail in the stomatogastric nervous system (STNS). Neuropeptides are ubiquitously distributed in the STNS and it contains well-studied neural circuits that are strongly modulated by neuropeptides. T...

    journal_title:Microscopy research and technique

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    authors: Skiebe P

    更新日期:2003-02-15 00:00:00

  • Ultrastructural histopathology of human olfactory dysfunction.

    abstract::This paper presents electron-microscopic observations on biopsies of the olfactory mucosae of several classes of patients with smell disorders: 1) patients with loss of smell function following head injury (post-traumatic anosmics or hyposmics); 2) patients with loss of smell function following severe head colds and/o...

    journal_title:Microscopy research and technique

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    authors: Moran DT,Jafek BW,Eller PM,Rowley JC 3rd

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