Perception of spectrally and temporally complex sounds by the goldfish (Carassius auratus).


:Behavioral studies on complex sound perception in goldfish were carried out in order to help determine what, if any, differences exist between the sense of hearing of fishes and other vertebrates. A stimulus generalization paradigm was used with classical conditioning in three experiments to determine: (1) the perceptual relations between a pure tone and harmonic complexes having a fundamental frequency equal to that of the tone; (2) the combined effects on perception of pulse repetition rate and spectral envelope; and (3) whether goldfish can be shown to identify a complex source when presented simultaneously with another complex source. Experiment 1 showed that the perceptions of tones and harmonic complexes differ profoundly even for the cases in which they have common periodicities and frequency components. Experiment 2 demonstrated that pulse repetition rate and spectral location simultaneously control behavior, and that repetition rate exerts behavioral control independent of spectral location. Experiment 3 indicates that goldfish did not 'hear out' or analyze a complex target source within a mixture of complex sources. In general, goldfish appear to be aware of multiple acoustic dimensions of complex sounds, suggesting both pitch-like and timbre-like perceptual dimensions. These results do not permit a qualitative distinction between the sense of hearing of goldfish and that of other vertebrates.


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  • Latency enhancement of the cochlear nerve compound action potential (CAP).

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  • Turtle utricle dynamic behavior using a combined anatomically accurate model and experimentally measured hair bundle stiffness.

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  • Stimulation with chronically implanted microelectrodes in the cochlear nucleus of the cat: histologic and physiologic effects.

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  • Hydrodynamic forces on hair bundles at high frequencies.

    abstract::We have analyzed a model for the motion of hair bundles of hair cells at high frequencies. In the model, hair-cell organs are represented as a system of rigid mechanical structures surrounded by fluid. A rigid body, that represents a hair bundle, is hinged to a vibrating plate that represents the sensory epithelium. T...

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  • Central auditory plasticity after carboplatin-induced unilateral inner ear damage in the chinchilla: up-regulation of GAP-43 in the ventral cochlear nucleus.

    abstract::Inner ear damage may lead to structural changes in the central auditory system. In rat and chinchilla, cochlear ablation and noise trauma result in fiber growth and synaptogenesis in the ventral cochlear nucleus (VCN). In this study, we documented the relationship between carboplatin-induced hair cell degeneration and...

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  • Primary afferent and cochlear nucleus contributions to extracellular potentials during tone-bursts.

    abstract::Gross electrical responses to tone bursts were measured in the guinea pig with electrodes located in scala tympani (ST) and scala vestibuli (SV) of the cochlea, on the central portion of the VIIIth nerve fibres in the internal auditory meatus, and on the surface of the cochlear nuclear complex (CN). Intracochlear perf...

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  • An integrated model of pitch perception incorporating place and temporal pitch codes with application to cochlear implant research.

    abstract::Although the neural mechanisms underlying pitch perception are not yet fully understood, there is general agreement that place and temporal representations of pitch are both used by the auditory system. This paper describes a neural network model of pitch perception that integrates both codes of pitch and explores the...

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  • p27Kip1 down-regulation as achieved by two clinically feasible means did not induce proliferation of supporting cells in the rat neonatal cochlea in vivo.

    abstract::In mammals, the cochlear sensory epithelium becomes quiescent early during development. After the first postnatal week, there is no cell replacement or proliferation, and severe damage leads to permanent deafness. Supporting cells' trans-differentiation has been suggested as a way to regenerate cochlear hair cells aft...

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  • Temporal modulation transfer functions measured from auditory-nerve responses following sensorineural hearing loss.

    abstract::The ability of auditory-nerve (AN) fibers to encode modulation frequencies, as characterized by temporal modulation transfer functions (TMTFs), generally shows a low-pass shape with a cut-off frequency that increases with fiber characteristic frequency (CF). Because AN-fiber bandwidth increases with CF, this result ha...

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  • Fetal tectum grafted as a cell suspension into the adult rat inferior colliculus.

    abstract::The known structural and functional features of the inferior colliculus provided an advantageous substrate for examining the outcome of neural transplantation. In the present study, tissue from the midbrain tectum of Sprague-Dawley rat fetuses was removed at 15, 16 and 19 days of gestation (E15, E16 and E19), incubate...

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  • Changes in otoacoustic emissions and high-frequency hearing thresholds in children and adolescents.

    abstract::With the aim of characterizing the loss of high frequency hearing sensitivity in children, hearing thresholds and otoacoustic emissions were measured in a group of 126 normal hearing children and adolescents aged from 6 to 25 years. The subjects were divided into four 5-year age groups. Hearing thresholds over a range...

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  • Intrinsic differences in hearing performances between ears revealed by the asymmetrical shooting posture in the army.

    abstract::Left ear noise-induced hearing losses are dominant in the army. The common explanation is the asymmetrical effect of the shooting posture. However, firm evidence to support this possibility is still lacking. In the French army shooters, eye preference rather than hand preference for shooting determines the side of sho...

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  • Effects of chronic cochlear de-efferentation on auditory-nerve response.

    abstract::The olivocochlear bundle was sectioned at the floor of the fourth ventricle in a series of cats. From three to thirty weeks post-operatively, recordings were made from single auditory-nerve fibers. Tuning curves, spontaneous discharge rates, and rate-level functions for tones at the characteristic frequency were measu...

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  • The influence of inner hair cell loss on the instantaneous frequency of the cochlear microphonic.

    abstract::The cochlear microphonic (CM) is produced by a change in standing currents during the motion of the cochlear partition. The motion of the partition and associated hair cell transduction processes are nonlinear and are reflected in the variation of the instantaneous frequency (IF) of the CM. Although the CM is dominate...

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  • The effect of presentation level on spectrotemporal modulation detection.

    abstract::The understanding of speech in noise relies (at least partially) on spectrotemporal modulation sensitivity. This sensitivity can be measured by spectral ripple tests, which can be administered at different presentation levels. However, it is not known how presentation level affects spectrotemporal modulation threshold...

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  • Salicylate-induced cochlear impairments, cortical hyperactivity and re-tuning, and tinnitus.

    abstract::High doses of sodium salicylate (SS) have long been known to induce temporary hearing loss and tinnitus, effects attributed to cochlear dysfunction. However, our recent publications reviewed here show that SS can induce profound, permanent, and unexpected changes in the cochlea and central nervous system. Prolonged tr...

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  • Ethacrynic acid rapidly and selectively abolishes blood flow in vessels supplying the lateral wall of the cochlea.

    abstract::The mechanisms underlying the ototoxicity of ethacrynic acid (EA) are not fully understood. Previous studies have focused on morphologic and enzymatic changes in the stria vascularis. The current experiment shows that one of the earliest effects of EA is ischemia, resulting from impaired blood flow in vessels supplyin...

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  • Perceptual correlates of neural plasticity related to spontaneous otoacoustic emissions?

    abstract::The inner ear contains receptor cells that oscillate spontaneously, generating waves that propagate backward in the cochlea, ultimately causing sound to be radiated into the ear canal--the spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (SOAEs). Except in rare conditions, these internally generated signals appear to go unheard. The...

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  • A correlation of the effects of normoxia, hyperoxia and anoxia on PO2 of endolymph and cochlear potentials.

    abstract::Change in PO2 in endolymph, endocochlear potentials and cochlear microphonics have been tested in normoxia, hyperoxia and anoxia on 24 guinea pigs. The polarographic method and construction of oxygen-sensitive microelectrodes is described in detail. The normal level of PO2 in endolymph vaires between 20 and 30 mm Hg. ...

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    authors: Prazma J,Fischer ND,Biggers WP,Ascher D

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  • Narrow-band ripple glide direction discrimination and its relationship to frequency selectivity estimated using psychophysical tuning curves.

    abstract::The highest spectral ripple density at which the discrimination of ripple glide direction was possible (STRtdir task) was assessed for one-octave wide (narrowband) stimuli with center frequencies of 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 Hz and for a broadband stimulus. A pink noise lowpass filtered at the lower edge frequency of ...

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    authors: Narne VK,Jain S,Sharma C,Baer T,Moore BCJ

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  • Auditory capabilities of birds in relation to the structural diversity of the basilar papilla.

    abstract::The basilar papilla length increases systematically with body mass for 41 species from more than 10 avian orders and this relation does not differ between phylogenetic groups. Audiograms of 25 non-strigiform and 12 owl species, normalized relative to best frequency and best threshold, were used to compare audiogram sh...

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    authors: Gleich O,Langemann U

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  • Gentamicin is ototoxic to all hair cells in the fish lateral line system.

    abstract::Hair cells of the lateral line system in fish may differ in their susceptibility to damage by aminoglycoside antibiotics. Gentamicin has been reported to damage hair cells within canal neuromasts, but not those within superficial neuromasts. This finding, based on SEM imaging, indicates a distinction in the physiology...

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    authors: Van Trump WJ,Coombs S,Duncan K,McHenry MJ

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  • In vitro differentiation of mouse embryo statoacoustic ganglion and sensory epithelium.

    abstract::Interactions between the statoacoustic ganglion and sensory vestibular epithelia have been investigated using different methods of organ and tissue cultures taken from mouse embryos on gestation day 13. Ultrastructural and biochemical observations of the degree of maturation of vestibular sensory cells and ganglion ne...

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  • Otoacoustic emission in myasthenia gravis patients and the role of efferent activation.

    abstract::We performed transient evoked otoacoustic emission (TEOAE) measurements on 29 ears of myasthenia gravis (MG) patients. The purpose of the study was to support the role of acetylcholine (ACh) in the efferent innervation of cochlear outer hair cells (OHCs). Another aim was to establish additional diagnostic tools for th...

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    authors: Tóth L,Rácz T,Diószeghy P,Répássy G,Lampé I

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  • Minimal sex differences in gene expression in the rat superior olivary complex.

    abstract::A critical issue in large-scale gene expression analysis is the impact of sexually dimorphic genes, which may confound the results when sampling across sexes. Here, we assessed, for the first time, sex differences at the transcriptome level in the auditory brainstem. To this end, microarray experiments covering the wh...

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    authors: Ehmann H,Salzig C,Lang P,Friauf E,Nothwang HG

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  • Pure-tone masking profiles for human auditory brainstem and middle latency responses.

    abstract::Several studies have compared the frequency selectivity of waves I and V of the auditory brainstem response (ABR) in humans, however little is known about the frequency selectivity of the middle latency response (MLR). Simultaneous recordings of ABRs and MLRs to 60 dB peSPL 2000-Hz probe tones were obtained in the pre...

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  • Analysis of non-linear cochlear mechanics in the marsupial Monodelphis domestica: ancestral and modern mammalian features.

    abstract::The acoustic distortion product 2f1-f2 was measured in the ear canal of the gray short-tailed opossum. Monodelphis domestica, during stimulation with two pure tone stimuli of the frequencies f1 and f2 (f1 < f2). From 2f1-2f growth functions for different primary frequencies from 4 to 85 kHz, a distortion threshold cur...

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    authors: Faulstich M,Kössl M,Reimer K

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  • Growth of distortion product otoacoustic emissions with primary-tone level in humans.

    abstract::This study addressed the hypotheses that the growth of the level of distortion product otoacoustic emissions (LDP) with primary-tone level reflects the behavior of a third-order nonlinear polynomial system, and that two sources exist for these distortion products. The results indicated that the 2f1-f2 otoacoustic emis...

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    authors: Popelka GR,Osterhammel PA,Nielsen LH,Rasmussen AN

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  • Characterization of the electrically evoked auditory brainstem response (ABR) in cats and humans.

    abstract::Electrically evoked auditory brainstem response (EABR) recordings were made from 38 humans implanted with one of three cochlear prostheses, and from 25 cats. Recognizable auditory potentials were identified in 27 of the profoundly deaf implanted subjects. In both cats and humans EABR waveform morphology and magnitude ...

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    authors: van den Honert C,Stypulkowski PH

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  • Instrumentation for studies of cochlear mechanics: from von Békésy forward.

    abstract::Georg von Békésy designed the instruments needed for his research. He also created physical models of the cochlea allowing him to manipulate the parameters (such as volume elasticity) that could be involved in controlling traveling waves. This review is about the specific devices that he used to study the motion of th...

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    authors: Nuttall AL,Fridberger A

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