High sensitive space electric field sensing based on micro fiber interferometer with field force driven gold nanofilm.


:The traditional electrical field sensing can be realized by utilizing electro-optic materials or liquid crystals, and has limitations of easy breakdown, free assembly and difficult measurement of low-frequency. Here, we propose a new method to realize safe measurement of spatial dynamic electric field by using a micro fiber interferometer integrated with gold nanofilm. The energy of the electric charge received through antenna forms the intrinsic electric field with two micro electrodes, one of which is the 120 nm gold film vibration beam micromachined by femtosecond lasers and integrated with the micro fiber. The change of the intrinsic electric field force due to the spatial electric field will cause the vibration of the film beam. By demodulating the output signal of the micro fiber interferometer, the electric field can be measured. We demonstrate the detectable frequency ranges from tens of Hz to tens of KHz, and the minimum electric field intensity is ~200 V/m at 1 KHz. Our electric field measurement technology combining optical fiber interference with gold nanostructures shows the advantages of security, high sensitivity, compact size, and multiplexed multi-point and remote detection.


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Zhu T,Zhou L,Liu M,Zhang J,Shi L




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2015-10-28 00:00:00










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  • Establishment of Imaging Spectroscopy of Nuclear Gamma-Rays based on Geometrical Optics.

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  • Elucidation of the bacterial communities associated with the harmful microalgae Alexandrium tamarense and Cochlodinium polykrikoides using nanopore sequencing.

    abstract::Interactions between microalgae and bacteria are often obligatory for harmful algal blooms (HABs). Here, we investigated the specific bacterial communities associated with Alexandrium tamarense and Cochlodinium polykrikoides, which cause ecological and economic damage during their blooms. To this end, the bacterial me...

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  • Contrasting volcano spacing along SW Japan arc caused by difference in age of subducting lithosphere.

    abstract::The SW Japan arc built by subduction of the Philippine Sea (PHS) plate exhibits uneven distribution of volcanoes: thirteen Quaternary composite volcanoes form in the western half of this arc, Kyushu Island, while only two in the eastern half, Chugoku district. Reconstruction of the PHS plate back to 14 Ma, together wi...

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