Evolution of the dense packings of spherotetrahedral particles: from ideal tetrahedra to spheres.


:Particle shape plays a crucial role in determining packing characteristics. Real particles in nature usually have rounded corners. In this work, we systematically investigate the rounded corner effect on the dense packings of spherotetrahedral particles. The evolution of dense packing structure as the particle shape continuously deforms from a regular tetrahedron to a sphere is investigated, starting both from the regular tetrahedron and the sphere packings. The dimer crystal and the quasicrystal approximant are used as initial configurations, as well as the two densest sphere packing structures. We characterize the evolution of spherotetrahedron packings from the ideal tetrahedron (s = 0) to the sphere (s = 1) via a single roundness parameter s. The evolution can be partitioned into seven regions according to the shape variation of the packing unit cell. Interestingly, a peak of the packing density Φ is first observed at s ≈ 0.16 in the Φ-s curves where the tetrahedra have small rounded corners. The maximum density of the deformed quasicrystal approximant family (Φ ≈ 0.8763) is slightly larger than that of the deformed dimer crystal family (Φ ≈ 0.8704), and both of them exceed the densest known packing of ideal tetrahedra (Φ ≈ 0.8563).


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Jin W,Lu P,Li S




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2015-10-22 00:00:00










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  • Whole Mitogenomes Reveal the History of Swamp Buffalo: Initially Shaped by Glacial Periods and Eventually Modelled by Domestication.

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  • Pattern invariance for reaction-diffusion systems on complex networks.

    abstract::Given a reaction-diffusion system interacting via a complex network, we propose two different techniques to modify the network topology while preserving its dynamical behaviour. In the region of parameters where the homogeneous solution gets spontaneously destabilized, perturbations grow along the unstable directions ...

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  • Exotic superfluidity and pairing phenomena in atomic Fermi gases in mixed dimensions.

    abstract::Atomic Fermi gases have been an ideal platform for simulating conventional and engineering exotic physical systems owing to their multiple tunable control parameters. Here we investigate the effects of mixed dimensionality on the superfluid and pairing phenomena of a two-component ultracold atomic Fermi gas with a sho...

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  • Triangular Black Phosphorus Atomic Layers by Liquid Exfoliation.

    abstract::Few-layer black phosphorus (BP) is the most promising material among the two-dimensional materials due to its layered structure and the excellent semiconductor properties. Currently, thin BP atomic layers are obtained mostly by mechanical exfoliation of bulk BP, which limits applications in thin-film based electronics...

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  • Artificial photosynthesis of oxalate and oxalate-based polymer by a photovoltaic reactor.

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