Distinct roles for striatal subregions in mediating response processing revealed by focal excitotoxic lesions.


:This study examined the relative roles of distinct striatal areas in response processing. Rats were trained on a reaction time task that enabled performance on each side of the rat's body to be assessed independently. Rats then received unilateral lesions of the whole dorsal striatum or restricted medial or lateral lesions. Both medial and lateral lesions induced a response bias in contralateral space, but this bias was less severe in rats with medial lesions. Medial striatal lesions led to an increase in premature responses. Lateral striatal lesions produced an increase in late responses. It is suggested that the lateral striatum mediates the selection of responses, and the medial striatum acts to influence inhibitory control over responding. Discrete striatal areas are thus functionally dissociable, but both have a crucial role in the organization of responding in space.


Behav Neurosci


Behavioral neuroscience


Brasted PJ,Robbins TW,Dunnett SB




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  • Cholinergic mechanisms of the context preexposure facilitation effect in adolescent rats.

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  • Satiety-responsive neurons in the medial orbitofrontal cortex of the macaque.

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  • Functional disconnection of a prefrontal cortical-dorsal striatal system disrupts choice reaction time performance: implications for attentional function.

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  • Ontogeny of the acoustic startle response and sensitization to background noise in the rat.

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  • Bilateral nature of the conditioned eyeblink response in the rabbit: behavioral characteristics and potential mechanisms.

    abstract::In Pavlovian eyeblink conditioning, the conditioned response (CR) is highly lateralized to the eye to which the unconditioned stimulus (US) has been directed. However, the initial conditioning of one eye can facilitate subsequent conditioning of the other eye, a phenomenon known as the intereye transfer (IET) effect. ...

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  • Operant conditioning of hippocampal theta: dissociating reward from performance deficits.

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  • Pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus lesions impair stimulus--reward learning in autoshaping and conditioned reinforcement paradigms.

    abstract::The role of the pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus (PPTg) in stimulus-reward learning was assessed by testing the effects of PPTg lesions on performance in visual autoshaping and conditioned reinforcement (CRf) paradigms. Rats with PPTg lesions were unable to learn an association between a conditioned stimulus (CS) an...

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  • Amphetamine-induced sensitization and reward uncertainty similarly enhance incentive salience for conditioned cues.

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  • Intracerebral oxytocin is important for the onset of maternal behavior in inexperienced ewes delivered under peridural anesthesia.

    abstract::Measurement of cerebrospinal concentrations of oxytocin (OT) in intact and peridural-anesthetized ewes showed that central release of OT during parturition is inhibited by this anesthesia. Also, observations of maternal behavior and attraction to amniotic fluid (AF) in inexperienced peridural-anesthetized parturient e...

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  • Interpositus lesion abolition of the eyeblink conditioned response is not due to effects on performance.

    abstract::Classical conditioning of the rabbit eyeblink response was used to study the effects of cerebellar lesions on performance in animals trained with low-intensity unconditioned stimuli (US). Animals were trained with 1 of 2 low-intensity corneal-airpuff USs paired with a tone-conditioned stimulus. This study confirms ear...

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