Fast tablet tensile strength prediction based on non-invasive analytics.


:In this paper, linkages between tablet surface roughness, tablet compression forces, material properties, and the tensile strength of tablets were studied. Pure sodium halides (NaF, NaBr, NaCl, and NaI) were chosen as model substances because of their simple and similar structure. Based on the data available in the literature and our own measurements, various models were made to predict the tensile strength of the tablets. It appeared that only three parameters-surface roughness, upper punch force, and the true density of material-were needed to predict the tensile strength of a tablet. Rather surprising was that the surface roughness alone was capable in the prediction. The used new 3D imaging method (Flash sizer) was roughly a thousand times quicker in determining tablet surface roughness than traditionally used laser profilometer. Both methods gave practically analogous results. It is finally suggested that the rapid 3D imaging can be a potential in-line PAT tool to predict mechanical properties of tablets in production.


AAPS PharmSciTech


AAPS PharmSciTech


Halenius A,Lakio S,Antikainen O,Hatara J,Yliruusi J




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  • Formulation and in vitro evaluation of xanthan gum or carbopol 934-based mucoadhesive patches, loaded with nicotine.

    abstract::Bilayer nicotine mucoadhesive patches were prepared and evaluated to determine the feasibility of the formulation as a nicotine replacement product to aid in smoking cessation. Nicotine patches were prepared using xanthan gum or carbopol 934 as a mucoadhesive polymers and ethyl cellulose as a backing layer. The patche...

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  • 3D-Printed Isoniazid Tablets for the Treatment and Prevention of Tuberculosis-Personalized Dosing and Drug Release.

    abstract::The aim of the present work was to produce 3D-printed oral dosage forms with a sufficient drug dose displaying various release profiles. Hot-melt extrusion was utilized to produce drug-loaded feedstock material that was subsequently 3D-printed into 6, 8, and 10 × 2.5 mm tablets with 15% and 90% infill levels. The prep...

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