An ovine hepatorenal fibrocystic model of a Meckel-like syndrome associated with dysmorphic primary cilia and TMEM67 mutations.


:Meckel syndrome (MKS) is an inherited autosomal recessive hepatorenal fibrocystic syndrome, caused by mutations in TMEM67, characterized by occipital encephalocoele, renal cysts, hepatic fibrosis, and polydactyly. Here we describe an ovine model of MKS, with kidney and liver abnormalities, without polydactyly or occipital encephalocoele. Homozygous missense p.(Ile681Asn; Ile687Ser) mutations identified in ovine TMEM67 were pathogenic in zebrafish phenotype rescue assays. Meckelin protein was expressed in affected and unaffected kidney epithelial cells by immunoblotting, and in primary cilia of lamb kidney cyst epithelial cells by immunofluorescence. In contrast to primary cilia of relatively consistent length and morphology in unaffected kidney cells, those of affected cyst-lining cells displayed a range of short and extremely long cilia, as well as abnormal morphologies, such as bulbous regions along the axoneme. Putative cilia fragments were also consistently located within the cyst luminal contents. The abnormal ciliary phenotype was further confirmed in cultured interstitial fibroblasts from affected kidneys. These primary cilia dysmorphologies and length control defects were significantly greater in affected cells compared to unaffected controls. In conclusion, we describe abnormalities involving primary cilia length and morphology in the first reported example of a large animal model of MKS, in which we have identified TMEM67 mutations.


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Stayner C,Poole CA,McGlashan SR,Pilanthananond M,Brauning R,Markie D,Lett B,Slobbe L,Chae A,Johnstone AC,Jensen CG,McEwan JC,Dittmer K,Parker K,Wiles A,Blackburne W,Leichter A,Leask M,Pinnapureddy A,Jennings M,Hor




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  • Re-visiting the nature and relationships between neurological signs and neurocognitive functions in first-episode schizophrenia: An invariance model across time.

    abstract::The present study examined different types of neurological signs in patients with first-episode schizophrenia and their relationships with neurocognitive functions. Both cross-sectional and longitudinal designs were adopted with the use of the abridged Cambridge Neurological Inventory which comprises items capturing m...

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  • Highly Tm(3+) doped germanate glass and its single mode fiber for 2.0 μm laser.

    abstract::Highly Tm(3+) doped optical fibers are urgently desirable for 2.0 μm compact single-frequency fiber laser and high-repetition-rate mode-locked fiber laser. Here, we systematically investigated the optical parameters, energy transfer processes and thermal properties of Tm(3+) doped barium gallo-germanate (BGG) glasses....

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