Al toxicity leads to enhanced cell division and changed photosynthesis in Oryza rufipogon L.


:Oryza rufipogon L. (O. rufipogon) or a common wild rice, showed considerable aluminum (Al) tolerance. In this study, we examined the physiologic and genetic response of wild rice short term and long term to Al toxicity, respectively. In the short term study, morin staining, DAPI staining and aniline blue staining were used to detect Al distribution, cell division and callose production in the roots of O. rufipogon. The results indicated cell division could be enhanced by Al within low concentration range. In the long term study, we chose Oryza sativa L (O. sativa) (the close sib of O. rufipogon) as a reference. It showed that O. rufipogon grew better than O. sativa when treated with Al of 1.4 mmol/l concentration and also experienced a short period of root growth stimulation. This study gave some basic data to explain the mechanisms Oryza rufipogon L. developed to deal with Al and lay a good foundation to further study. SSH (suppression subtractive hybridization) proved that transcripts of the small subunit of Rubisco and a Photosystem I P700 apoprotein were enhanced under long term Al treatment in wild rice. Further investigation via the assessment of the content of chlorophyll a, b indicated that the content of chlorophyll a, b in the leaves of O. rufipogon generally rose after Al treatment for 15 days. This indicated that intake of Al can affect photosynthesis of plant.


Mol Biol Rep


Cao Y,Lou Y,Han Y,Shi J,Wang Y,Wang W,Ming F




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2011-11-01 00:00:00












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