Foxtail mosaic virus-induced flowering assays in monocot crops.


:Virus-induced flowering (VIF) exploits RNA or DNA viruses to express flowering time genes to induce flowering in plants. Such plant virus-based tools have recently attracted widespread attention for their fundamental and applied uses in flowering physiology and in accelerating breeding in dicotyledonous crops and woody fruit-trees. We now extend this technology to a monocot grass and a cereal crop. Using a Foxtail mosaic virus (FoMV)-based VIF system, dubbed FoMViF, we showed that expression of florigenic Flowering Locus T (FT) genes can promote early flowering and spikelet development in proso millet, a C4 grass species with potential as a nutritional food and biofuel resource, and in non-vernalized C3 wheat, a major food crop worldwide. Floral and spikelet/grain induction in the two monocot plants was caused by the virally expressed untagged or FLAG-tagged FT orthologs, and the florigenic activity of rice Hd3a was more pronounced than its dicotyledonous counterparts in proso millet. The FoMViF system is easy to use and its efficacy to induce flowering and early spikelet/grain production is high. In addition to proso millet and wheat, we envisage that FoMViF will be also applicable to many economically important monocotyledonous food and biofuel crops.


J Exp Bot


Yuan C,Li H,Qin C,Zhang X,Chen Q,Zhang P,Xu X,He M,Zhang X,Tör M,Xue D,Wang H,Jackson S,He Y,Liu Y,Shi N,Hong Y




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  • Drought constraints on C4 photosynthesis: stomatal and metabolic limitations in C3 and C4 subspecies of Alloteropsis semialata.

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  • A physical, enzymatic, and genetic characterization of perturbations in the seeds of the brownseed tomato mutants.

    abstract::The brownseed mutants (bs(1), bs(2), and bs(4)) of tomato all possess dark testae and deleteriously affect seed germination speed and/or final percentage. Poor germination performance of the bs(1) but not the bs(4) mutant, was due to greater impediment to radicle egress. Testa toughening (bs(1)) was prevented by dryin...

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  • Variation of floret fertility in hexaploid wheat revealed by tiller removal.

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  • Novel Insights into Host Receptors and Receptor-mediated Signaling that Regulate Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis.

    abstract::More than 80% of land plant species benefit from symbiotic partnerships with arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi that assist in nutrient acquisition and enhance the ability of host plants to adapt to environmental constraints. Host-generated plasma membrane-residing receptor-like kinases and the α/β-hydrolases, e.g. DWA...

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    abstract::Total spikelet number per panicle (TSN) is one of the determinants of grain productivity in rice (Oryza sativa L.). In this study, we attempted to detect quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for TSN in the introgression lines with high TSN, derived from the cross of Indica Group variety IR 64 with new plant type lines. Two ...

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  • Changes in the epigenome and transcriptome of the poplar shoot apical meristem in response to water availability affect preferentially hormone pathways.

    abstract::The adaptive capacity of long-lived organisms such as trees to the predicted climate changes, including severe and successive drought episodes, will depend on the presence of genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity. Here, the involvement of epigenetic mechanisms in phenotypic plasticity toward soil water availabil...

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  • Barley plants over-expressing the NAC transcription factor gene HvNAC005 show stunting and delay in development combined with early senescence.

    abstract::The plant-specific NAC transcription factors have attracted particular attention because of their involvement in stress responses, senescence, and nutrient remobilization. The HvNAC005 gene of barley encodes a protein belonging to subgroup NAC-a6 of the NAC family. This study shows that HvNAC005 is associated with dev...

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  • Organization of pectic arabinan and galactan side chains in association with cellulose microfibrils in primary cell walls and related models envisaged.

    abstract::The structure of arabinan and galactan domains in association with cellulose microfibrils was investigated using enzymatic and alkali degradation procedures. Sugar beet and potato cell wall residues (called 'natural' composites), rich in pectic neutral sugar side chains and cellulose, as well as 'artificial' composite...

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  • Nitrite and nitric oxide are important in the adjustment of primary metabolism during the hypersensitive response in tobacco.

    abstract::Nitrate and ammonia deferentially modulate primary metabolism during the hypersensitive response in tobacco. In this study, tobacco RNAi lines with low nitrite reductase (NiRr) levels were used to investigate the roles of nitrite and nitric oxide (NO) in this process. The lines accumulate NO2-, with increased NO gener...

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  • Function of pea amino acid permease AAP6 in nodule nitrogen metabolism and export, and plant nutrition.

    abstract::Legumes fix atmospheric nitrogen through a symbiotic relationship with bacteroids in root nodules. Following fixation in pea (Pisum sativum L.) nodules, nitrogen is reduced to amino acids that are exported via the nodule xylem to the shoot, and in the phloem to roots in support of growth. However, the mechanisms invol...

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  • The multi-protein family of Arabidopsis sulphotransferases and their relatives in other plant species.

    abstract::All members of the sulphotransferase (SOT, EC 2.8.2.-) protein family use 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulphate (PAPS) as the sulphuryl donor and transfer the sulphonate group to an appropriate hydroxyl group of several classes of substrates. These enzymes have highly conserved domains and can be found in eubacteria ...

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  • Characterization of expression, and cloning, of beta-D-xylosidase and alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase in developing and ripening tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) fruit.

    abstract::Modifications to the cell wall of developing and ripening tomato fruit are mediated by cell wall-degrading enzymes, including a beta-d-xylosidase or alpha-l-arabinofuranosidase, which participate in the breakdown of xylans and/or arabinoxylans. The activity of both enzymes was highest during early fruit growth, before...

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  • 'Movers and shakers' in the regulation of fruit ripening: a cross-dissection of climacteric versus non-climacteric fruit.

    abstract::Fruit ripening is a complex and highly coordinated developmental process involving the expression of many ripening-related genes under the control of a network of signalling pathways. The hormonal control of climacteric fruit ripening, especially ethylene perception and signalling transduction in tomato has been well ...

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  • On the mechanism of C4 photosynthesis intermediate exchange between Kranz mesophyll and bundle sheath cells in grasses.

    abstract::C(4) photosynthesis involves cell-to-cell exchange of photosynthetic intermediates between the Kranz mesophyll (KMS) and bundle sheath (BS) cells. This was believed to occur by simple diffusion through plentiful plasmodesmatal (PD) connections between these cell types. The model of C(4) intermediates' transport was el...

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