Psychophysical assessment of stimulation sites in auditory prosthesis electrode arrays.


:Auditory prostheses use implanted electrode arrays that permit stimulation at many sites along the tonotopic axis of auditory neurons. Psychophysical studies demonstrate that measures of implant function, such as detection and discrimination thresholds, vary considerably across these sites, that the across-site patterns of these measures differ across subjects, and that the likely mechanisms underlying this variability differ across measures. Psychophysical and speech recognition studies suggest that not all stimulation sites contribute equally to perception with the prosthesis and that some sites might have negative effects on perception. Studies that reduce the number of active stimulation sites indicate that most cochlear implant users can effectively utilize a maximum of only about seven sites in their processors. These findings support a strategy for improving implant performance by selecting only the best stimulation sites for the processor map. Another approach is to revise stimulation parameters for ineffective sites in an effort to improve acuity at those sites. In this paper, we discuss data supporting these approaches and some potential pitfalls.


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Hearing research


Pfingst BE,Burkholder-Juhasz RA,Zwolan TA,Xu L




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  • Differential motile response of isolated inner and outer hair cells to stimulation by potassium and calcium ions.

    abstract::Inner and outer hair cells were mechanically isolated from the guinea pig cochlea and subjected to stimuli known to induce shape changes in outer hair cells. Depolarization by 70 mM KCl which causes osmotic swelling of outer hair cells also swelled inner hair cells by approximately 8% of their volume. The application ...

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  • Endocochlear potential in focal lesions of the guinea pig cochlea.

    abstract::To estimate the correlation between the cochlear lateral wall and endocochlear potential (EP), the EP was measured at different time intervals up to 3 weeks at cochlear focal lesions made in the guinea pig. Lesions were produced by a photochemical reaction between systemically administered Rose Bengal and green light ...

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  • The postnatal development of F-actin in tension fibroblasts of the spiral ligament of the gerbil cochlea.

    abstract::The tension fibroblasts of the spiral ligament of the mammalian cochlea are thought to create radial tension on the basilar membrane. Their postnatal development was investigated in the gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) with confocal fluorescence microscopy using phallotoxin as a specific marker for F-actin. In the adult...

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  • Noradrenergic modulation of brainstem nuclei alters cochlear neural output.

    abstract::The peripheral auditory sense organ, the cochlea, receives innervation from lateral and medial olivocochlear neurons in the brainstem. These neurons are able to modulate cochlear neural output. Anatomical studies have shown that one of the neurotransmitters which is present in varicosities surrounding the olivocochlea...

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  • Central auditory function of deafness genes.

    abstract::The highly variable benefit of hearing devices is a serious challenge in auditory rehabilitation. Various factors contribute to this phenomenon such as the diversity in ear defects, the different extent of auditory nerve hypoplasia, the age of intervention, and cognitive abilities. Recent analyses indicate that, in ad...

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  • Spectral integration time of the auditory localisation system.

    abstract::For the elevation and front-versus-back hemifield of a sound source to be accurately determined, the sound must contain a broad range of frequencies. Experiment 1 of this study examined the spectral integration time of the auditory localisation system by measuring the accuracy with which frequency-modulated (FM) tones...

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  • Cisplatin ototoxicity and the possibly protective effect of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone.

    abstract::It is known that adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH)-derived peptides, the so-called melanocortins, can reduce cisplatin-induced neurotoxicity. Recently, our group has found that cisplatin-induced ototoxicity can also be reduced or prevented by treatment with the synthetic melanocortin-like peptide, ORG 2766 (Hamers e...

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  • Auditory velocity discrimination in the horizontal plane at very high velocities.

    abstract::We determined velocity discrimination thresholds and Weber fractions for sounds revolving around the listener at very high velocities. Sounds used were a broadband white noise and two harmonic sounds with fundamental frequencies of 330 Hz and 1760 Hz. Experiment 1 used velocities ranging between 288°/s and 720°/s in a...

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  • Frequency selectivity in macaque monkeys measured using a notched-noise method.

    abstract::The auditory system is thought to process complex sounds through overlapping bandpass filters. Frequency selectivity as estimated by auditory filters has been well quantified in humans and other mammalian species using behavioral and physiological methodologies, but little work has been done to examine frequency selec...

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  • Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions in a nonhuman primate. I. Basic features and relations to other emissions.

    abstract::Otoacoustic emissions in both ears of a rhesus monkey exhibiting stable spontaneous emissions (SOEs) were monitored over a 1-year period. The amplitudes and frequencies of both SOEs and stimulus-frequency emissions (SFEs) were routinely recorded, while transiently evoked (EOE) and distortion-product emissions (DPEs), ...

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  • N-acetylcysteine attenuates noise-induced permanent hearing loss in diabetic rats.

    abstract::The purpose of this study is to investigate whether repeated noise exposure aggravates the level of permanent noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in diabetic rats and whether N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a precursor of glutathione, attenuates the level of noise-induced permanent hearing loss in diabetic rats. Fifty male Wist...

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  • Comparison of frequency discrimination thresholds for complex and single tones in chinchillas.

    abstract::Frequency discrimination thresholds were measured from five chinchillas for harmonic tone complexes having a fundamental frequency of 250 Hz. Stimuli consisted of the fundamental frequency and the second through 10th harmonics with individual components added in either cosine phase or random phase. In general, thresho...

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  • Cochlear frequency-place map in adult chickens: intracellular biocytin labeling.

    abstract::A cochlear frequency-place map was developed for adult chickens by labeling cochlear ganglion neurons with biocytin and correlating the location of each labeled fiber along the basilar papilla with the characteristic frequency of the unit's tuning curve. Labeled fibers showed little or no branching within the sensory ...

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  • Acetylcholine response in guinea pig outer hair cells. I. Properties of the response.

    abstract::The properties of the ACh (acetylcholine) response in guinea pig outer hair cells (OHCs) are not well understood. It has been shown that the response to ACh involves the activation of a Ca2+ dependent K+ selective conductance (referred to as Ksub where sub stands for suberyldicholine). In the present study, we examine...

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  • Improving the visualization of fluorescently tagged nanoparticles and fluorophore-labeled molecular probes by treatment with CuSO(4) to quench autofluorescence in the rat inner ear.

    abstract::Fluorescent tags and fluorophore-conjugated molecular probes have been extensively employed in histological studies to demonstrate nanoparticle distribution in inner ear cell populations. However, autofluorescence that exists in the rodent cochleae disturbs visualization of the fluorescent tags and fluorophore labelin...

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  • Localization of kainate receptors in inner and outer hair cell synapses.

    abstract::Glutamate plays a role in hair cell afferent transmission, but the receptors that mediate neurotransmission between outer hair cells (OHCs) and type II ganglion neurons are not well defined. A previous study using in situ hybridization showed that several kainate-type glutamate receptor (KAR) subunits are expressed in...

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  • The menopause triggers hearing decline in healthy women.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Epidemiological studies have shown that women have better high-frequency thresholds than men in virtually all age groups, and that age-related hearing decline starts after 30 in men but not until after the age of 50 in women. This coincides with the menopausal transition in most women, thus leading us to hyp...

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  • Nicotinic cholinergic intercellular communication: implications for the developing auditory system.

    abstract::In this paper, research on the temporal and spatial distribution of cholinergic-related molecules in the lower auditory brainstem, with an emphasis on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs), is reviewed. The possible functions of acetylcholine (ACh) in driving selective auditory neurons before the onset of hearing...

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  • Spectro-temporal cues enhance modulation sensitivity in cochlear implant users.

    abstract::Although speech understanding is highly variable amongst cochlear implants (CIs) subjects, the remarkably high speech recognition performance of many CI users is unexpected and not well understood. Numerous factors, including neural health and degradation of the spectral information in the speech signal of CIs, likely...

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  • Quantifying 2-factor phase relations in non-linear responses from low characteristic-frequency auditory-nerve fibers.

    abstract::Auditory-nerve excitation by two response factors that can be in antiphase has been hypothesized by Kiang (1990) on the basis of non-linear interference in responses to tones (Kiang et al., 1969). The general conditions for antiphasic responses and the relevance of the hypothesis for other auditory stimuli are unknown...

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  • Down-regulation of otospiralin mRNA in response to acoustic stress in guinea pig.

    abstract::Noise over-stimulation will induce or influence molecular pathways in the cochlea; one approach to the identification of the components of these pathways in the cochlea is to examine genes and proteins that change following different types and levels of stress. Quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain react...

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  • Death pathways in noise-damaged outer hair cells.

    abstract::Using morphological criteria, death pathways in outer hair cells (OHCs) were determined in chinchilla organs of Corti that had been exposed to a high- or moderate-level octave band of noise (OBN) centered at either 0.5 or 4-kHz. The specimens were part of our large collection of plastic-embedded flat preparations of c...

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  • Auditory function in rhesus monkeys: effects of aging and caloric restriction in the Wisconsin monkeys five years later.

    abstract::Caloric restriction (CR) slows aging in many species and protects some animals from age-related hearing loss (ARHL), but the effect on humans is not yet known. Because rhesus monkeys are long-lived primates that are phylogenically closer to humans than other research animals are, they provide a better model for studyi...

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  • Changes in spontaneous firing rate and neural synchrony in cat primary auditory cortex after localized tone-induced hearing loss.

    abstract::Increase in spontaneous neural activity after noise-induced hearing loss has frequently been associated with the phenomenon of tinnitus. Eighteen juvenile and adult cats were exposed for 2 h to a 6 kHz tone with an intensity of 115 dB SPL at the cat's head. Seven non-exposed littermates and seven other normal hearing ...

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  • Descending projections to the dorsal and ventral divisions of the cochlear nucleus in guinea pig.

    abstract::The origins of extrinsic projections to the guinea pig dorsal and ventral cochlear nuclei were identified by examining the retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase conjugated to wheatgerm agglutinin following its injection into each of these divisions. Major projections originated in periolivary regions of the s...

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  • The isolated in vitro perfused spiral modiolar artery: pressure dependence of vasoconstriction.

    abstract::We developed a new technique, the isolated in vitro perfused spiral modiolar artery, which allowed the continuous measurement of the vascular diameter and control of the intravascular pressure. An isolated section of the spiral modiolar artery from the gerbil was perfused on one end with a set of concentric pipettes a...

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  • The connexin 30.3 of zebrafish homologue of human connexin 26 may play similar role in the inner ear.

    abstract::The intercellular gap junction channels formed by connexins (CXs) are important for recycling potassium ions in the inner ear. CXs are encoded by a family of the CX gene, such as GJB2, and the mechanism leading to mutant connexin-associated diseases, including hearing loss, remains to be elucidated. In this study, usi...

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  • Reactions of human auditory cortex to a change in tone duration.

    abstract::Auditory evoked magnetic fields were measured using a stimulation sequence where repetitive identical tone bursts were randomly and infrequently replaced by shorter tones. The deviation in the stimulus duration evoked a specific response, the mismatch field, peaking about 130 ms after the end of the shorter stimulus. ...

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  • Sodium pentobarbital abolishes bursting spontaneous activity of dorsal cochlear nucleus in rat brain slices.

    abstract::There is evidence that pentobarbital, a commonly used anesthetic, can affect neuronal activity, but its effects on particular neurons of the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN) are not well known. Bursting (complex spiking) spontaneous activity has been observed in the DCN in brain slice preparations and in recordings from ...

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  • Acoustically induced hearing loss: intracellular studies in the guinea pig cochlea.

    abstract::Intracellular recordings were made from both inner and outer hair cells (IHC, OHC) in the basal coil of the guinea pig cochlea before, during and after the animal was exposed to loud, pure tones. Following multiple loud tones both types of sensory cells demonstrate a culmulative decrease in their voltage responses to ...

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