Novel therapeutic agents for bone resorption. Part 1. Synthesis and protonation thermodynamics of poly(amido-amine)s containing bis-phosphonate residues.


:Two poly(amido-amine)s (oligoPAM and oligoNER) containing bis-phosphonate residues were obtained by a Michael-type polyaddition of pamidronate and neridronate to 1,4-bis(acryloyl)piperazine. The SEC (size-exclusion chromatography) and the MALDI-TOF (matrix assisted laser desorption ionization) analyses were consistent with the presence of oligomeric species (2-3 kDa) and with a narrow polydispersity index. The thermodynamic results (log Ks, -DeltaH(o) , and DeltaS(o) obtained at 25 degrees C in 0.15 M NaCl) of both the oligomers and the corresponding low molecular weight precursors were in line with a cluster structure formed during the protonation of the basic nitrogen in the pamidronate. The solubility of the oligoNER with a longer aliphatic chain was improved at high pHs, allowing the evaluation of their solution properties. Preliminary biological results show that both the oligomers do not negatively affect the in vitro viability, proliferation, and cellular activity of either normal animal or human osteoblasts.






Casolaro M,Casolaro I,Spreafico A,Capperucci C,Frediani B,Marcolongo R,Margiotta N,Ostuni R,Mendichi R,Samperi F,Ishii T,Ito Y




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    abstract::We have studied the degradation of well-characterized soluble heteropolymeric chitosans by a novel family 46 chitosanase, ScCsn46A from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2), to obtain insight into the enzyme's mode of action and to determine its potential for production of different chitooligosaccharides. The degradation of ...


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  • Block versus random amphiphilic copolymers as antibacterial agents.

    abstract::We examined the antibacterial and hemolytic activities in a series of amphiphilic block and random copolymers of poly(vinyl ether) derivatives prepared by base-assisting living cationic polymerization. Block and random amphiphilic copolymers with similar monomer compositions showed the same level of activity against ...


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