History of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.


:Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are characterized by chronic inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and unknown etiology. In this review, we identified three main eras in the IBD history. Between the 19th and the 20th century, the primary task had been the definition of the diagnostic criteria in order to differentiate the new entity from intestinal tuberculosis. In the 20th century, an intense and prolific therapeutic research prevailed, culminating in the introduction of biological drugs in the clinical setting. Since the beginning of the 21st century, traditional definition criteria have been challenged by holistic criteria in an effort to seek a still unattained cure. Centuries of worldwide efforts on IBD etiology and therapy search have culminated in this novel strategy.


J Clin Med


Actis GC,Pellicano R,Fagoonee S,Ribaldone DG




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  • Influence of Conditioned Media on the Re-Differentiation Capacity of Human Chondrocytes in 3D Spheroid Cultures.

    abstract::A major challenge of cell-based therapy for cartilage lesions is the preservation of the chondrogenic phenotype during ex vivo cell cultivation. In this in vitro study, the chondro-inductive capacity of two different hyaline cartilage-conditioned cell culture media on human chondrocytes in 3D spheroids was determined....

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  • Systemic Inflammation in Metabolic Syndrome: Increased Platelet and Leukocyte Activation, and Key Role of CX3CL1/CX3CR1 and CCL2/CCR2 Axes in Arterial Platelet-Proinflammatory Monocyte Adhesion.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Metabolic syndrome is associated with low-grade systemic inflammation, which is a key driver of premature atherosclerosis. We characterized immune cell behavior in metabolic syndrome, its consequences, and the potential involvement of the CX3CL1/CX3CR1 and CCL2/CCR2 chemokine axes. METHODS:Whole blood from ...

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  • Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with Persisting Symptoms after Pulmonary Embolism.

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  • Alcohol Hangover Differentially Modulates the Processing of Relevant and Irrelevant Information.

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  • Affected Ovary Relative Volume: A Novel Sonographic Predictor of Ovarian Reserve in Patients with Unilateral Endometrioma-A Pilot Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The assessment of ovarian reserve in the case of endometrioma is of pivotal importance for planning a tailored management. However, both the antral follicle count (AFC) and the antimüllerian hormone (AMH) dosage are subject to a fair degree of variability in ovarian endometriosis. This study aimed to identif...

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  • Epileptic Seizures in Critically Ill Patients: Diagnosis, Management, and Outcomes.

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  • Relationship between Endothelial Function, Antiretroviral Treatment and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in HIV Patients of African Descent in South Africa: A Cross-Sectional Study.

    abstract::Limited information on the effect of antiretroviral treatment (ART) on vascular function in South Africans of African descent living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is available. The relationship between ART, vascular function and cardiovascular risk factors in South Africans of African ancestry with HIV was t...

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  • Effect of Baricitinib and Adalimumab in Reducing Pain and Improving Function in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Low Disease Activity: Exploratory Analyses from RA-BEAM.

    abstract::Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may experience residual pain and functional impairment despite good control of disease activity. This study compared improvements in pain and physical function in patients with well-controlled RA after 24 weeks' treatment with baricitinib, adalimumab or placebo in the 52-week RA...

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  • Cutaneous Manifestations in Pancreatic Diseases-A Review.

    abstract::Pancreatic pathology, comprising acute and chronic pancreatitis, autoimmune pancreatitis and pancreatic neoplasms, primarily presents with gastrointestinal symptoms and signs; however, it is well recognized that it can also associate a wide range of extra-digestive features. Among these systemic manifestations, cutane...

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  • Diagnostic Accuracy of FebriDx: A Rapid Test to Detect Immune Responses to Viral and Bacterial Upper Respiratory Infections.

    abstract::C-reactive protein (CRP) and myxovirus resistance protein A (MxA) are associated with bacterial and viral infections, respectively. We conducted a prospective, multicenter, cross-sectional study of adults and children with febrile upper respiratory tract infections (URIs) to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of a rapid...

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  • S-Detect Software vs. EU-TIRADS Classification: A Dual-Center Validation of Diagnostic Performance in Differentiation of Thyroid Nodules.

    abstract::Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) and other risk stratification systems may improve ultrasound image interpretation. This prospective study aimed to compare the diagnostic performance of CAD and the European Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System (EU-TIRADS) classification applied by physicians with S-Detect 2 softwar...

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    authors: Szczepanek-Parulska E,Wolinski K,Dobruch-Sobczak K,Antosik P,Ostalowska A,Krauze A,Migda B,Zylka A,Lange-Ratajczak M,Banasiewicz T,Dedecjus M,Adamczewski Z,Slapa RZ,Mlosek RK,Lewinski A,Ruchala M

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  • The Diagnostic Accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Maternal Acute Adnexal Torsion during Pregnancy: Single-Institution Clinical Performance Review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:For acute adnexal torsion of pregnant women, appropriate treatment based on an accurate diagnosis is especially important for fertility preservation and timely treatment. The 2017 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Committee Opinion No. 723 announced its practice-changing guidelines t...

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  • Serum Klotho in Living Kidney Donors and Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Meta-Analysis.

    abstract::α-Klotho is a known anti-aging protein that exerts diverse physiological effects, including phosphate homeostasis. Klotho expression occurs predominantly in the kidney and is significantly decreased in patients with chronic kidney disease. However, changes in serum klotho levels and impacts of klotho on outcomes among...

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  • Prevalence, Clinical Aspects and Outcomes in a Large Cohort of Persons with Diabetic Foot Disease: Comparison between Neuropathic and Ischemic Ulcers.

    abstract::This study aims to evaluate clinical and ulcer characteristics as well the outcomes of patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). The study group was composed of DFUs patients managed by a limb salvage protocol according to guidance. Clinical and ulcers findings were described, and 1-year outcomes defined as limb salv...

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  • Decision Support for the Optimization of Provider Staffing for Hospital Emergency Departments with a Queue-Based Approach.

    abstract::: Deployment or distribution of valuable medical resources has emerged as an increasing challenge to hospital administrators and health policy makers. The hospital emergency department (HED) census and workload can be highly variable. Improvement of emergency services is an important stage in the development of the he...

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  • Relationship between the Renal Function and Adverse Clinical Events in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: A Japanese Multicenter Registry Substudy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Atrial fibrillation (AF) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) often coexist, but the real-world data after approval of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are still lacking in Japan. We investigated the association of the baseline renal function and adverse clinical events and risk of adverse clinical events with...

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  • Innate Immunity and Alcohol.

    abstract::The innate immunity has evolved during millions of years, and thus, equivalent or comparable components are found in most vertebrates, invertebrates, and even plants. It constitutes the first line of defense against molecules, which are either pathogen-derived or a danger signal themselves, and not seldom both. These ...

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  • Incubation Period and Other Epidemiological Characteristics of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Infections with Right Truncation: A Statistical Analysis of Publicly Available Case Data.

    abstract::The geographic spread of 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections from the epicenter of Wuhan, China, has provided an opportunity to study the natural history of the recently emerged virus. Using publicly available event-date data from the ongoing epidemic, the present study investigated the incubation period and ...

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  • Increased Antioxidant Capacity and Pro-Homeostatic Lipid Mediators in Ocular Hypertension-A Human Experimental Model.

    abstract::The main risk factor for primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is increased intraocular pressure (IOP). It is of interest that about half of the patients have an IOP within the normal range (normal-tension glaucoma, NTG). Additionally, there is a group of patients with a high IOP but no glaucomatous neurodegeneration (oc...

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  • Low Levels of Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Endothelial Function in Subjects without Lipid-Lowering Therapy.

    abstract::An elevation of serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels has been associated with endothelial dysfunction in statin naïve subjects. However, there is no information on endothelial function in subjects with extremely low levels of LDL-C. The purpose of the present study was to determine the relationship...

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  • Stroma-Rich Co-Culture Multicellular Tumor Spheroids as a Tool for Photoactive Drugs Screening.

    abstract::Conventional 3D multicellular tumor spheroids of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) consisting exclusively of cancer cells have some limitations. They are compact cell aggregates that do not interact with their extracellular milieu, thus suffering from both insufficient extracellular matrix (ECM) deposition...

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  • Diagnosis and Management of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia in Patients with Liver and Bowel Disorders.

    abstract::Anemia is a common feature of liver and bowel diseases. Although the main causes of anemia in these conditions are represented by gastrointestinal bleeding and iron deficiency, autoimmune hemolytic anemia should be considered in the differential diagnosis. Due to the epidemiological association, autoimmune hemolytic a...

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  • Role of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Gastrointestinal Malignancies.

    abstract::Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have revolutionized the treatment of several solid and hematological malignancies. ICIs are not only able to produce long and durable responses, but also very well tolerated by patients. There are several approved indications of use of ICIs in treatment of metastatic gastrointestina...

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  • The Effect of Intraoperative Ferric Carboxymaltose in Joint Arthroplasty Patients: A Randomized Trial.

    abstract::This study assessed the efficacy of intraoperative high-dose intravenous iron therapy in facilitating recovery from postoperative anemia and reducing the transfusion rate in patients with total knee and total hip arthroplasty. This prospective randomized controlled study involved 58 subjects. Group F received 1000 mg ...

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  • Why Have Detection, Understanding and Management of Kidney Hypoxic Injury Lagged Behind those for the Heart?

    abstract::The outcome of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) has dramatically improved over recent decades, thanks to early detection and prompt interventions to restore coronary blood flow. In contrast, the prognosis of patients with hypoxic acute kidney injury (AKI) remained unchanged over the years. Delayed diagn...

    journal_title:Journal of clinical medicine

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    authors: Abassi Z,Rosen S,Lamothe S,Heyman SN

    更新日期:2019-02-21 00:00:00

  • Treatment of Anaemia in Patients with Acute Burn Injury: A Study of Blood Transfusion Practices.

    abstract::Objective: To determine blood transfusion practices, risk factors, and outcomes associated with the use of blood products in the setting of the acute management of burn patients at the Victorian Adult Burn Service. Background: Patients with burn injuries have variable transfusion requirements, based on a multitude of ...

    journal_title:Journal of clinical medicine

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    authors: Tichil I,Rosenblum S,Paul E,Cleland H

    更新日期:2021-01-27 00:00:00

  • Primary Open Angle Glaucoma and Vascular Risk Factors: A Review of Population Based Studies from 1990 to 2019.

    abstract::Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, and as the proportion of those over age 40 increases, so will the prevalence of glaucoma. The pathogenesis of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) is unclear and multiple ocular risk factors have been proposed, including intraocular pressure, ocular perfusion...

    journal_title:Journal of clinical medicine

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    authors: Grzybowski A,Och M,Kanclerz P,Leffler C,Moraes CG

    更新日期:2020-03-11 00:00:00

  • Gut Microbiota: Implications in Alzheimer's Disease.

    abstract::Alzheimer's disease (AD), the most common cause of dementia, is a neurodegenerative disease that seriously threatens human health and life quality. The main pathological features of AD include the widespread deposition of amyloid-beta and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. So far, the pathogenesis of AD remains elu...

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    authors: He Y,Li B,Sun D,Chen S

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  • Congruence between Meshes and Library Files of Implant Scanbodies: An In Vitro Study Comparing Five Intraoral Scanners.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To compare the reliability of five different intraoral scanners (IOSs) in the capture of implant scanbodies (SBs) and to verify the dimensional congruence between the meshes (MEs) of the SBs and the corresponding library file (LF). METHODS:A gypsum cast of a fully edentulous maxilla with six implant analogues ...

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  • The New ELN Recommendations for Treating CML.

    abstract::After normal survival has been achieved in most patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), a new goal for treating CML is survival at good quality of life, with treatment discontinuation in sustained deep molecular response (DMR; MR4 or deeper) and treatment-free remission (TFR). Four tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TK...

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    authors: Hehlmann R

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