Advanced follicle development in xenografted prepubertal ovarian tissue: the common marmoset as a nonhuman primate model for ovarian tissue transplantation.


OBJECTIVE:To establish a nonhuman primate model addressing follicular development in cryopreserved prepubertal ovarian tissue after xenografting. DESIGN:Experimental study. SETTING:Academic research center. ANIMAL(S):Ovarian tissue from female prepubertal common marmoset (Callytrix jacchus jacchus) grafted into immunodeficient nude mice (Crl:NU-FoxnI(nu)). INTERVENTION(S):Removal and subsequent cryopreservation of ovarian tissues with dimethyl sulfoxide, followed by grafting to subcutaneous sites of ovariectomized and intact nude mice. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S):Histologic evaluation for the mean number of total and morphologically normal follicles in each class. RESULT(S):The mean number of unadvanced follicles in frozen-thawed grafted ovarian tissues was reduced compared with pregraft controls, but the prevalence of normal follicular morphology was either slightly increased (primordial follicles) or unchanged (primary follicles). Previous ovariectomy in graft recipients increased total follicle numbers without effect on normal follicular morphology and shifted the ratio of primordial to primary follicles toward an increase in primary follicles, indicating activation of follicular maturation. CONCLUSION(S):The marmoset is a suitable primate model for studies on the subsequent use of cryopreserved ovarian tissue, demonstrating graft sustainment and the development of follicles from prepubertal ovarian tissue in immunodeficient hosts up to secondary and preantral stages.


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von Schönfeldt V,Chandolia R,Kiesel L,Nieschlag E,Schlatt S,Sonntag B




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  • Effects of hormonal therapies and dietary soy phytoestrogens on vaginal cytology in surgically postmenopausal macaques.

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  • Gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist use is associated with increased pregnancy rates in ovulation induction-intrauterine insemination to in vitro fertilization conversions, independent of age and estradiol level on the day of human chorionic gonadot

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether the use of GnRH antagonist in cycles converted from ovulation induction-IUI to IVF affects cycle outcome and pregnancy rates. DESIGN:Retrospective cohort study. SETTING:Academic research institution. PATIENT(S):One hundred eighty-two consecutive patients with ovulation induction-IUI to...

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  • Correlation of reactive oxygen species levels with the fertilization rate after in vitro fertilization: a qualified meta-analysis.

    abstract::Our meta-analysis analyzed the relationship between levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and fertilization rate after in vitro fertilization (IVF), and showed a statistically significant correlation between the ROS levels and the IVF fertilization rate (estimated overall correlation -0.374 [95% CI, -0.520, -0.205])...

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  • An appraisal of serum preptin levels in PCOS.

    abstract::Plasma preptin levels were higher in women with PCOS compared with the control group (mean±SD, 823.2±140.7 vs. 324.9±147.3 pg/mL). This article suggests a potential role of preptin in the pathogenesis of PCOS. ...

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  • Cryptorchidism concordance in monozygotic and dizygotic twin brothers, full brothers, and half-brothers.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To study concordance rates of cryptorchidism (undescended testis) in pairs of boys with varying family structure, to evaluate the risk contribution from the intrauterine environment and genetic factors. DESIGN:Population based study of 1,024,500 Danish boys born from January 1, 1973 to December 31, 2004. Cla...

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