Semantic priming in major depressive state.


:We studied semantic priming in 20 major depressive subjects. The methodology used was a visual lexical decision task. Semantic priming is the facilitation of target word recognition (shortening of response time) by the prior presentation of a semantically related context (a prime word). It relies on semantic processing of words and context, facilitating early cognitive stages of response. Varying the temporal interval between prime and target words onset allows us to distinguish between two priming mechanisms, relying on more automatic (test 1) or more controlled (i.e. attention dependent) (test 2) information processing. We observe a significant retardation for words and pseudo-words in depressives (in relation to controls) in both tests. In spite of a general retardation and increase of response times in depressives, semantic priming is evident in both groups and both tests, and does not differ significantly between depressive and control groups in either automatic or controlled conditions. Theses results confirm that semantic processing is not impaired in depression, and are discussed with regard to the hypothesis of an effortful processing impairment in depression, and to depressive retardation.


Psychiatry Res


Psychiatry research


Georgieff N,Dominey PF,Michel F,Marie-cardine M,Dalery J




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1998-03-20 00:00:00














  • Neuroendocrine responses to apomorphine in depressed patients and healthy control subjects.

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  • Lowered omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in serum phospholipids and cholesteryl esters of depressed patients.

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  • Lifetime medical and psychiatric comorbidity of night eating behavior in the Swedish Twin Study of Adults: Genes and Environment (STAGE).

    abstract::The medical and psychosocial comorbidity of two core features of night eating syndrome (NES), evening hyperphagia (EH) and nocturnal awakening and ingestion of food (NI), was evaluated in adults enrolled in the Swedish Twin Study of Adults: Genes and Environment (STAGE) study. As part of the STAGE study, more than 20,...

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  • Stroop performance in pathological gamblers.

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  • Impact of childhood exposure to psychological trauma on the risk of psychiatric disorders and somatic discomfort: single vs. multiple types of psychological trauma.

    abstract::We examined whether childhood exposure to multiple types of potentially traumatic events (PTEs) relative to a single type of PTE is associated with a higher prevalence of psychiatric disorders and greater somatic discomfort in Korean adults. The Composite International Diagnostic Interview 2.1 (K-CIDI 2.1) was adminis...

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  • Perceived coercion in voluntary hospital admission.

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  • Binging at the campus: Motivations and impulsivity influence binge drinking profiles in university students.

    abstract::This study explored the involvement of two key psychological factors, drinking motives and impulsivity traits, in binge drinking. On the basis of a large screening phase (N=4424), 867 binge drinkers were selected and were first compared with 924 non-binge drinkers. Then, a cluster analysis was performed, focusing on t...

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    abstract::To assess predictors of the diagnosis of bipolar disorder is important since it is known that the early diagnosis is associated with a better response to the treatment. Thus, the aim of this systematic review is to assess the role of the suicide risk in the diagnosis conversion to bipolar disorder. We searched Pubmed,...

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