Path analysis of metabolic syndrome components in black versus white children, adolescents, and adults: the Bogalusa Heart Study.


PURPOSE:Examine the complex relationships among metabolic syndrome components in black and white individuals by growth periods. METHODS:Path analyses of metabolic syndrome components were performed on 8203 black and white healthy subjects (64.3% white and 47.9% male) comprising children (4-11 years), adolescents (12-18 years), and adults (19-44 years). RESULTS:The direct effect of body mass index (BMI) on fasting insulin levels was greatest among all the paths for each age group in both races. In general, path coefficients were greater in whites than in blacks except for the age-mean arterial pressure (MAP) path and greater in children and adults than in adolescents. The direct age effect on MAP was greater in black versus white adults (p = 0.010 for race difference). Whites showed greater direct effects of BMI on MAP in children (p = 0.007), adolescents (p = 0.090), and adults (p = 0.022); BMI on insulin in adolescents (p < 0.001); BMI on triglycerides in children (p = 0.003); and insulin on triglycerides in adults (p < 0.001). A race difference in the effect of BMI on fasting glucose was noted among adolescents (p = 0.048). CONCLUSIONS:The black-white differences in the relationships of obesity and insulin resistance measures to other components may account for the lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the black population.


Ann Epidemiol


Annals of epidemiology


Chen W,Srinivasan SR,Berenson GS




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  • Plasma lactate and diabetes risk in 8045 participants of the atherosclerosis risk in communities study.

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  • Epidemiologic features of HTLV-II: serologic and molecular evidence.

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  • Extreme maternal education and preterm birth: time-to-event analysis of age and nativity-dependent risks.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Increasing numbers of women achieve extremely high education, but the association with preterm birth (PTB) is poorly understood, especially over the life course. We sought to determine how very high educational attainment is associated with PTB, and to assess differences by maternal age and nativity. METHODS:D...

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  • Depressive symptoms have an independent, gradient risk for coronary heart disease incidence in a random, population-based sample.

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  • Development of the multiple metabolic syndrome in the ARIC cohort: joint contribution of insulin, BMI, and WHR. Atherosclerosis risk in communities.

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  • In search of susceptibility genes for type 2 diabetes in West Africa: the design and results of the first phase of the AADM study.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of this study is to map type 2 diabetes susceptibility genes in West African ancestral populations of African-Americans, through an international collaboration between West African and US investigators. DESIGN AND METHODS:Affected sib-pairs (ASP) along with unaffected spouse controls are being enro...

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  • Job exposures as correlates of recovery in population-based rehabilitation intervention for work-related low back disorders.

    abstract::PURPOSE: Evaluating the impact of population-based rehabilitation interventions for work-related low back disorders (WR-LBD) requires job exposure factors to be considered as time-varying covariates. The role of job factors in recovery has not been well-established as most studies are based upon clinic samples, not wo...

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  • Disparities in cervical cancer survival among Asian-American women.

    abstract:PURPOSE:We compared overall survival and influencing factors between Asian-American women as a whole and by subgroup with white women with cervical cancer. METHODS:Cervical cancer data were from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results registry; socioeconomic information was from the Area Health Resource File. ...

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  • Blood lipids in Greek adolescents and their relation to diet, obesity, and socioeconomic factors.

    abstract::A study of blood lipid levels in adolescent students in rural and urban areas of Greece was undertaken. Blood samples were drawn from 307 adolescents aged 12 to 18 years attending two rural and two urban high schools of different socioeconomic level (urban/lower, urban/higher). Obesity among adolescents had statistica...

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