Involvement of microtubules in rhizoid differentiation of Spirogyra species.


:Some species of Spirogyra form rosette-shaped or rod-shaped rhizoids in the terminal cell of the filaments. In the present study, we analyzed an involvement of microtubules (MTs) in rhizoid differentiation. Before rhizoid differentiation, cortical MTs were arranged transversely to the long axis of cylindrical cells, reflecting the diffuse growth. At the beginning of rhizoid differentiation, MTs were absent from the extreme tip of the terminal cell. In the other area of the cell, however, MTs were arranged transversely to the long axis of the cell. In the fully differentiated rosette-shaped rhizoid, MTs were randomly organized. However, at a younger stage of rosette-shaped rhizoids, MTs were sometimes arranged almost transversely in the lobes of the rosette. In the rod-shaped rhizoid, MTs were arranged almost transversely. MT-destabilizing drugs (oryzalin and propyzamide) induced swelling of rhizoids, and neither rosette-shaped nor rod-shaped rhizoids were formed. The role of MTs in rhizoid differentiation was discussed.






Yoshida K,Inoue N,Sonobe S,Shimmen T




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2003-06-01 00:00:00












  • Plasma membrane-cell wall connections: roles in mitosis and cytokinesis revealed by plasmolysis of Tradescantia virginiana leaf epidermal cells.

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  • The formation, function and fate of protein storage compartments in seeds.

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  • Use of energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy for routine ultrastructural analysis of high-pressure-frozen or chemically fixed plant cells.

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  • The durum wheat plasma membrane Na+/H+ antiporter SOS1 is involved in oxidative stress response.

    abstract::We have shown previously that the durum wheat TdSOS1 excludes Na+ and Li+ ions outside cells. Moreover, this protein is activated by Arabidopsis kinase SOS2 through phosphorylation. The elimination of both SOS2 phosphorylation sites and the auto-inhibitory domain produces a hyperactive TdSOS1∆972 form, which have a ma...


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  • Ultrastructural aspects of pollen ontogeny in an endangered plant species, Pancratium maritimum L. (Amaryllidaceae).

    abstract::Pollen ontogeny in Pancratium maritimum L. was studied from the sporogenous cell to mature pollen grain stages using transmission electron, scanning electron, and light microscopy to determine whether the pollen development in P. maritimum follows the basic scheme in angiosperms or not. In the course of microsporogene...


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  • Symplasmic transport and phloem loading in gymnosperm leaves.

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  • Contribution of the actomyosin motor to the temperature-dependent translational diffusion of water by cytoplasmic streaming in Elodea canadensis cells.

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  • Inflorescence and flower development in the Hedychieae (Zingiberaceae): Hedychium coccineum Smith.

    abstract::The inflorescence of Hedychium coccineum Smith is thyrse, and the primary bracts are initiated in a spiral phyllotactic pattern on the sides of the inflorescence dome. Cincinnus primordia are initiated on the flank of the inflorescence apex, in the axils of primary bracts. This primordium subsequently develops a bract...


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  • Effect of mercury on pollen germination and tube growth in Lilium longiflorum.

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  • Unusual developmental morphology and anatomy of vegetative organs in Utricularia dichotoma-leaf, shoot and root dynamics.

    abstract::The terrestrial carnivorous species Utricularia dichotoma is known for a great phenotypic plasticity and unusual vegetative organs. Our investigation on 22 sources/populations revealed that after initiation of a leaf and two bladders on a stolon, a bud was formed in the proximal axil of the leaf, developing into a ros...


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  • Subnucleolar location of fibrillarin and NopA64 in Lepidium sativum root meristematic cells is changed in altered gravity.

    abstract::Fibrillarin and the plant nucleolin homolog NopA64 are two important nucleolar proteins involved in pre-rRNA processing. In order to determine the effects of the altered gravity environment on the nucleolus, we have investigated the location of fibrillarin and NopA64 in nucleolar subcomponents of cress (Lepidium sativ...


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  • Macromolecular differentiation of Golgi stacks in root tips of Arabidopsis and Nicotiana seedlings as visualized in high pressure frozen and freeze-substituted samples.

    abstract::The plant root tip represents a fascinating model system for studying changes in Golgi stack architecture associated with the developmental progression of meristematic cells to gravity sensing columella cells, and finally to "young" and "old", polysaccharide-slime secreting peripheral cells. To this end we have used ...


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