Reversibility of stunting: epidemiological findings in children from developing countries.


:The growth literature from developing countries is reviewed to assess the extent to which stunting, a phenomenon of early childhood, can be reversed in later childhood and adolescence. The potential for catch-up growth increases as maturation is delayed and the growth period is prolonged. However, maturational delays in developing countries are usually less than two years, only enough to compensate for a small fraction of the growth retardation of early childhood. Follow-up studies find that subjects who remain in the setting in which they became stunted experience little or no catch-up in growth later in life. Improvements in living conditions, as through food supplementation or through adoption, trigger catch-up growth but do so more effectively in the very young. One study cautions that in older adopted subjects, accelerated growth may accelerate maturation, shorten the growth period and lead to short adult stature.


Eur J Clin Nutr


Martorell R,Khan LK,Schroeder DG


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1994-02-01 00:00:00








48 Suppl 1


  • Estimation of intake and status of vitamin A, vitamin E and folate in older European adults: the ZENITH.

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    pub_type: 杂志文章,多中心研究,随机对照试验


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  • Subjective and objective indices of the satiating effect of foods. Can people predict how filling a food will be?

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  • Effects of meals with high soluble fibre, high amylose barley variant on glucose, insulin, satiety and thermic effect of food in healthy lean women.

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  • Familial clustering of vitamin D deficiency via shared environment: The Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2008-2012.

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  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for body composition estimation in Chinese women.

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  • Reliability of body composition assessment using A-mode ultrasound in a heterogeneous sample.

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  • Iron deficiency in older people: interactions between food and nutrient intakes with biochemical measures of iron; further analysis of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey of people aged 65 years and over.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To quantitatively investigate relationships between food consumption, nutrient intake and biochemical markers of iron status in a population of older people. DESIGN:National Diet and Nutrition Survey: cross-sectional survey of a nationally representative population of men and women aged 65 y and over. SETTI...

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  • Effect of chronic dietary protein intake on the renal function in healthy subjects.

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  • Ability of physical activity measurements to assess health-related risks.

    abstract::The aim of this study is to evaluate if two different physical activity (PA) questionnaires have similar ability to rank individuals, and to examine associations with cardiovascular-metabolic risk factors, compared to an objective measure. In a random sample (n=369, age: 65+/-6 years) from the population-based 'Malmö ...

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  • Dietary guidance normalizes large intestinal endocrine cell densities in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

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  • Beverage consumption in Australian children.

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  • Eating styles, overweight and obesity in young adult twins.

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  • Fortification, supplementation, and nutrient balance.

    abstract::Efforts to combat nutrient deficiencies have centered on supplemental nutrient administration and addition of selected nutrients to the food chain in the form of food fortification. Over the past several decades, and as the association between diet and chronic diseases became apparent, supplementation and fortificatio...

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  • Attained height of lacto-ovo vegetarian children and adolescents.

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  • Promoting and Implementing the Mediterranean Diet in the Southern Hemisphere: the Chilean Experience.

    abstract::Increasing scientific evidence shows that the Mediterranean lifestyle -including a characteristic dietary pattern as well as psychosocial and cultural features- has beneficial effects on human health. However, production and use of some of the distinctive components (e.g., olive oil, red wine, nuts, legumes, fish and ...

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  • 25-hydroxyvitamin D, APOE ɛ4 genotype and cognitive function: findings from the 1958 British birth cohort.

    abstract::Both high and low vitamin D statuses have been associated with lower memory function. Apolipoprotein E (APOE) ɛ4 alleles have been associated with reduced memory function, and separately with higher vitamin D concentrations. This report aims to examine if the presence of APOE ɛ4 alleles contributes to the relationship...

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  • Stability of the Framingham Nutritional Risk Score and its component nutrients over 8 years: the Framingham Nutrition Studies.

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  • Risk associations of obesity with sugar-sweetened beverages and lifestyle factors in Chinese: the 'Better Health for Better Hong Kong' health promotion campaign.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES:Excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) increases risk of obesity. Similar data are lacking in Chinese populations with rapid nutritional transition. We aimed to examine the association between SSB intake, lifestyle factors and obesity in Hong Kong Chinese. SUBJECTS/METHODS:This...

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    authors: Ko GT,So WY,Chow CC,Wong PT,Tong SD,Hui SS,Kwok R,Chan A,Chan CL,Chan JC,BHBHK Research Committee.

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  • Enhancing immunity by dietary consumption of a probiotic lactic acid bacterium (Bifidobacterium lactis HN019): optimization and definition of cellular immune responses.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To define the cellular basis for immune enhancement by a probiotic lactic acid bacteria strain (Bifidobacterium lactis HN019); and to determine whether immune enhancement can be optimized by delivery in oligosaccharide-enriched low-fat milk. DESIGN:A double-blind, three-stage before-and-after intervention tr...

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    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


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  • Correlates of regular fish consumption in French elderly community dwellers: data from the Three-City study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Several studies have found an inverse association between fish consumption and risk of dementia. The objective of this study was to describe the characteristics of older fish consumers, in order to identify potential confounders in this relationship. DESIGN:Cross-sectional analysis of the baseline data of a ...

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  • Anthropometric reference data for elderly Swedes and its disease-related pattern.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES:Anthropometric measurement is a noninvasive and cost-efficient method for nutritional assessment. The study aims to present age- and gender-specific anthropometric reference data for Swedish elderly in relation to common medical conditions, and also formulate prediction equations for such anthropo...

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  • Total daily energy expenditure and pattern of physical activity measured by minute-by-minute heart rate monitoring in 14-15 year old Swedish adolescents.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) and patterns of physical activity among Swedish male and female adolescents and to relate the amount and intensity of physical activity to existing recommendations (energy expenditure equal to or above 12.4 kJ/kg/day or accumulation of 30 min/day in moderate phy...

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  • Weight and height growth of malnourished school-age children during re-feeding. Three historic studies published shortly after World War I.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In view of the ongoing debate on "chronic malnutrition" and the concept of "stunting" as "a better measure than underweight of the cumulative effects of undernutrition and infection (WHO)", we translate, briefly comment and re-publish three seminal historic papers on catch-up growth following re-feeding afte...

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  • Fat intake and asthma in Spanish schoolchildren.

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  • Intense sweeteners and energy density of foods: implications for weight control.

    abstract::Energy density of foods, as opposed to their sugar or fat content, is said to be a key determinant of energy intakes. Recent laboratory studies have shown that, under ad lib conditions, subjects consume a constant weight or volume of food, so that their energy intakes depend on the energy density of the diet. Because ...

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  • School food policy at primary and secondary schools in Belgium-Flanders: does it influence young people's food habits?

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe the availability of food items at primary and secondary schools in Belgium-Flanders and to examine the influence of school food policy (availability of food items, school food rules, nutrition education programmes) and aggregated school socioeconomical status (AGG SES) on the consumption of fruit,...

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  • The effect of acute fluid consumption on measures of impedance and percent body fat using leg-to-leg bioelectrical impedance analysis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the effect of acute fluid consumption on measures of impedance and percent body fat (%BF) using a common leg-to-leg bioelectrical impedance analyzer system. DESIGN:Cross-sectional design with treatment order determined using a counterbalanced assignment. SETTING:University laboratory. SUBJECTS:I...

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    authors: Dixon CB,LoVallo SJ,Andreacci JL,Goss FL

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  • Cognitive and affective factors linking mothers' perceived weight history to child feeding.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES:To explore whether mothers' lifetime experiences with their own weight status and related cognitive and affective factors influence child feeding behavior. SUBJECTS/METHODS:Overweight mothers (N = 221) of 4-5 year olds recalled their weight at four time points, and were grouped into weight histor...

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  • Dietary intake and faecal excretion of carbohydrate by Australians: importance of achieving stool weights greater than 150 g to improve faecal markers relevant to colon cancer risk.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study investigated, on 53 Australians consuming a typical Western diet, the relationship between dietary intake, faecal excretion of carbohydrate and changes in faecal markers believed to be relevant to colon cancer risk, for example faecal output, transit time and concentrations of phenols, ammonia and...

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  • Dietary and serum alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene and retinol, and risk for colorectal cancer in male smokers.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To study the association between dietary and serum antioxidant vitamins and carotenoids and risk for colorectal cancer in male smokers. DESIGN:A prospective cohort study within a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial testing supplementation with alpha-tocopherol (50 mg/day), beta-carotene (20 mg...

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