Analysis of human meningiomas for aberrations of the MADH2, MADH4, APM-1 and DCC tumor suppressor genes on the long arm of chromosome 18.


:We have previously reported that losses of genomic material from the long arm of chromosome 18 are frequent in atypical and anaplastic meningiomas but rare in benign meningiomas. In the present study, we have investigated a series of 37 meningiomas for mutation and expression of 4 tumor suppressor genes (MADH2, MADH4, APM-1 and DCC) located at 18q21. Comparative genomic hybridization or loss of heterozygosity analysis showed losses on chromosome 18 that included sequences from 18q21 in 15 of 37 tumors. Mutation analysis of APM-1 revealed a missense mutation (c. 1819G>A: G607S) in 1 atypical meningioma. None of the tumors showed mutations of MADH2 and MADH4 or loss of detectable transcripts from MADH2, MADH4, APM-1 and DCC. In contrast to human brain tissue, normal leptomeninges and meningiomas showed preferential expression of a DCC splice variant lacking 60 base pairs from exon 17. Taken together, our data do not support a significant role for MADH2, MADH4, APM-1 and DCC alterations in the pathogenesis of meningiomas. The targeted gene that is inactivated in most meningiomas with 18q losses remains to be identified.


Int J Cancer


Büschges R,Boström J,Wolter M,Blaschke B,Weber RG,Lichter P,Collins VP,Reifenberger G





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  • Expression of the ras-related rap genes in human tumors.

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  • Decreased Egr-1 expression in human, mouse and rat mammary cells and tissues correlates with tumor formation.

    abstract::We have examined several types of tumor cell lines and shown that they invariably expressed little or no Egr-1, in contrast to their normal counterparts. We have previously shown that the expression of exogenous Egr-1 in human breast and other tumor cells markedly reduces transformed growth and tumorigenicity. We ther...

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