Perception of spectrally and temporally complex sounds by the goldfish (Carassius auratus).


:Behavioral studies on complex sound perception in goldfish were carried out in order to help determine what, if any, differences exist between the sense of hearing of fishes and other vertebrates. A stimulus generalization paradigm was used with classical conditioning in three experiments to determine: (1) the perceptual relations between a pure tone and harmonic complexes having a fundamental frequency equal to that of the tone; (2) the combined effects on perception of pulse repetition rate and spectral envelope; and (3) whether goldfish can be shown to identify a complex source when presented simultaneously with another complex source. Experiment 1 showed that the perceptions of tones and harmonic complexes differ profoundly even for the cases in which they have common periodicities and frequency components. Experiment 2 demonstrated that pulse repetition rate and spectral location simultaneously control behavior, and that repetition rate exerts behavioral control independent of spectral location. Experiment 3 indicates that goldfish did not 'hear out' or analyze a complex target source within a mixture of complex sources. In general, goldfish appear to be aware of multiple acoustic dimensions of complex sounds, suggesting both pitch-like and timbre-like perceptual dimensions. These results do not permit a qualitative distinction between the sense of hearing of goldfish and that of other vertebrates.


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  • Controlled drug release to the inner ear: Concepts, materials, mechanisms, and performance.

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  • The relationship between noise-induced hearing loss and hair cell loss in rats.

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  • Contribution of stapedial artery to blood flow in the cochlea and its surrounding bone.

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  • Auditory function in rhesus monkeys: effects of aging and caloric restriction in the Wisconsin monkeys five years later.

    abstract::Caloric restriction (CR) slows aging in many species and protects some animals from age-related hearing loss (ARHL), but the effect on humans is not yet known. Because rhesus monkeys are long-lived primates that are phylogenically closer to humans than other research animals are, they provide a better model for studyi...

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  • Inhibition sensitive to interaural time difference in the barn owl's inferior colliculus.

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  • Interaction of otoacoustic emissions with additional tones: suppression or synchronization?

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  • Morphology of the endolymphatic sac in the guinea pig after an acute endolymphatic hydrops.

    abstract::The role of the endolymphatic sac (ES) in endolymph volume homeostasis is speculative. The present study investigates changes of the ES's epithelia and luminal filling after induction of an acute endolymphatic hydrops. After microinjection of 1.1 mul artificial endolymph into scala media of the cochlea, guinea pigs we...

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  • In search of the best stimulus: an optimization procedure for finding efficient stimuli in the cat auditory cortex.

    abstract::Units in the auditory cortex of cats respond to a large variety of stimuli: pure tones, AM- and FM-modulated signals, clicks, wideband noise, natural sounds, and more. However, no single family of sounds was found to be optimal (in the sense that oriented lines are optimal in the visual cortex). The search for optimal...

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  • Delayed low frequency hearing loss caused by cochlear implantation interventions via the round window but not cochleostomy.

    abstract::Cochlear implant recipients show improved speech perception and music appreciation when residual acoustic hearing is combined with the cochlear implant. However, up to one third of patients lose their pre-operative residual hearing weeks to months after implantation, for reasons that are not well understood. This stud...

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  • Instrumentation for studies of cochlear mechanics: from von Békésy forward.

    abstract::Georg von Békésy designed the instruments needed for his research. He also created physical models of the cochlea allowing him to manipulate the parameters (such as volume elasticity) that could be involved in controlling traveling waves. This review is about the specific devices that he used to study the motion of th...

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  • Effects of stimulus level on electrode-place discrimination in human subjects with cochlear implants.

    abstract::Effects of stimulus level on discrimination of one stimulation site from another were examined in 15 human subjects with Nucleus-22 cochlear implant systems. Bipolar stimulation was used in all cases with electrodes in the bipolar pair separated by 1.5 mm (center to center). Subjects were first tested at a medium loud...

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  • Sensorineural hearing loss and ischemic injury: Development of animal models to assess vascular and oxidative effects.

    abstract::Hearing loss may be genetic, associated with aging or exposure to noise or ototoxic substances. Its aetiology can be attributed to vascular injury, trauma, tumours, infections or autoimmune response. All these factors could be related to alterations in cochlear microcirculation resulting in hypoxia, which in turn may ...

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  • Engineering out the noise.

    abstract::The US Navy, through an Office of Naval Research (ONR) lead effort on Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), is investigating methods and techniques to mitigate hearing loss for the crews and warfighters. Hearing protection is a viable and increasingly popular method of reducing hearing exposure for many ship crew members...

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  • Nicotinic cholinergic intercellular communication: implications for the developing auditory system.

    abstract::In this paper, research on the temporal and spatial distribution of cholinergic-related molecules in the lower auditory brainstem, with an emphasis on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs), is reviewed. The possible functions of acetylcholine (ACh) in driving selective auditory neurons before the onset of hearing...

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  • Mechanisms of salicylate ototoxicity.

    abstract::The ototoxic effects of salicylates, reversible hearing loss and tinnitus, are well documented. However, the pharmacological mechanisms underlying these changes in cochlear function are not well understood. The studies reported here were an investigation of the site and mechanism of salicylate ototoxicity through an e...

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  • Stiffness of sensory-cell hair bundles in the isolated guinea pig cochlea.

    abstract::Stiffness of hair bundles on cochlear hair cells was measured in turns 2, 3 and 4 of isolated preparations of the guinea-pig organ of Corti maintained in tissue culture medium. Defined as the force required to produce a linear 1.0 micron deflection of the hair-bundle tip, stiffness is greater for deflection in the exc...

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  • Effects of forskolin and 1,9-dideoxy-forskolin on cochlear potentials.

    abstract::Endocochlear potential (EP) and cochlear microphonics (CM) were recorded during the perilymphatic perfusion with forskolin known as an adenylate cyclase stimulant. Forskolin produced a reversible EP elevation in a dose-dependent manner. Perfusion with 1,9-dideoxy-forskolin, an analogue of forskolin that does not stimu...

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  • Dynamic current steering with phantom electrode in cochlear implants.

    abstract::Phantom electrode (PE) stimulation can extend the lower limit of pitch perception with cochlear implants (CIs) by using simultaneous out-of-phase stimulation of the most apical primary electrode and the adjacent basal compensating electrode. The total electrical field may push the excitation pattern beyond the most ap...

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  • Multiple projections from the ventral nucleus of the trapezoid body in the rat.

    abstract::An analysis of the central projections of the ventral nucleus of the trapezoid body (VNTB) in the rat, a region of the superior olivary complex known for its neuronal heterogeneity, was made using two anterograde axonal tracers, [3H]leucine and biotinylated dextran amine (BDA). A mixture of these tracers was injected ...

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  • Formation of associations in auditory cortex by slow changes of tonic firing.

    abstract::We review event-related slow firing changes in the auditory cortex and related brain structures. Two types of changes can be distinguished, namely increases and decreases of firing, lasting in the order of seconds. Triggering events can be auditory stimuli, reinforcers, and behavioral responses. Slow firing changes te...

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  • Neural indices of phonemic discrimination and sentence-level speech intelligibility in quiet and noise: A P3 study.

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  • Central auditory plasticity after carboplatin-induced unilateral inner ear damage in the chinchilla: up-regulation of GAP-43 in the ventral cochlear nucleus.

    abstract::Inner ear damage may lead to structural changes in the central auditory system. In rat and chinchilla, cochlear ablation and noise trauma result in fiber growth and synaptogenesis in the ventral cochlear nucleus (VCN). In this study, we documented the relationship between carboplatin-induced hair cell degeneration and...

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  • Identification of factors that maintain mammalian outer hair cells in adult organ of Corti explants.

    abstract::Both outer hair cells (OHCs) and inner hair cells (IHCs) survive and mature in 3 days old rat organ of Corti explants cultured for 1 month in a minimal essential medium. In contrast, under the same culture conditions, only IHCs survive in explants from adult guinea pig organ of Corti while many of the OHCs are lost wi...

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  • Morphological and morphometric characteristics of vestibular hair cells and support cells in long term cultures of rat utricle explants.

    abstract::A method for long term culture of utricular macula explants is demonstrated to be stable and reproducible over a period of 28 days in vitro (DIV). This culture system for four-day-old rat utricular maculae is potentially suitable for studies of hair cell loss, repair and regeneration processes as they occur in post-na...

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