Running and tumbling with E. coli in polymeric solutions.


:Run-and-tumble motility is widely used by swimming microorganisms including numerous prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Here, we experimentally investigate the run-and-tumble dynamics of the bacterium E. coli in polymeric solutions. We find that even small amounts of polymer in solution can drastically change E. coli dynamics: cells tumble less and their velocity increases, leading to an enhancement in cell translational diffusion and a sharp decline in rotational diffusion. We show that suppression of tumbling is due to fluid viscosity while the enhancement in swimming speed is mainly due to fluid elasticity. Visualization of single fluorescently labeled DNA polymers reveals that the flow generated by individual E. coli is sufficiently strong to stretch polymer molecules and induce elastic stresses in the fluid, which in turn can act on the cell in such a way to enhance its transport. Our results show that the transport and spread of chemotactic cells can be independently modified and controlled by the fluid material properties.


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Patteson AE,Gopinath A,Goulian M,Arratia PE




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2015-10-28 00:00:00










  • Visual cortex and cerebellum hyperactivation during negative emotion picture stimuli in migraine patients.

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  • The Tnfaip8-PE complex is a novel upstream effector in the anti-autophagic action of insulin.

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  • Moderate drop in water table increases peatland vulnerability to post-fire regime shift.

    abstract::Northern and tropical peatlands represent a globally significant carbon reserve accumulated over thousands of years of waterlogged conditions. It is unclear whether moderate drying predicted for northern peatlands will stimulate burning and carbon losses as has occurred in their smaller tropical counterparts where the...

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  • Elastic deformations mediate interaction of the raft boundary with membrane inclusions leading to their effective lateral sorting.

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  • Reconstruction of forest dynamics in the Western Palaearctic based on phylogeographic analysis of the ringlet butterfly Erebia aethiops.

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  • A Single Bout of Electroacupuncture Remodels Epigenetic and Transcriptional Changes in Adipose Tissue in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

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  • Illuminating the catalytic core of ectoine synthase through structural and biochemical analysis.

    abstract::Ectoine synthase (EctC) is the signature enzyme for the production of ectoine, a compatible solute and chemical chaperone widely synthesized by bacteria as a cellular defense against the detrimental effects of osmotic stress. EctC catalyzes the last step in ectoine synthesis through cyclo-condensation of the EctA-form...

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  • Crystal Structure of Escherichia coli originated MCR-1, a phosphoethanolamine transferase for Colistin Resistance.

    abstract::MCR-1 is a phosphoethanolamine (pEtN) transferase that modifies the pEtN moiety of lipid A, conferring resistance to colistin, which is an antibiotic belonging to the class of polypeptide antibiotics known as polymyxins and is the last-line antibiotic used to treat multidrug resistant bacterial infections. Here we det...

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  • Potential of in vivo real-time gastric gas profiling: a pilot evaluation of heat-stress and modulating dietary cinnamon effect in an animal model.

    abstract::Gastroenterologists are still unable to differentiate between some of the most ordinary disorders of the gut and consequently patients are misdiagnosed. We have developed a swallowable gas sensor capsule for addressing this. The gases of the gut are the by-product of the fermentation processes during digestion, affect...

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    authors: Ou JZ,Cottrell JJ,Ha N,Pillai N,Yao CK,Berean KJ,Ward SA,Grando D,Muir JG,Harrison CJ,Wijesiriwardana U,Dunshea FR,Gibson PR,Kalantar-Zadeh K

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  • High colloidal stability ZnO nanoparticles independent on solvent polarity and their application in polymer solar cells.

    abstract::Significant aggregation between ZnO nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) dispersed in polar and nonpolar solvents hinders the formation of high quality thin film for the device application and impedes their excellent electron transporting ability. Herein a bifunctional coordination complex, titanium diisopropoxide bis(acetylaceton...

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  • Leidenfrost levitation: beyond droplets.

    abstract::Friction is a major inhibitor in almost every mechanical system. Enlightened by the Leidenfrost effect - a droplet can be levitated by its own vapor layer on a sufficiently hot surface - we demonstrate for the first time that a small cart can also be levitated by Leidenfrost vapor. The levitated cart can carry certain...

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