Integrating modelling and phenotyping approaches to identify and screen complex traits: transpiration efficiency in cereals.


:Following advances in genetics, genomics, and phenotyping, trait selection in breeding is limited by our ability to understand interactions within the plant and with the environment, and to identify traits of most relevance to the target population of environments. We propose an integrated approach that combines insights from crop modelling, physiology, genetics, and breeding to characterize traits valuable for yield gain in the target population of environments, develop relevant high-throughput phenotyping platforms, and identify genetic controls and their value in production environments. This paper uses transpiration efficiency (biomass produced per unit of water used) as an example of a complex trait of interest to illustrate how the approach can guide modelling, phenotyping, and selection in a breeding programme. We believe that this approach, by integrating insights from diverse disciplines, can increase the resource use efficiency of breeding programmes for improving yield gains in target populations of environments.


J Exp Bot


Chenu K,Van Oosterom EJ,McLean G,Deifel KS,Fletcher A,Geetika G,Tirfessa A,Mace ES,Jordan DR,Sulman R,Hammer GL




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  • Function of pea amino acid permease AAP6 in nodule nitrogen metabolism and export, and plant nutrition.

    abstract::Legumes fix atmospheric nitrogen through a symbiotic relationship with bacteroids in root nodules. Following fixation in pea (Pisum sativum L.) nodules, nitrogen is reduced to amino acids that are exported via the nodule xylem to the shoot, and in the phloem to roots in support of growth. However, the mechanisms invol...

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    abstract::In taproot of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.), a 23 kDa polypeptide has been recently identified as a putative vegetative storage protein (VSP) because of its accumulation during flowering and its specific mobilization to sustain grain filling when N uptake is strongly reduced. The objectives were to characterize thi...

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  • Annexins: multifunctional components of growth and adaptation.

    abstract::Plant annexins are ubiquitous, soluble proteins capable of Ca(2+)-dependent and Ca(2+)-independent binding to endomembranes and the plasma membrane. Some members of this multigene family are capable of binding to F-actin, hydrolysing ATP and GTP, acting as peroxidases or cation channels. These multifunctional proteins...

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  • Sorbitol uptake is regulated by glucose through the hexokinase pathway in vegetative peach-tree buds.

    abstract::In peach trees (Prunus persica L. Batsch cv. Redhaven), sorbitol is a primary photosynthetic product and may play an important role in the budbreak process. Surprisingly, before budbreak (from January to early March), the concentration of sorbitol in the xylem sap decreases, while that of hexoses (glucose and fructose...

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  • Alleviation of rapid, futile ammonium cycling at the plasma membrane by potassium reveals K+-sensitive and -insensitive components of NH4+ transport.

    abstract::Futile plasma membrane cycling of ammonium (NH4+) is characteristic of low-affinity NH4+ transport, and has been proposed to be a critical factor in NH4+ toxicity. Using unidirectional flux analysis with the positron-emitting tracer 13N in intact seedlings of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), it is shown that rapid, futile...

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  • Low air humidity increases leaf-specific hydraulic conductance of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh (Brassicaceae).

    abstract::The typical isohydric plant response to low relative humidity involves stomatal closure, followed by long-term responses like adjustment of shoot-to-root ratios. Little information is available on the early responses of the root system to exposure of shoots to low humidity, nor is it clear to what extent responses of ...

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