Nitrate, NO and haemoglobin in plant adaptation to hypoxia: an alternative to classic fermentation pathways.


:The role of nitrate reduction to produce nitric oxide (NO) and its subsequent oxidation by oxyhaemoglobin as a mechanism to maintain plant cell energetics during hypoxia is examined. Nitrate reduction in hypoxic conditions can be considered as an alternative respiratory pathway, with nitrate as an intermediate electron acceptor, contributing to the oxidation of NADH. NO, produced in the reaction, does not accumulate due to the induction of hypoxia-induced (class 1) haemoglobins. These haemoglobins remain in the oxyhaemoglobin form, even at oxygen tensions two orders of magnitude lower than necessary to saturate cytochrome c oxidase. They act, probably in conjunction with a flavoprotein, as NO dioxygenases converting NO back to nitrate, consuming NAD(P)H in the process. The overall system oxidizes 2.5 moles of NADH per one mole of nitrate recycled during the reaction, leading to the maintenance of redox and energy status during hypoxia and resulting in the reduced production of ethanol and lactic acid.


J Exp Bot


Igamberdiev AU,Hill RD





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2004-12-01 00:00:00














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  • Long-distance signalling from roots to shoots assessed: the flooding story.

    abstract::Several kinds of signal may be generated when roots are exposed to an environmental stress. Some, but not all, are conveyed to shoots in the transpiration stream. Principles are summarized that may help establish experimentally the presence or intensity of root signals transported by transpiration. In many dryland spe...

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  • Structural and functional diversity within the cystatin gene family of Hordeum vulgare.

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  • The plastid outer envelope protein OEP16 affects metabolic fluxes during ABA-controlled seed development and germination.

    abstract::Previously, the OEP16.1 channel pore in the outer envelope membrane of mature pea (Pisum sativum) chloroplasts in vitro has been characterized to be selective for amino acids. Isolation of OEP16.2, a second OEP16 isoform from pea, in the current study allowed membrane localization and gene expression of OEP16 to be fo...

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  • Organization of pectic arabinan and galactan side chains in association with cellulose microfibrils in primary cell walls and related models envisaged.

    abstract::The structure of arabinan and galactan domains in association with cellulose microfibrils was investigated using enzymatic and alkali degradation procedures. Sugar beet and potato cell wall residues (called 'natural' composites), rich in pectic neutral sugar side chains and cellulose, as well as 'artificial' composite...

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  • TRV-GFP: a modified Tobacco rattle virus vector for efficient and visualizable analysis of gene function.

    abstract::Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) is a useful tool for functional characterization of genes in plants. Unfortunately, the efficiency of infection by Tobacco rattle virus (TRV) is relatively low for some non-Solanaceae plants, which are economically important, such as rose (Rosa sp.). Here, to generate an easy tracea...

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