Foxtail mosaic virus-induced flowering assays in monocot crops.


:Virus-induced flowering (VIF) exploits RNA or DNA viruses to express flowering time genes to induce flowering in plants. Such plant virus-based tools have recently attracted widespread attention for their fundamental and applied uses in flowering physiology and in accelerating breeding in dicotyledonous crops and woody fruit-trees. We now extend this technology to a monocot grass and a cereal crop. Using a Foxtail mosaic virus (FoMV)-based VIF system, dubbed FoMViF, we showed that expression of florigenic Flowering Locus T (FT) genes can promote early flowering and spikelet development in proso millet, a C4 grass species with potential as a nutritional food and biofuel resource, and in non-vernalized C3 wheat, a major food crop worldwide. Floral and spikelet/grain induction in the two monocot plants was caused by the virally expressed untagged or FLAG-tagged FT orthologs, and the florigenic activity of rice Hd3a was more pronounced than its dicotyledonous counterparts in proso millet. The FoMViF system is easy to use and its efficacy to induce flowering and early spikelet/grain production is high. In addition to proso millet and wheat, we envisage that FoMViF will be also applicable to many economically important monocotyledonous food and biofuel crops.


J Exp Bot


Yuan C,Li H,Qin C,Zhang X,Chen Q,Zhang P,Xu X,He M,Zhang X,Tör M,Xue D,Wang H,Jackson S,He Y,Liu Y,Shi N,Hong Y




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  • Effect of in vitro cold acclimation of Deschampsia antarctica on the accumulation of proteins with antifreeze activity.

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  • Regulation of flooding tolerance of SAG12:ipt Arabidopsis plants by cytokinin.

    abstract::A SAG12:ipt gene construct, which increases cytokinin biosynthesis in response to senescence, was introduced into Arabidopsis plants to delay senescence induced by flooding stress. Two forms of flooding stress, including total submergence and root waterlogging, were applied to SAG12:ipt (IPT) and wild-type (WT) plants...

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    abstract::The thiocarbamates, such as pebulate (S-propyl butyl (ethyl) thiocarbamate) are a well-established class of herbicides. They inhibit fatty acid elongation, which is necessary for the biosynthesis of constituents of surface waxes and suberin and this has been proposed to be important for their toxicity. In this study l...

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  • Expression of characteristics of ammonium nutrition as affected by pH of the root medium.

    abstract::To study the effect of root-zone pH on characteristic responses of NH4+ -fed plants, soybeans (Glycine max¿L.¿ Merr. cv. Ransom) were grown in flowing solution culture for 21 d on four sources of N (1.0 mol m-3 NO3-, 0.67 mol m-3 NO3- plus 0.33 mol m-3 NH4+, 0.33 mol m-3 NO3- plus 0.67 mol m-3 NH4+, and 1.0 mol m-3 NH...

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  • Transient response of sap flow to wind speed.

    abstract::Transient responses of sap flow to step changes in wind speed were experimentally investigated in a wind tunnel. A Granier-type sap flow sensor was calibrated and tested in a cylindrical tube for analysis of its transient time response. Then the sensor was used to measure the transient response of a well-watered Pachi...

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  • Soil abiotic factors influence interactions between belowground herbivores and plant roots.

    abstract::Root herbivores are important ecosystem drivers and agricultural pests, and, possibly as a consequence, plants protect their roots using a variety of defensive strategies. One aspect that distinguishes belowground from aboveground plant-insect interactions is that roots are constantly exposed to a set of soil-specific...

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  • Analysis of potential redundancy among Arabidopsis 6-phosphogluconolactonase isoforms in peroxisomes.

    abstract::Recent work revealed that PGD2, an Arabidopsis 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (6-PGD) catalysing the third step of the oxidative pentose-phosphate pathway (OPPP) in peroxisomes, is essential during fertilization. Earlier studies on the second step, catalysed by PGL3, a dually targeted Arabidopsis 6-phosphogluconolac...

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  • Xylem tension affects growth-induced water potential and daily elongation of maize leaves.

    abstract::Diurnal rates of leaf elongation vary in maize (Zea mays L.) and are characterized by a decline each afternoon. The cause of the afternoon decline was investigated. When the atmospheric environment was held constant in a controlled environment, and water and nutrients were adequately supplied to the soil or the roots ...

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  • Ketocarotenoid formation in transgenic potato.

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