Conditioned avoidance behavior in pretrained rats intermittently treated with addictive drugs.


:Rats pretrained in a conditioned avoidance (CAR) paradigm were put on eight potentially addictive drugs in drinking water at two dose levels each. Fluid intake and body weight, monitored during the drugged (addiction) and nondrugged (withdrawal) states, showed drug/dose-dependent fluctuations in most groups. Extinction and relearning trials were spread over both drug and nondrug phases. CAR-performance generally deteriorated in the early drug phase but improved to near normalcy during the late drug and withdrawal phases in all groups except for alcohol and barbiturate-treated one. Excluding amphetamine, low-dose morphine and phenobarbital groups, substantial extinction of CAR occurred during the drug phase only; these three groups, as well as the high-dose alcohol, barbiturates and medazepam ones, showed extinction during the nondrug phase also. The rate and extent of a second-order relearning neither differed significantly between the groups nor was truly contingent upon prior extinction. These results are discussed in the light of state-dependent learning, comparing them with those from another series of rats primarily trained under the influence of these addictive drugs.


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  • Calorie-restricted mice that gorge show less ability to compensate for reduced energy intake.

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  • Corticosterone and prolactin responses to predictable and unpredictable novelty stress in rats.

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  • Predator odor exposure increases food-carrying behavior in rats.

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  • Eating is a protected behavior even in the face of persistent pain in male rats.

    abstract::Feeding is critical for survival. Yet, patients with chronic pain often lose their appetite and eat less. We previously showed that ad libitum fed male rats continue to feed rather than withdraw from a brief noxious stimulus. This study examined the effects of a sustained noxious stimulus on feeding by testing ad libi...

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  • Rearing and step climbing behavior of X-linked hypophosphatemic (Hyp) mice.

    abstract::Hyp mice are a model for X-linked hypophosphatemia, the most common form of vitamin D-resistant rickets. Previous reports indicate alterations in the nervous system of these mice. The present study examined rearing and step climbing behavior in Hyp mice in the staircase test. We found that male Hyp mice have large red...

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  • Taste cells in the gut and on the tongue. Their common, paraneuronal features.

    abstract::Chemoreception of foodstuff in the gut is performed by endocrine cells dispersed in the gut epithelium. They are bipolar cells extending an apical process to the gut lumen and releasing their messenger substances from the cell base in response to the apical stimuli. The cells share cell-biological features with neuron...

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  • Modulatory effect of 17-β estradiol on performance of ovariectomized rats on the Shock-Probe test.

    abstract::17-β estradiol (E2) has been shown to modulate fear conditioning by influencing freezing behavior following re-exposure to either the conditioning context or a cue associated with shock. Fear-related behaviors other than freezing may be influenced differently by E2 replacement. Accordingly, the present study examined ...

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  • Altered responsiveness to ambiental stimuli in altered thyroidal states.

    abstract::Hypothyroidal rats produced by low iodine diet or propylthiouracyl (PTU) were less active in the open field and received fewer food reinforcements than controls in a lever press situation at both 22 degrees C and 1 degree C. The hypothyroid rats also pressed less when heat was the reinforcer. On the other hand, hypert...

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    abstract::Multiple theta cells in the dentate granule cell area of the hippocampal formation of the freely moving rabbit were analyzed during three behavioral conditions: (1) voluntary motor patterns, termed Type 1 theta behaviors; (2) automatic motor patterns, termed Type 2 LIA behaviors; (3) alert immobility with presentation...

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    abstract::Rats selectively display conditioned gaping reactions when re-exposed to flavours previously paired with nausea-inducing treatments and drugs that reduce nausea also reduce these reactions, suggesting that they represent a model of nausea-induced behavior in rats. However, these reactions rely upon learning, they are ...

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  • Medial prefrontal cortex oxytocin-opioid receptors interaction in spatial memory processing in rats.

    abstract::Medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), a forebrain structure, is involved in many brain functions such as learning and memory. In the present study, the effect of intra-mPFC microinjection of oxytocin, atosiban, morphine and naloxone was investigated on memory processing. Two guide cannulas were implanted into the right and...

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  • Positive effects of acarbose in the diabetic rat are not altered by feeding schedule.

    abstract::We previously demonstrated that chronic dietary treatment with acarbose, an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, improves glucose homeostasis in the streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rat. In this study we evaluated the effects of 4 weeks of acarbose treatment on glucose homeostasis in STZ-diabetic rats for both meal-fed (...

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  • Annual rhythm and hormonal control of predatory behavior in female ferrets.

    abstract::The predatory behavior of female ferrets shows seasonal fluctuations which appear to be affected by estradiol. Under natural lighting conditions in the laboratory the annual rhythm of the behavior was observed during anestrus, estrus, pregnancy, pseudopregnancy and lactating period. Females in heat failed to show pred...

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